The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 92

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 92 Madness

And if love be madness, may I never find sanity again.

-John Mark Green-


Serefina was totally wrong if she thought she could talk about hell to Torak, she forgot that long time ago the three Donovan brothers had brought hell upon this realm.

Something she should never forget about the horrors and despairs, which they had spread, when she talked about hell to him.

Clenching her jaw, Serefina couldn't find a word to retort his statement, but her glaring eyes spoke more than her words.

She was livid and totally disagreed with Torak's needs to be as close as possible with his mate, it was a mate bond, though Raine didn't feel the same way as Torak did.

And, not like the common mate's bond, apparently this only work one way, thus Torak needed to be sure that Raine loved him back.

"Why are you coming to help me?" Torak asked in low voice, his eyes were still the color of gloomy night.

"You are the one who had sent someone to look for me." Serefina said in matter of fact tone.

It was true that Torak had send James to find her, but at that time it was for another reason.

"But, I didn't invite you in for you to interfere between my mate and me." Torak glanced at the direction of the car, made sure that Raine was still inside the car.

"Interfere?" Serefina remarked mockingly. "Did you forget that I am the one who had saved your pathetic mate from coma?!"

Torak let out a deep growl when Serefina names his mate as he half shifted and attacked her. He raised his big hand with sharp claws elongated from the tip of his fingers, aiming downward at the witch's head.

Serefina raised her hand and covered her face while chanting a charm with a language that only she could understand.

The sharp claws cut the fabric on her long sleeves, but her skin remained unscathed, afterward Serefina lowered her arms and glared at Torak. "How dare you attacked me!?"

Torak lowered his hand as it returned to its normal form.

"You should have guessed it when you disrespected my mate." Torak said callously. "You know that I immune with your curses." He added when he saw Serefina tried to curse him.

"Damn you!" Serefina shouted out loud in her frustration and glared at the five lycans in their wolves form that showing their canines, grinning.

"Tell me Serefina, what is your hidden agenda?" Torak refused to let her off from this question, he wouldn't put his precious mate in danger, not even with the witch that he has known for decades.

Serefina didn't answer Torak this time, she remained silent.

"You have gone missing for years and suddenly appeared a week ago and volunteered yourself to help, it was something that out of your character." Torak knew it better that Serefina wasn't someone who would easily give a helping hand if it didn't benefit herself.

However, she willingly wanted to train Raine and helped her to perceive her nature power. There was something off about her true intention.

"Someone had ordered you to do this?" Torak took his guess. "Or else you will not offer yourself to help Raine." The more Torak said it, the more he felt his words were right.

"You don't have to know about that." Serefina refused to answer Torak's accusation. "All you have to know I don't mean harm on your mate!"

"You will not come near my mate until you tell me who the person behind you." Torak gave Serefina one last warning before he turned around and walked toward the car.

However, Torak couldn't find the car. He could feel his blood boiled with anger.

"SEREFINA!" He let out a deafening roared as he turned into his white fur spread from his skin, he was still in human form, but his lycan's blood had taken over.

"I don't want to do this Torak! But I have to! You have to understand this!" Serefina's voice echoed in the parking lot.

There were not a lot of people there, however, no one from them were aware about the strange angry creature in the middle of the parkway neither the voice without form that had just sounded.

"GIVE ME BACK MY MATE! OR I WILL TEAR YOU INTO PIECES!" Torak ignored his surrounding or Serefina's attempt to make him understand.

The only understanding that down on him was, his mate wasn't in the place where he had left her and he didn't like that fact even a bit.

"Shift back and let's talk!" Serefina still didn't show herself in front of the half shifted Alpha. She knew that wasn't a good decision.

Despite Serefina's attempt for having a proper discussion, Torak didn't shift back, he raised his nose high, sniffed the air around him with eyes closed, let his wild nature to guide him.

"I will not take the pain to bring her here if I want to kill her! She will have been death by now if I didn't help her before!" Serefina cried in frustration. Torak was out of his mind if he thought Serefina was about to kill Raine.

Serefina could simply didn't show up when she was in the hospital if she wanted Raine's death.

Torak focused his senses, he didn't care about Serefina's explanation. She could talk all day long if that was what she wanted to do, but Torak wouldn't let her off from hiding his mate.

