The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 95 Destruction

When someone could show you heaven, that person could show you hell too.

-Akmal Karim-


"Hallo?" Raine tried to make her voice as normal as she could, she gripped the phone tightly to suppress her feeling.

She can do this! Everything will be alright

There was no reply from the other side of the phone for a few second before Torak's suspicious voice sounded. "Are you alright?" Even through the phone Torak's dominance nature was oozing off from his voice.

Raine nodded. "Mm." She hummed. "I just took a bath." Fortunately, her voice didn't falter, she hoped Torak didn't pick anything wrong with this.

"Did Serefina make thing difficult for you?" Torak asked in hard tone, he concerned about this the most.

Raine shook her head and a tear fell on her cheek, but she forced herself to smile when she answered him. "No. She is in her room." She didn't lie about this.

"Alright." Torak nodded in satisfied, probably Serefina was too angry to confront Raine again, at least that was what Torak assumed. "I will have a meeting with Stephan Magnus, the Dragon shifter that we had met last time. I will call you again when I finished."

Raine remembered the Dragon shifter, after all the first time she came to their mansion, Stephan had left an impression for her, in bad way.

"Will you be alright?" The moment Raine finished her question, she felt stupid. Of course, Torak would be alright, what bad thing would happen to him?

She shouldn't ask that stupid question

However, Torak didn't think that was silly. He was rather happy that Raine concerned about him. Nothing about his mate was ridiculous. "I will be alright, my love." The beast purred in satisfied to get a bit attention from his mate. "I will call you back later, okay?"

"Okay." Raine replied softly. "I miss you"

There was no answer from the other side of the phone, apparently Torak was caught out of guard upon hearing Raine's confession.

"I always feel the same my love." Torak said, the tenderness in his voice almost made Calleb choked with his drink when he heard that, the Gamma looked at his Alpha incredulously, he still couldn't get used to this side of Torak. "I will see you soon."

"Hmm." Raine nodded.

"I love you." And with that the line cut off.

Raine kept the phone on her ears, listening to the beeping sound as she wiped her tears and whimpered softly.

"Well done for your first lie!" A voice boomed from beside Raine.

Out of the blue Serefina has been sitting on the sofa in front of the television while tracing her finger on the back of a blue lizard, which sat on her laps docilly.

Raine snapped her head at the direction of the voice and saw the witch with her blue lizard, this was the first time she saw this reptile.

"But don't be too happy with that, let see if you really manage to deceive Torak." Serefina had changed her flamboyant dress and was wearing her s.e.xy nightdress that showed her olive skin.

"I never meant to deceive him" Raine replied in low voice, she didn't like the word that Serefina used to describe her.

"Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad thing to deceive someone. At least you learn which the thing that you need to let other people see and which the thing that you need to keep for yourself." Serefina shrugged, her earlier gut- wrenching mood had vanished.

"I don't want to hide anything from him" Raine frowned, she felt bad for lying to Torak.

"Oh, you nave little human." Serefina groaned in frustration. "With time you will learn to hide many things from him whether you like it or not. You will confront Torak because you have different view from him and in the end, both of you will be standing on the other side of the bridge because of what you are belief. That's life girl. Everybody changes, that's the peak of grown up and it applies to some hearts too."

"No, Torak and I won't be like that" Raine shook her head. Her eyes, once again, brimming with tears.

Serefina's lips curved into a vicious smirk. "People changes, girl. Situation changes."

"But I won't." Raine rejected the idea stubbornly.

"Said the girl who couldn't look at me in the eyes a week ago, but now she is brave enough to talk back to me." Serefina raised her eyebrows with amus.e.m.e.nt. "Great, you are improving."

The witch clapped her hand lazily as a mocking gestured toward Raine's naivety and the lizard climbed her body to sit on her shoulder instead when she stood up and walked back to her room again.

"Tomorrow your tutor will come, he is a human so make sure your wolf boyfriend is not around." Serefina warned her. "You better take this seriously this time."

No matter what creatures Raine's tutor would be, the appearance of Torak alone would create another unnecessary trouble.

In human world, he was in the spotlight because of his breakthrough with his project and in the other realm, those creatures would start to sniff something suspicious if Torak came to visit Raine. They would grab ahold of his weakness once they knew Raine was Torak's mate.

