The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 86 Red Tulip Deep Love

Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are anger and courage. Anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain as they are.

-S.t Augustine-


Jack brought Raine and Serefina to their new residence, it was an old- fashioned eight- story apartment building with a little bit touch of medieval style.

In the entrance hallway there was a big reception table with a beautiful receptionist sitting elegantly there.

Jack walked toward her and made a little bit conversation with the receptionist, she was blushing and giggled upon hearing whatever Jack told her while Serefina was too busy with her phone to stop Jack from infusing his charm to the poor lady.

Raine was sitting on the sofa while waiting for Jack to retrieve the keys of their flat, Serefina was sitting next to her. She was staring at her phone dissapointly, she would never be able to receive Torak's call because Serefina had thrown away her sim card before they take off.

That was why, Torak called Serefina to speak with Raine instead of calling her directly.

It was ten minutes later when Jack finally finished with his flattering words and got the key for them, he winked at the lady receptionist when he turned to face Raine and Serefina.

"Let's go to see your flat." Jack reached out his hand to help Raine to carry her backpack, but shook her head and mouthed, 'it's okay'.

Jack smiled softly and carried their suitcase instead, there was one porter, who followed them to their flat, pushed a trolley to carry all of their belongings.

Their flat was in eleventh floor, in this floor, there were four doors that led to different flats. Serefina and Raine got flat number 111 while Jack 112, he would live next to them.

This time, Serefina didn't complain as she agreed with the selected apartement building, this place was pleasant and modest, and moreover this met her request.

"Your room will be there." Serefina pointed the second room to Raine when they entered.

This flat consists with two bedrooms, one living room, one bathroom and a small kitchen, their flat was a fully- furnished one, so they didn't need to add anything significant.

Raine entered the room that Serefina had pointed to her and found that she love this room immediately.

This room was very simple with a single bed near the window and with white cover sheet and a bedside table with two drawers, which also in color of white.

And beside a big cabinet there was a standing mirror.

Raine's room was so simple, but this was a perfect room for her. She walked inside and put her backpack on her bed and looked around her room with, fascinating.

On the top of bedside table there was a red tulip on a glass vast, it's color was so daring and gave off an indifferent beauty and simplicity.

Raine touched its petals with her finger tips. Could this be Torak, who asked someone to put it here? Or, it was only part of decoration?

"So cheesy."

Raine startled when she heard Serefina's sarcastic tone.

Who knows how long she has been standing at the doorway, but her eyes locked on the red tulip on the bedside table, spitefully.

"Come outside, there is something we need to talk. I have allergic with flower." Serefina mumbled her last words acrimoniously.

Raine glanced at the red tulip before she went outside of her room and closed it door.

Apparently, Jack had left and it was only the two of them.

Serefina was sitting on the sofa when Raine appeared and took a seat across of her, the incident at the airport when she was controlling her, still etched in her memory, thus the girl was very afraid to be near her.

Serefina tilted her head when she saw Raine's timid gestures, she needed more than patient to stand this kind of person. The witch hated Raine's timidity.

She didn't really care about her trauma or dreadful experience that she had gone through, because everyone has it! She also has her own share and she didn't succ.u.mb on her fear.

But, Serefina forgot that not everyone has the same problem as her neither they had her supercilious attitude.

"I will make the rule and you will do as I say. Understand?" Serefina opened the conversation with that statement.

Raine didn't like it, when Serefina tried to control her, mentally or physiologically, she had enough with that when she was in the mental hospitality.

However, she couldn't voice out her rejection openly and Serefina didn't need her agreement for that, as she assumed everything was under her control.

"Take a look at this." Serefina put down three brochures on the table between them. "These are colleges near this place and you will start a new semester in four month. I don't care what majors you will take and I think your mate also didn't care much about it."

Raine reached the three brocures and checked on it, there were various majors that they offered, but the problem was

Raine fished out her phone and was about to type something when Serefina snatched it away and crushed it into a dust.

"When I talk to you, I want you to answer me." Serefina said viciously, her eyes bore onto Raine's. "Talk!"

Raine clenched her fist to calm herself, she opened her mouth but there was not a single word that could come out, she felt suffocating.

"Talk!" Serefina yelled sternly.

"I" Raine bit her lower lips as she was trying hard to produce the words. "High school."

Across from her, Serefina knitted her eyebrows. "Talk clearly!"

"High school not graduated yet" Raine stammered, stumbled with her words as her body trembling.

Fortunately, Serefina didn't ask her to repeat that. "I have thought about that, during these four months there will be a tutor who will come regularly, so you can take the final exam like the other high school students."

Raine nodded and then hastily added. "Yes." Before Serefina flipped out again.

"And every once a month, I don't want you to disturb me, you are not allowed to knock or call my name during that time, no matter how urgent the situation." Serefina warned her. "No matter what you will hear, don't disturb me. Understood?"

Though Raine didn't understand why she had to do that, she still nodded her head and whispered. "Understood."