The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 87

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 87 What The Girl Means To You?

Serefina's eyes stared at Raine for a few more second before she continued with other trivial rule, like; Raine wasn't allow to go outside of the flat without Serefina's permission, Raine would be the one who would cook something for them to eat because Serefina couldn't do that, Raine would be the one who would clean up their flat because Serefina was too busy to do it, but she wasn't allowed to enter her room, Serefina made sure that she had repeated that many times.

And another 'rules' that made Raine scrunched her brows in confusion. Basically, it would always be Raine, who would do the core work as Serefina excuse would go back and forth between busy and she couldn't do it.

Actually, Raine didn't mind to do it, as she had done worse thing than that in the past. But, she wondered when she could meet Torak again?

Serefina seemingly had planned to separate them as long as she could.

"When you graduate from the college, or after you manage to revive your power." That was what her reply when Raine asked about meeting Torak.

Her black obsidian's eyes widened when she heard that.

Graduate from the college would take, at least, four years and to revive her power, she didn't even know if she has it. What was Serefina's mean by power?

Lifting an object without touch it?

Shot fire from her eyes?

Produce watter from her finger tips?

"What power?" Raine tilted her head, asking in low voice. She even didn't know if her question sounded stupid or what, but she needed to know what Serefina wanted to do with her.

She told Torak that she would help Raine to get better and for her to be able to stand against the enemy, but all she had done was; made Raine afraid of her.

"I don't know, you tell me." Serefina shrugged nonchalantly. "Every Guardian Angel has it own charm, I don't know what that is some experience will be needed to figure that out." She mumbled and then stood up, walked toward her room, leaving the confuse Raine behind her.


It was very early in the morning when a private jet landed at the airport, even the sun has not shone yet. However, the activity in the airport was as busy like always.

Torak was wearing black shirt under his leather brown jacket and black sunglasses perched on his nose, walked beside him was his Beta and Gamma along with the other ten Lycans.

That small group apparently drew people attention, especially from women, they would take another look and even stared at them bluntly.

That was a good sight to behold in this early boring morning.

Fortunately, that didn't last for long time as they had their own private exit and luxurious cars that had been waiting for them.

"Greetings, Alpha Torak."

Someone suddenly appeared a few meters away from Torak's group, simultaneously all of the lycans turned their head toward the direction of the voice and found a man, with skin that almost looked translucent, was staring at Torak with warm smile hung on his lips.

Torak didn't answer his greeting, but he didn't move to open the car door either, he was waiting for the other person to explain his appearance.

"You are so parsimonious with your word like always." That man remarked, but even so, it didn't falter his smile.

"What do you want?" Torak asked, his voice was so deep and calm, but somehow gave off an authority and impatient.

The other man chuckled lightly, seemingly he wasn't the type that would like to get down straight to his main point while the other hand, Torak didn't have much patient to deal with this.

Seeing the other man was still reluctant to talk, Torak opened the car door and was about to leave, when that man all of sudden stopped chuckling and his voice turned serious.

"I came to invite you to my place." That man blurted out, realizing that Torak would leave. "The last time you were here, you came and went so fast, I didn't even have time to greet you. This time your beta gave me a short notice about your arrival, and here I am, waiting to greet you." The man was half whinning toward the Alpha and opened his hands to emphasize his words.

Torak glanced at him as his ocean blue eyes slightly became darker.

Realizing the situation would get out of hand, Raphael stepped forward, he stood between the two man. "Andromalius."

The man nodded solemnly. "Yes, that is me."

"We have notified you about our arrival and as you know, we came here for business, there was nothing to do with our realm." Raphael said impassively.

"I got your point." Andromalius took two steps closer. "But, the last time you were here, I lost one person in my territory."

Andromalius was waiting for the reaction of Torak after hearing his words, but his expression remained unreadable.

The Alpha held his eyes with undechiperable emotion. No one could tell whether he was surprised that Andromalius knew about this, or he didn't even care about that because that wasn't something important for him.

"She was a girl from an orphanage." Andromalius took another step forward. "And surprisingly, when I checked there, no one could remember her face. Not a single soul could tell how she looks like."

"Your point is?" Raphael's voice remained calm and composed. He knew that, because Torak had ordered to do something with the people in the orphanage.

"The only information that I got from there was the girl's name is Raine." Andromalius tilted his head and looked at Torak through Raphael's shoulders. "Why did you take the girl away? What that girl means to you?"

The Alpha had never done this before and he wouldn't do that if there was not anything important in her, this fact alone had tickled his curiosity.

Torak grabbed Raphael's shoulder and pulled him back as he faced Andromalius directly.