The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 97 Visiting Old Friend


And just like that, the greatest poem was written, in one word.



Torak was in his new office alone when gust of wind scattered the paper on his table, he squinted his eyes as unpleasant smell invaded his nose.

"Torak Donovan."

A man, with eyes that reflected his vicious soul that darker than the night sky and his tan skin that glimmered under the lamp light, was looking at Torak with his golden eyes, a smirk made its way to his pursed lips.

"Lucifer." Torak greeted the unwelcomed guest without a trace of warmth in his voice, he stood up from his seat and strode over toward Lucifer. "I don't recall that I welcome you here." His voice was getting colder with every step that he took.

"Don't worry, I welcome myself." Lucifer slumped his butt on the cozy dark leather sofa.

Torak's office was designed according to his personality, exquisite and impeccable, a huge set of luxurious sofa was set in the middle of the office, where Lucifer was sitting on, with floor to the ceiling glass at the other side of the wall, where he could watch the whole city from there.

"What do you want?" Torak asked icily as he stopped a few meters away from the satan and pour a glass of whiskey from cellarette for himself.

"I just want to visit my old friend." Lucifer suddenly appeared beside the Alpha. "You don't like to see your old friend?"

Torak didn't answer that, but his ocean blue eyes dimmed as he blinked.

"May I?" Lucifer took a glass and opened another bottle of bourbon without waiting for Torak's reply, he took a sniff of the scent that emanated from the opened bottle. "Devil's share. I like it."

However, before Lucifer could take a sip of his 'Devil's share', Torak had grabbed his neck and crushed it without a change of expression, he didn't even blink when he snapped Lucifer's neck into two.

"You are still as rude as centuries ago." Lucifer's voice was sounded from behind Torak. Somehow, he had been sitting on the same dark sofa, which he had sat on a few minutes ago. "You have to work on that bad temperament of yours.

Torak wasn't a little bit surprised to say the least as he calmly turned around to face the fallen angel while sipping the whiskey.

"Get yourself out of here while I still have my patient." Torak nearly growled as he gulped down the remaining liquid in his glass.

Lucifer chose to ignore the threat in Torak's voice. "I guess a mate is not successful in changing your nature."

A vicious growl thundered from Torak's chest as he lunged onto the fallen angel.

Lucifer's smirk disappeared as he moved with lightning speed to avoid the Alpha's attack. He barely managed to avoid the first attack when Torak had moved next to him and clawed his head.

Lucifer's golden eyes dilated as his figure fused with his own shadow, Left Torak with nothing.

Torak's claw only cut the empty space and his red eyes scoured his surrounding, looking for another threat that would come from the Satan.

"Be careful with your temperament my old friend, or else you will end up hurting your fragile mate." Lucifer's voice echoed from through the wall in Torak's office.

As the voice was faded, the door of Torak's office slammed open with a loud noise.


The first person who came from the door was Raphael, his Beta, his dark eyes were looking for the possible threat with Calleb followed behind him in his dark grey wolf form.

They heard Torak's growl along with the sound of glass breaking, something wasn't right must be happening inside the office room.

"Alpha, someone was here?" Raphael asked, but he couldn't see anyone there neither he saw someone walked inside the room just now.

Meanwhile, Calleb raised his snout higher as he tried to catch something in the air with no avail.

Torak, who had half shifted, turned into his human form, ignoring Raphael's question as he dashed toward the door and yelled an order. "Tell Serefina I come to the apartment now, she better with Raine when I am there and tell Jack, don't let Raine disappear from his sight!"

In spite of the lack of understanding of the situation, Raphael and Calleb knew it must have something to do with their Luna. There was no one could make his Alpha so antsy like this, but who the person that he met? That could make him flipped out like this?

They saw no one stepped in or out from the room.

"Will do right away." Raphael fished out his phone while Calleb ran with his four legs, chasing after Torak.

The situation didn't look good for them.


Raine was reading a book that Aero had given her this morning, trying to catch up with her last lesson when she was still in the orphanage, when suddenly she heard a quarrel between Jack and Serefina.

Before Raine could decipher about what they were arguing, her bedroom door had thrown opened with so much force until it left dented mark on the wall behind it.

From behind the door, it showed the anxious Jack, locked his wary eyes on Raine.

"Come here, Raine." Jack waved his hand at Raine, like a big brother called his little sister to go home from playing too long.

Raine put down her book and obliged, she walked closer toward Jack when she heard Serefina's cynical comment.

"What are you fussing about?" Serefina throw her body on the sofa lazily. "Torak only exaggerated the situation."

Jack didn't heed her comment as he led Raine out of her room protectively, by holding her shoulder. He didn't let the Luna out of his arm reach.

Actually, he also wasn't sure what exactly was happening, but from the way Raphael talked to him through the phone, it was something urgent and dangerous that involved the safety of Raine.

All the creatures in this realm knew, how long Torak had been existing without a mate, and once she appeared now, naturally he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Jack glanced at Raine who was staring at him with her big- doe- eyes.

"Something bad happened?" Raine asked, slightly nervous by how Jack reacted. She hugged her body while sitting next to Jack, and same like him, she was also ignoring Serefina's sardonic remark.

"Raphael told me that the Alpha is on his way to come and see you." Jack told her.

In an instant, Raine's worry expression turned brighter, the change of her mood was very noticeable.

"He will come?" Her voice was filled with anticipation that made Serefina sneered and turned to leave the living room and spend her time to stay inside her bedroom, leaving Jack and Raine alone.

"Yes, he should be here in no time." Jack assured Raine.

And just like a child who got her early present, Raine smiled to herself while looking at the door expectantly. It had been long time, many years, since the last time Raine was expecting someone's presence.

When Jack finished saying that, there was a knocking sound that could be heard from the door.

"That must be the Alpha." Jack stood up to open it.