The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 93

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 93 Another Sin

"I need so much time for doing nothing that I have no time for work."

-Pierre Reverdy-


Torak's eyes dimmed the moment he heard that name. What the moon goddess had planned? Why she has to send Serefina to guide Raine?

Something was wrong with this situation, and more specifically, something had happened to Serefina.

The witch that he knew, despise the gods and the goddess, whatever form they took, not to mention to take an order from one of them, she wouldn't very please only to say their name, as if it was something forbidden for her, just like Torak's brother and he himself in the past.

Something that Torak thought would never change, but the fact said otherwise. Well, he had changed as well after all, since he found Raine, he became less hostile with the goddess now.

Though he grateful for his mate, but it didn't mean he would oblige her blindly.

In spite of that, whatever the situation or the reason that brought Serefina to cut a deal with the moon Goddess, Torak was disinterest to know about that, as long as he had Raine in his arms he didn't care about why Serefina accepted Selene's order.

"I don't care what you and Selene had planned, but if you hurt my mate you have to know, I will kill you even when you were already in hell!" Torak snarled and hugged Raine protectively.

"I have told you many times, Selene didn't send me to kill your mate!" She shouted in frustration. "She sent me to guide her to gain her power, which I think very stupid and ridiculous thing to do!" Serefina clearly showed her willingness to do this, but something bind her to obey Selene's order.

Torak was skeptical with Serefina's explanation, but it would be so stupid for the moon Goddess to harm the promised mate that she had bestowed upon him since centuries ago, moreover, just like what Serefina said, she had many opportunity to kill Raine if she intended to do so.

"I will meet my mate every time I think safe enough to see her, so you better drop your charm in my notice and don't you dare to interfere with my phone call." Torak said it sternly, he made it clear for the witch who was in charge as he didn't take 'no' for answer.

Serefina mumbled something incoherent as a reply while she rubbed her neck, which Torak's fingers had imprinted there, bruises with the color of purple.

"She needs to go back!" Serefina barked and turned toward her red Chevrolet, opened the car door and slammed it closed.

Torak sighed deeply, Serefina really had gotten on his nerves. "My love." He caressed Raine's cheeks tenderly. "Did I scare you earlier?" That was the important thing that he needed to know.

Raine gave some thought about it and nodded her head lightly. "But, I know you will not hurt me" She added when Torak's expression turned sad.

"No, never." Torak said solemnly as if that was a vow.

Raine smiled on that words, she was still not used with that side of Torak, but she knew he would never hurt her even when he lost himself over his beast.

"I will meet you when the time is right." Torak fished out a phone, it was the latest type, from his pocket and gave it to Raine. "Tell me if she does something beyond your limit and you feel uncomfortable with it, alright?"

Torak knew Serefina would vent her displeased toward his mate, though Raine needed her guidance to overcome her fear and unearth her gift, he wouldn't let her took advantage on his mate.

Torak hugged her and indulged himself with her intoxicating scent, unwilling to let her go, he wanted to spent his time just like this, feeling her warm and soft body in his safe embrace.

However, Serefina seemingly so determined to ruin every moment that Torak has with Raine as she punched the horn rapidly.

While Torak grunted with frustration, Raine was giggling upon seeing his reaction.

Reluctantly, Torak released her from his arms as he gave her a kiss on her forehead. "I love you, my beautiful mate." He said heartily.

Even though Raine was only wearing her brown hooded parka and washed off jeans with her bare face, she would always be the most beautiful girl in Torak's eyes, she was his girl.

Torak walked Raine to Serefina's car and opened the backseat for her while Jack had been sitting behind the wheel and Serefina sat on the shotgun seat, she covered her neck with scarf and crossed her arms angrily, but didn't say anything.

Apparently, Serefina only brought back Jack and Raine without their car, thus they must ride Serefina's car in order to get home.

"I will call you." Torak rubbed Raine's head lovingly before he closed the door.

On the gunshot seat Serefina rolled her eyes upon hearing that, something bothered her when she heard that kind of sentences, but this time she wisely shut her mouth and swallowed back her sarcastic comment.

'Take care of my Luna' Torak mind- linked Jack who started the engine after the Alpha closed the door.

'I will, Alpha' Jack replied and drove away with the grumpy Serefina beside him.

On the backseat Raine turned her head toward Torak's direction until his figure disappeared, a while later, the phone that Torak had given her buzz as a notification appeared on its screen.

It was a message from unknown number, it said;

'Let me know when you already at home.'

Raine smiled brightly when she read the message again and again before she replied with a simple 'yes'. She was going to save the number, but halted when she had to put the name of the contact person.

Raine didn't know what to write there, to write plainly his name didn't feel right with her, it seemed Torak was just an acquaintance, she gave some thought about this trivial matter for a few minutes before she came up with a name that represent him so well.

Raine save it and giggled childishly, ignoring Serefina who shot her with angry eyes through the rearview mirror.


After Torak sent a message to Raine, his phone rung as he received a call from Raphael.

"Alpha, Dragon Lord Stephan Magnus has just arrived in your office." Raphael voice sounded through the phone.

"Let him stay there." Torak replied before he hung up the phone.

Before, the earth Dragon Shifter, Reynold Magnus, Stephan's older brother, had agreed to transfer all the asset in his possession because of the attack that he had launched in Torak territory and killed his people.

By chance, one of the assets under him was in this Fulbright City, so it was only right to call one of the brothers to manage it and be a backup move for Torak to establish his footing in this other creature territory.

Afterward, Torak fell forward and shifted into his big white wolf, his fur was like a snow, so delicate and pristine, the opposite depiction of the owner temper.

He led the five lycans behind him back to the office building with lightning speed as there was no human could see them and no other creatures would like to mess with them.

Sitting on a bar stool, a lanky man with his curly hair tied on his nape, was sipping his drink while watching the scene at the parking lot unfolded before his golden eyes, a lazy smirked crept on his lips.

"Procrastinating again?" A sweet voice that laced with impatient sounded from beside the man as a girlish woman in her knee length tutu white skirt sat on the bar stool.

"Don't you ever hear about a proverb that patient is a virtue?" Belphegor gulped down the remaining drink on his glass as he rested his elbow on the table and propped his head with his left fist.

Lilith rolled her eyes hard when she heard that from the sloth. "Lucifer will shackle you in the deepest hell if your indolence ruin this again." She watched the man beside her with displeased.

Laziness was really a sin as it was a hard job to team up with the sloth after all.

"I like the word 'indolence', it makes my laziness sound classy." Belphegor chuckled lightly.

"You should be crowned with another sin." Lilith shook her head incredulously. "Craziness."