At this point, Raine's existence was a weakness for Torak. Not to mentioned Raine's life would be more in danger with many attempts to have her as a leverage to make the supreme Alpha knelt, moreover Serefina didn't need that now as the little girl under her surveillance wouldn't be able to bear it.

Raine was aware about this too. "Serefina" She called out to the witch before she could enter her room.

"What?" She asked with impatient, the lizard in her shoulder tilted his scaly head.

"What the difference between me and Torak?" Raine raised her head and began to fidget nervously, she wasn't sure if she wanted to hear the answer. "You are not yet telling me"

"See? I told you people change and you prove it." Serefina's face beamed triumphantly. "Isn't it very obvious?" Rather than answered her question, she gave her a question as a reply.

Raine's shoulder slumped, the difference between them was indeed very obvious. One could mention all the disparity that exist and those all existed between Raine and Torak.

"If what you think about the differences between you and Torak are; he is super rich and you don't even have one cent under your possession, or he is strong and you are weak, well even blind people could see it, or he is handsome and you are" Serefina tilted her head, assessing the girl who was fretting on the floor. " you are not bad, but of course many women will agree with me if I say you are not suitable for him."

That was the truth.

Ever since Raine was in Torak's office, she could feel the way those women looked at her with degrading eyes.

"Besides those statements are true, but my point is not that shallow." Serefina continued, she leaned her back against the wall behind her let the lizard slithered down her body and disappeared into Serefina's room, seemingly too boring to listen both women's conversation. "There is the most important thing than all of that."

Raine squeezed her hand, giving herself a push to raise her head, so she could look at Serefina clearly, what that witch wanted to say to her. She rubbed her eyes to get rid of the evidence of her remaining tears as she looked at Serefina with warry eyes.

"The big difference of both of you is your mental state." Serefina somehow was willing to explain. "Torak, by any means, he is a destruction. He kills anyone that he doesn't like as he pleased, exterminate them in the most merciless way, he will get whatever he wants in any way, in a dirty or bloody way. And you"

Raine's eyes dimmed, she knew Torak was a beast with ferocious side, but the way Serefina described him as if he didn't have a heart, lack of compassion. Something that Raine hardly believe when she remembered the way Torak had been treating her.

Serefina tried to find a suitable word to describe the timid girl in front of her. "And you are too pure to be with him." And then she added. "Pure. In bad way."

"What do you mean?" Raine wasn't sure with what Serefina wanted to say.

"Girl, you have been through a lot. But, let me ask you a question." Serefina was squinting her eyes. "Will you kill the creature who had killed your parents?"

Raine gasped with that question. That thought had never crossed her mind.

She hated those creatures for killing her parents and made her life became miserable, but if she was given a choice to kill them, she wasn't sure if she would take it.

"See?" Serefina, once again, made a satisfied smirk. "Can you see the difference between you and Torak? You don't even have an ounce of his craziness. If it was him, who was giving that question, you know exactly what his answer will be."

Raine shook her head, still couldn't see Serefina's point. "But that is not a problem"

"That is a big problem." Serefina emphasized her every word. "That will be a big problem."

"No. He will not harm me." Raine refused stubbornly.

"Of course, Torak will never harm you because you are his mate, but he will kill people around you without hesitation, if he thinks that is for your own good." Serefina walked closer toward Raine. "I am still alive now after what I have done to you because he sees benefit in me, to guide you, but how about the people that he will kill for you? You will go to university, make a friend or two, but I will assure you, you will make enemy also, whether you like it or not and when Torak saw it as a threat, he will demolish them. At that time, what will you do?"

"He will not do something like that!"

"Oh, yes. He will go to that extent."

"He is not that kind of person!" Raine shouted at Serefina, this was the first time she shouted at someone.

Serefina was surprised by Raine sudden outburst but then she chuckled. "Oh, dear I have known him for centuries. He is more than capable to do so."

"No, he will not." Raine was adamant with what she belief. Torak wouldn't do something like that, right? The thing that Serefina mentioned was going too far. He wasn't a beast right?

Serefina shrugged her shoulder, the purple color on her neck was glaring viciously under the lamp light. "That is only a little example. You will find out the answer of it soon. Very soon, honey."