The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 90

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 90 A Forehead Kiss

A forehead kiss means protection. It's respect. It says "You're mine, don't ever leave my side". It says "I care about you and I don't want you to get hurt". It says "I'll come between you and whatever tries to hurt you". It says "I love you and you're my baby".

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It would go without saying that the creatures that had followed Torak were ordered by Andromalius, that fallen angel really didn't know when to stop.

Since many decades ago, Torak had been avoiding to deal with any fallen angel or witches, as they temper and attitude truly annoyed him, just like Serefina and Andromalius now.

"Let me see you my love." Torak loosened his arms around Raine's body as he cupped her face gently.

Raine gave him a sheepish smile as she looked at him without blinking. She didn't know that she had missed him this much until Torak was standing before her eyes and within her arms reach, she didn't want to let him go.

Raine liked the way Torak held her carefully and the way he called her with lovely endearments, or the way he stared at her as if Raine was the only important thing in his eyes, and that was true, only she didn't dare to believe it yet.

"My beautiful angel" Torak sighed contendly, he kissed her forehead and her eyes. "Come" Torak grabbed Raine's hand and led her inside the car.

He still needed to take precaution, in case something unpredictable happened.

Torak admitted that he was being selfish now, as he could risk his life and Raine's safety by seeing her like this, but he barely could hold back his beast from running amok as a result of being separated with his mate.

Torak helped Raine to get in the car and closed the door behind him, leaving the two of them alone while Jack was nowhere to be seen. He knew better to spare himself from the sudden display of affection.

Both of them were sitting on the backseat with Raine rested her head against Torak's chest, enjoying his strong heartbeat while Torak pulled her hairband and let her black jet hair fell on her back.

Torak hummed in satisfaction when he felt her silky hair between his fingers.

"What Serefina's plans for you my love? How she treated you these past days?" Torak asked with concern, he really needed to know what that witch had planned for his mate as she could be a bit crazy with her envisaged.

Raine started to talk about Serefina's idea to call a tutor so she could attend the exam and finished her high school's year, before she went to university and became freshmen.

Actually Torak didn't really like the idea of Raine went to university, Serefina could just let her attend an online programs, it was more safe for her that way, but again, he didn't know what was running inside that witch's mind.

Torak made a mental note about this, he would ask Raphael to do a background check upon the three universities, especially what kind of creature that was there.

Raine didn't talk about the housecore that Serefina had tasked her to do, as she didn't want to make Torak angrier than this. His perfect eyebrows were knitted together. But, she told him Serefina's odd rule about not allowed to disturb her once a month.

Torak nodded his head as if he understood something that Raine didn't know, actually there wasn't many things that she knew, but Torak didn't explain about it further and Raine didn't dare to ask.

"When the time comes, don't disturb her." Torak only reminded Raine that.

His fingers traced her face, from her eyebrows to her chin, stopped at her ears that Torak thought they were cute, as Raine talked. He was fascinated by her, from the way she talked to the way she moved.

He couldn't describe how much he loved her, with a small simple smile from her, it could make his heart swelled with happiness.

Torak felt insane when he realized that, the insanity which he welcomed.

"I don't know that four days is what it takes to make you talk more to me." Torak teased her when Raine started to talk about Torak's project with the government.

Realizing that she talked too much, Raine shut her mouth and stared at Torak timidly, she was also not aware about this.

Did I offend him? Did I annoy him? Was he angry?

Raine became conscious and warry, and Torak could see it in her eyes as he leaned closer.

"I love to hear your voice my love." He kissed her forehead and both her cheeks. "The most beautiful sound that I ever heard."

And that was all that Torak needed to say to make his mate happy again. Raine snuggled against his chest as she giggled.

"You said this is not your territory, but why" Raine's voice trailed off, Jack had explained it to her before, but apparently his words couldn't convince her and she wanted to hear it from Torak directly.

This time, her self confidence wasn't the issue here, as this was a common insecurities and curiosity that any women would face if their men took an extreme step like what Torak did and they became the reason of it.

" Why I established a company here?" Torak picked up Raine's unfinished question.

Raine nodded, hiding her face from him as she nuzzled his chest, this gesture alone could make Torak overjoyed, he loved when sometime Raine acted bashful like this, as it could only mean she wasn't afraid of him anymore.

When the first time Torak met her, she got scared easily, not to mention to hug him with her own volition, like what she did now, Raine would cower away the moment Torak got close to her and too afraid to even see him in the eyes.

"Because I want to be as close as possible to you." Torak answered her truthfully, there was nothing he wanted to hide from her, not even his feeling and he didn't need to feel embarrass to say something like that. Torak said it with pride, because she was his pride.