The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 89 Desire

Until your soul gets what it desires, other joys of this world become a temporary escape.



This was the first time for Jack to see the bright smile on Raine's lips, she looked so adorable with her black hair framed her small face, her bang had gotten longer and almost covered her eyes.

"I will get my jacket." Raine said before she dashed toward her room, she was like a child who got an early birthday gift.

Just now Jack realized that Raine would be much more talkative when she was happy.

He didn't know why Calleb said that they couldn't find the apartment when he was the one who had reserved it for them.

Calleb's voice on the phone, sounded as if he was upset about it.

It didn't take Raine long time before she appeared again with her brown hooded parka that make her looked more smaller, as though the jacket drowned her.

Jack didn't know why Raine often wanted to hide herself, she was a beautiful young girl and she shouldn't act that way.

Many girls in her age would like to show the world how many curves on their body that they have, at least the girls that Jack knew, and that meant the option was only limited to the party girls.

"Make sure you cover your face Raine." Jack remarked casually.

As a response, Raine pulled out a black mask from her pocket and waved it in front of Jack while grinning. She was so lovable when she did that, with her eyes were shining brightly.


Out of the blue, Jack felt he was like a brother who was about to take his little sister to her first date.

"Alright, let's go smarty." Jack picked the car key and went ahead to the bas.e.m.e.nt where their car was parked, with Raine tailed behind him.


Raine thought they would directly meet Torak at the appointed place, but it had been an hour since they were roaming around the city and Calleb kept ordering to change the direction.

"What happen?" Raine asked Jack beside her, her expression slightly disappointed. She kept looking out of the window, hoping she could see Torak somewhere.

"Apparently there are many people following him." Jack said as they took another turned after the traffic light.

"I can't meet him?" Raine asked in broken tone.

"Don't worry, we will find out the way." Jack assured Raine.

It wasn't only Raine who was disappointed, but Torak was really pissed off by those human, who had been following him since he left the government building.

Torak was sitting at the back seat of his car, closed his eyes as he clenched his jaw tightly.

Before, Torak was about to go directly to the apartment, his men had secured the street and made sure it was safe for him to go without being noticed, however, strangely Raphael wasn't able to find the way to go there, which Torak assumed, it was because Serefina had put an odd spell around the area that kept them away.

In the end, those paparazzi and news reporter caught up with them, not only that, Torak's hunter reported there was around three unknown creatures were following him.

Torak was so close to explode.

It was almost a week since the last time he saw Raine, neither he could hear her voice, and now his wolf was on edge, so did he. Every time he tried to talk to her, the line was suddenly cut off or there was no voice that came out from the other phone.

He really tempted to kill that witch.

Torak knew Serefina really enjoyed this, after all he has known her for centuries, there was a time when she was the only female who could get close to the three Donovan's brother, however it was a very old story.

"Tell Jack to bring my Luna to the west bas.e.m.e.nt of Sunrise Mall, I will meet him there." Torak's hoarse voice sounded from the backseat.

"But, how can you go there Torak? We can not" Before Raphael could finish his words, Torak had opened the car door, at the intersection, and turned into his big white wolf.

"Alpha!" Both Raphael and Calleb yelped at the same time as Raphael hit the break.

'Keep moving!' Torak mind- linked his Beta and Gamma and added to the warrior who came with him. 'Kill all the creatures that follow me!'

three cars that flanked Torak's stopped at the same time as five men shifted into their wolf form and followed their Alpha.

In human's eyes, they only saw the three cars stopped all of sudden and the door swung open, but no one came out from inside the car, afterward the door shut close and they drove away again.

Torak dashed in four legs toward the direction of the Sunrise Mall, as he shifted and his senses heightened, he could feel there were three unwanted creatures that had been following him, he didn't know what were them, but his warriors would deal with them, before they could follow him any further.

'Kill them!' Torak mind- linked his warriors, gave them a green light to destroy their enemies.


The car Jack was driving had just stopped when Raine saw a white wolf that she knew, approaching her.

Raine immediately opened the car door, smiled and giggled at the same time as she hugged Torak in his wolf form. There was no hesitation when she did that.

The soft fur that touched her skin was so delightful, Raine hummed in contentment when she basked in his woodsy scent.

In her arms, Raine could feel Torak gradually changed into his human form, the fur faded and there were strong arms that hugged her instead, it felt so warm and safe with him.

"I really miss you my beautiful angel." Torak whispered to her ears as he hugged her tightly and carefully.

This was a long wait until he could get her into his arms again, and finally he got what his heart desired. Any consequences that he had to pay later would be worth it, especially when he killed the creatures that had followed him.