The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 96 New Tutor For Raine

People who hide their feelings usually care the most.

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A woman was lying on the bed motionlessly with her blonde hair scattered all over the pillow beneath her. She was so pale as if she was dead.

"No progress" Lilith drawled, swaying her legs while she was sitting on the table. "How long she has been like this? Two weeks, three, four?"

Belphegor frowned as he was deep in thought, an expression that very rare appeared on his face. "Did I kill her when I ripped her soul?" He talked to himself.

"If you really kill her, you can check her in Tartarus." Lilith suggested.

"No, thanks." The laziness returned on his face as he laid his body on the bed, beside Jenedieth. "I am not in good relationship with Hades."

"You don't even have a good relationship with the other six deathly sins, Sloth." Lilith mocked him, but the fallen angel seemingly didn't mind with her attitude, or he was too ignorance to be angry with that remarked.

"What kind of guardian angel she is?" Belphegor asked the entirely different topic.

"Who? The girl?" Lilith raised her eyebrows. "I don't know, she doesn't look like a guardian angel. She is too weak."

"Yes, agreed with you. But, even a constant drop of water could create a crack on the hardest rock." Belphegor contemplated.

"If you think you can make a move on that girl now, you better think twice. She is with the witch Serefina now. I have told you to execute the plan when you have a chance, but you slipped the opportunity and incited Lucifer's anger." Lilith complained. "Now, with Serefina around, it is hard to get to her."

Belphegor waved his hand lazily at Lilith. "It isn't necessary like that. The guardian angel will come to me eventually."


The next day Raine woke up early like usual and prepared breakfast for the three of them, sometime Jack would drop by before he went somewhere to do his duty.

Raine didn't know what Jack's job was, but every time she asked, Jack would give her the same answer; Task from Alpha.

Jack's status in Torak's pack was a warrior, but it wasn't something to be proud of as Torak has thousands of warriors from both lycan and werewolf. Jack didn't hold a specific role in that rank. That was what Jack told Raine.

That was why, it was such an honor to be able to safe guard Raine, their future Luna.

However, Raine didn't feel the same thing. She still couldn't grasp the role of Luna, because all she wanted to do was with Torak, but to be honest, she didn't want to take any role in his pack.

Raine was too afraid with confrontation and apparently, position as Luna required a person with personality who was totally not 'Raine'.

Raine was still trying to avoid that kind of topic, because it made her felt uncomfortable, moreover, Torak had never mentioned anything about that, neither he pressured Raine to be 'a Luna's figure' for him.

Raine was grateful for Torak's understanding and pretended this matter had never existed in the first place.

For breakfast this time, Raine simply make sandwich, two for Serefina and herself and another two for Jack as his appetite was too big for his skinny body.

When she had just finished placed the last sandwich on the plate, the door bell rung.

Unhurriedly, Raine washed her hand and wiped it dry before she opened the door, she assumed it was Jack, who would drop by to eat breakfast together.

However, it wasn't Jack.

In front of the door, standing a man in his early thirty with spectacles rested on his high nose, his pink lips curved into a handsome smile as his melodic voice sounded into Raine's ears.

"Good morning, I am Aero Knight." He introduced himself as he stretched out a hand for Raine to shake.

However, Raine didn't reach his hand as how it supposed to be done, she only stared at his hand and shifted her eyes on his face, with frown.

"You must be Raine, right?" Aero guessed it right. "I will be your tutor from today onward."

Raine blinked her eyes. "Oh" That was her only reaction as she gestured for him to come inside the room, without shaking his hand, because she didn't feel right to touch or to be touched by a stranger.

Aero sat in the living room while Raine knocked on Serefina's door, but there was no answer from inside. She repeated her action, but there was only silence that greeted her back.

Where is the witch? Had she left this early morning?

When Raine was still in confusion she heard Serefina's voice in the living room, talking with Raine's tutor.

Abruptly, she walked back to the living room and found Serefina was conversing with Aero.

