The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 88

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 88 Your Love Too Good To Be True

He asked: "Why are you so insecure with my love for you?"

She said: "Because I have never had anyone love me the way that you do, or care for me the way that you do. I am afraid that this might be a dream and that your love is too good to be true."

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"Put your nose somewhere else Andromalius. You will not like it when I lost my patience." Torak made sure that his opponent could hear his voice clearly as he emphasized every syllable of his words. "I don't have much of it."

Torak's black eyes stared at Andromalius, washed away the smile on his smug face.

"You are indeed the Supreme Alpha with the biggest territory, but here, is not your land." Andromalius hissed as a black snake crept his way up and perched on his shoulder.

"I will make it mine if you keep appear in front of me." Torak warned him, and he always meant his word. Fulbright City would bath with blood the moment Torak determined to expand his territory.

"You can't threaten me in my own territory Alpha." The snake on his shoulder hissed with him when he talked.

"I wasn't threatening you. That was a warning." His black eyes were like a deep whirlpool that could suck any sould into it.

Andromalius smirked and took two steps back. He knew how dangerous this creature in front of him, or else the Moon Goddess herself wouldn't put curse on him for the sin that his brothers and he had done.

"Enjoy your visit." Andromalius gave another polite smile before he turned around and walked away.

A man approached Andromalius when he had walked far enough from Torak's earshot. "Andromalius." The way he talked akin to snake that hissed to his prey.

"Find out who is the girl." Andromalius got in the car and let the other man to drive it.

"Got it." The man said while he started the engine, the car came to life with a quiet whine then began to purr.

It was a rare case that Torak put his interest in another creature, not to mention she was only a weak, poor human girl, he saw a piece of news about when Torak left the hotel last time with a girl in his arms, though no one could manage to see her face, but it created quite an uproar.

There must be something more about the girl named Raine, and Andromalius determined to find out about it.

On the other side of the road.

Torak stared at the Jeep Wrangler that slowly left with dark eyes, his eyes didn't return into they initial color even when he faced Raphael and Calleb.

"Put your eyes on him." He said in eerie cold tone.

"Yes Alpha." Both of them replied simultaneously.

It wouldn't be a good beginning


Four days after Raine resided in this new environment, Serefina has been so busy with her own matter and neglected her, she would be often went out somewhere, of course she would never tell Raine where she would go.

However, Raine didn't complain about it, actually it was a good thing for her. Sometimes, Serefina could be so stern and to be around her was so tense.

Serefina said, her home tutor would come next week, until then Raine has a lot of free time and she spent it in front of the television.

This wasn't because she interested to watch any movie, but these three days, Torak frequently made an appearance in business programme about his forthcoming project that would absorb a lot of manpower.

His project received full support from the government.

Apparently, beside joint venture with De Medicci, Torak had determined to settle his influence in this country too, rooted his position in business world.

"The Alpha indeed will go to any lengths to be close to you, Luna." Jack clicked his tongue when he watched the news, he brought a plate full with chicken wings with him and handed it over to Raine.

Serefina wasn't home, she has been leaving the apartment since morning and now it's already 4.45 pm and both Raine and Jack was watching evening news.

Raine took a bite of the chicken wings, after these four days she was used to Jack's presence, he was like Calleb, but more mature than him.

"He is doing a business." Raine muttered.

It was heartwarming to know someone would do something beyond reason and convention only to be near the other person, but what Torak had done was way too extreme for Raine to believe that his reason solely because of her.

"Business?" Jack looked at Raine incredulously. "Alpha will not do any business here. He doesn't like the owner of this territory." He explained while watching the news.

On the screen the camera caught a glimpse of Torak when he was about to enter his car, apparently, he had just met with one of the ministers in the government.

"So, why did he do it?" Raine asked timidly.

"Because of you of course." Jack tilted his head and knitted his eyebrows together. "Raine, you still don't grasp the concept of mate, do you?"

Raine didn't answer that, but she averted her eyes and put her focus on the chicken wings on her lap.

Torak had told her about that, but like what Jack had guessed she still didn't really grasp the idea of 'mate'.

"With time, you will understand it better." There was no better way to explain it, because for some people, their explanation would sound nonsense.

No longer after that, Jack's phone rang and he picked it up. "Cal." He said the other person's name and went silent, apparently Calleb was giving him a short instruction and hung up after Jack's reply. "I got it."

Raine was staring at Jack upon hearing Calleb's name was being mentioned, her eyes as if asked him 'what happen?' when he hung up the phone.

"The Alpha wants to meet you, but he couldn't come here, so we will go and see him, what do you say Luna?" Jack said with teasing tone laced in his voice. His happy- go- lucky face was smiling brightly.

He knew that Raine has long missed him.

Raine's face lightened up immediately, but then it dimmed. "But, Serefina said" She was not allowed to step out of the apartment.

"Well" Jack scratched the back of his head. "I can call back and say that, if that's what you want."

"No." Raine shook her head and the smile returned to her face. "Let's go."