Out of the blue, Torak's head snapped at his left side and with remarkably speed, he lunged toward the blue car.

It wasn't the blue car that he aimed but the person behind it, with lightning speed Torak grabbed Serefina's delicate neck and pressed her against the car behind her.

The cracking sound could be heard from the pressure that Torak used to choke the witch, he growled threateningly.

Serefina's eyes widened with shock, she wasn't ready for this, when Torak managed to find her in no time. This lycan annoyingly immune against her magic, whatever it was!

Torak supposed to be wasn't able to sense her, but the fact said otherwise.

Serefina tried to hold back Torak's hand with her magic to keep her neck saved, but she could feel her power wasn't enough as her charm started to fade and she felt suffocated.

"Torak! You almost kill me!!!" Serefina yelled at him, trying to make him realized the thing that he almost did. "Get yourself together!!!"

Torak's wolf had taken control over him and Torak didn't have an intention to get it back, both of them wanted their mate and they would stop for nothing until Raine appeared before their eyes.

"GIVE ME BACK MY MATE!" Torak hollered as he squeezed tighter, his eyes had turned red with his sanity started to fade.

"Let me go first!" Serefina yelled back at Torak, but her voice wasn't as loud as his, her face had turned red as she struggled to hold him back.

"MY MATE!" The demanding sound in Torak's voice managed to make the five lycans trembled in fear as they put their snout between their front legs.

It was so stupid for Serefina to think that she could compromise with the current Torak. The Alpha who had let loose their beast wouldn't stop until he got what he wanted.

Serefina's hands, which grabbing Torak's hand so he couldn't snap her neck into two, were glimmered with dull yellow light.

"Let go" Serefina stuttered, she released her right hand as she made a waving move.

Serefina gave up with her stubbornness and Raine appeared right behind Torak's back, sitting on the ground while looking around with confused expression before she landed her obsidian black eyes on Torak's figure, who strangled Serefina.

Raine gasped and covered her scream with both hands.

This small sound and the scent, which only belong to his mate, that suddenly invaded the angry wolf's nose, managed to draw his attention as he loosened his grip.

Torak turned his head and found his mate, looking at him with shocking expression while Jack was running a few meters behind Raine, approaching her. The wolf's eyes turned even reddish.

He threw Serefina away as he approached Raine, bent his huge body and cradled her in his furry arms, possessively, before Jack could run even closer.

Torak held Raine's body with both arms, lifting her off the ground, trying to press her as close as he could when a deep warning growl reverberated from his chest. Fury engrossed him.

Jack took that as a sign for him to stop moving even an inch closer if he still wanted to see the sun tomorrow. Slowly, Jack took steps back while showing his neck, a sign of submissive, that he wasn't a threat.

"Torak" Raine's trembling voice could be heard as she struggled under his strong arms. Torak held her too tight. "I can't breath" Raine tried to let him know that he had hurt her.

But, Torak wasn't listening to her as the incensed lycan releasing menacing snarls while he scanned his surrounding for a possible threat.

A small whimper escaped Raine's parted lips as she took in his intimidating form, this was the second time she witnessed Torak was enrage, fortunately there was no blood or dead body this time.

Once Torak was sure no creature within threatening range, he turned his attention to Raine and softly whine, nuzzling the side of her head as he returned to his human form, but it didn't mean Torak had taken fully control over his beast, his primitive lycan side still in reign because his eyes still in the color of red.

Circling her arms around Torak's waist, Raine gently patted his back, trying to calm his labored breathing.

Torak responded to her gestured with grunt, placing his forehead against hers as he inhaled deeply. "Mine" He murmured in her ear.

Torak kept Raine in his arms a bit longer before he released her body and put her within his arms length, scanned her body, trying to find any injuries.

"Do you really think I will hurt her, don't you!?" Serefina irritated voice sounded from behind Torak. "I have just sent her somewhere and you try to kill me for that!" The witch snapped as she rubbing her purplish neck. If it wasn't for her magic, she would have been dead by now.

"Who has ordered you to do all of this!?" Torak asked in dangerous tone, he held Raine's waist closed to him, as if Raine would disappear into a thin air if he didn't do so.

Serefina sighed in defeat as she mentioned the name. "The moon goddess. Selene, or whatever her name is." She said in despise. "But, don't ask me why I oblige to her request, because I will never tell you even if you have to kill me."