She did this magic again

Serefina was wearing blue jeans that hugged her slender legs with oversize yellow sweater. Her red hair was tied into loose bun atop of her head. She looked appealing and mature.

Raine couldn't blame Aero as the man wasn't able to avert his eyes from her.

"Raine, come here." Serefina called Raine with her sweet voice that she had never used. "Why don't you introduce yourself to your tutor?"

Raine took a seat at the sofa beside Serefina's, however before she could sit properly, Serefina had grabbed her hand and dragged her to sit next to her.

"Greet him." Serefina was still in her lovely tone, but Raine could feel there was an order in her sentence.

"Good morning Mr. Knight." Raine said timidly.

"Nice to see you in person Raine." Aero gave her his best smile. "I have heard about your case from your sister, I will help you for the next four months."

Raine frowned. What case that Aero was talking about? And what Serefina had told him about her?

Raine raised her head and looked at Serefina, but the witch ignored her as she kept talking with Aero about Raine's education.

Aero even volunteered to take Raine to the University where he was graduated, as a comparison of universities that she would be taken after graduated from high school.

But, Serefina turned down Aero's suggestion, because his University was a bit far from where they were living and it wasn't in the list of the three Universities that Serefina had suggested to Raine before.

The conversation about this took another ten minutes before, Serefina offered a breakfast to Aero.

In the end the three of them was having a breakfast together with the sandwiches that Raine had made. It appeared that Jack didn't come for his breakfast this morning.

After breakfast, Aero gave a few books to Raine, by the meaning of few books, there was actually dozens of it.

"The three Universities that you want to enter are the top Universities in this city, but first you need to find what major that you want to take and we need to work on your grade to meet their standard. Do you have something in mind? I will help you to choose your major if you have problem with it." Aero explained it to Raine as he added a small dictionary from his briefcase. "I heard from your sister that you have not been to school since two months ago."

Raine blinked her obsidian eyes innocently. She was really clueless about the background story that Serefina had made for her.

"Mm." Raine hummed absentmindedly as a respond.

"Don't let what had happened bother you. You are a beautiful girl." Aero patted Raine's shoulder. "Bullying will leave trauma, but you have to know that many people are not like them." He squeezed her shoulder, encouragingly.

Raine squirmed as she wasn't comfortable with his gesture and moved away. She didn't like to be close to him.

"Raine, why don't you bring your books inside and study?" Serefina smiled at Aero. "I will walk Mr. knight to the lobby."

Raine didn't need to be told twice when she hurriedly hugged all the books and scurried away into her bedroom.

"Your sister really a timid type of girl." Aero remarked while looking at Raine who has just closed her door, he could hear the metal clicking as sign the door was locked.

"Yes, she is." Serefina replied curtly as she stood up and walked toward the door.

Both of them walked in the hallway and waited for the lift when Serefina turned to face Aero with knitted brows.

"Mr. Knight" She started.

"Just Aero, please." Aero smiled brightly, he liked to hear Serefina's voice. The younger sister was so timid, while the older sister was eloquent, such interesting women.

"Aero." Serefina obliged with his request.

"Yes, Serefina." Aero turned to face the beauty beside him, he liked how his name rolled in her tongue.

"Put your hands off from my sister." Serefina kept the sweet tone, but this time it laced with warning. "Do not touch her."

She was a witch, so she has a 'witch' way to know his true intention.

Aero's elegant smile slightly falter, but he composed himself quickly. "I didn't mean that way"

"And don't talk to her like that way, she has trauma, not a kid." Serefina made sure her beautiful smile still etched on her lips when she said those words.

"No, I" Aero slightly stuttered.

"If you can't bind to our agreement, you can drop this job." Serefina shrugged nonchalantly, the way she talked was like someone who was talking about trivial things.

In the other hand, Aero was flabbergasted by Serefina's words. Of course, he didn't want to lose this job, because the income was far greater than his previous one.

Aero thought with Serefina very- welcoming- attitude, he could be a little bit closer with one of the sisters, it was a good thing as they looked like coming from a wealthy family.

"I will not do that again." Aero said in flat tone, a business like.