The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 98 Night Of Chaos

I will fear no evil, for you are with me.



Torak has a bad feeling about Lucifer's visit, moreover he knew about Raine's identity.

Before, Belphegor only knew Raine as the guardian angel, but wasn't sure about her importance as Torak's mate, the Sloth thought Torak protected her merely because she would be the crucial part of the impending bloodshed between the creatures, just like centuries ago.

Torak didn't care even a bit about what would happen with this world, the only thing he cared, the thing that he concerned the most was his mate, nothing else.

The hell could freeze over or the world could crumble into dust, but as long as Raine was safe and sound, another thing wasn't a matter for him.

Torak went to the bas.e.m.e.nt of the twenty- nine- story building and climbed into his sport car, with Calleb, who had turned back into his human form, sat beside him.

Afterward he drove the black Bugatti like a madman.

There was no traffic jam in this hour, but that didn't make Torak could arrive at the apartment faster, because there were twenty Chupacabra chased after them. The dog- sucking- blood.

Calleb buckled up as he held tight to stabilize himself, he was a lycan who had a fast healing ability, but it didn't mean he was immune with pain.

Once the car crash and he was thrown out, the pain would be so unbearable for the first few second before their healing ability took over. If it was possible, Calleb didn't want to experience that.

However, it was impossible also to give some advice to the outraged Lycan beside him.

"There are Chupacabra that followed us." Calleb saw the creatures was hot on their paws, one of the sucking- blood creatures managed to jump atop of the fast driven car and clawed the roof, followed by the other Chupacabra, which jumped one by one, covered the Torak's sight from the road.

With a low vicious growl Torak swerved the car and smashed concrete road divider on his left, brought the car to traverse the other side of the traffic road.

In a jiffy, the screeching sound from many cars hit the brake filled the quiet night.

Two of the Chupacabra that covered the front door glass were thrown out of the front glass, caused Torak got a sight of the canal at the other side of the road.

Torak hit the accelerator until it flat with the ground as he directed the car toward the Canal. Next to the Alpha, the Gama's eyes opened wide as he realized what Torak was about to do.

"SHIFT!" Torak barked as the car sped forward and flew straight to the canal.

Torak and Calleb opened the car door at the same time before the car sunk into the water and immediately shifted into their Lycan form.

As their big paws clawed the ground, their chaser had made the first attempt to attack them directly.

With a thunderous roar, the white lycan raised his claw and slit two Chupacabra bodies into two as the black blood tainted his pure fur.

The other grey lycan did the same as he bit down the Chupacabra's neck until it couldn't move again and pressed one under his feet, clawed it chest before he lunged onto the other.

The beast fight occurred for some time before the two lycan were the only one standing in the middle of the carcasses of the Chupacabra.

After that short and intense battle, the grey wolf whined as he licked his injured front leg, apparently it was a result of the bite of the Chupacabra.

The white lycan glanced over to check on his Gamma before he dashed toward the other direction.

'Stay there, Raphael and the other warriors will come.' Torak mind- linked Calleb.

The Chupacabra's bite was poisonous, but the healing ability of the lycanthropes would manage to mitigate the fatal outcome.

Moreover, there was something more important that Torak had to do. His mate was in danger. Those creatures were sent to him wasn't for the purpose to kill him, of course that was a stupid idea for his enemy to think merely Chupacabra could take down Torak.

Those creatures were sent to slow him down from whatever he was about to do, and the only think in his mind was Raine.

His mate. his only solace. His soul

He shouldn't entrust his mate to Serefina or his warrior or whatever they were, he should keep his mate close to him!

Such a nonsense that the witch had blurted out that he should keep a distance from her! What the difference now!? Raine was still in danger and Serefina better kept her word to keep her save!

If something should happen to Raine, the fault was his.

In the other hand, the grey lycan stubbornly followed his Alpha, though he was left behind. Calleb grimaced with every step that he took, but he tried to not slow down his paces.

'Raph, are you near?' Calleb tried to mind- link the Beta, but seemingly they were too far from each other. 'Ugh! I want to tear the face of the person who had sent those dogs- sucking- blood over!' He grumbled.


It took longer time than Torak had predicted to reach the apartment, as soon as he saw the building, he followed his instinct to catch Raine's scent in the air, it was a faint rainy smell that had grown inside him.

His mate was near.

Torak climbed the building and entered through the opened window in the eleventh floor, where Raine's flat was.

While he strode toward Raine's flat door, his bone snapped as his body turned into his human form. Once he was knocking the door, Torak was the uncanny, clean- cut CEO.

He didn't care if someone was taking a photo of him being there, human would think it was impossible for Torak Donovan was being there, however that was the last thing that he concerned.

When the door was opened, Jack greeted him, but Torak stepped in directly, his eyes scoured the room, looking for her.

"Where is Raine?" He asked demandingly, the word of impatient wouldn't suffice to describe him.

"Luna is there, in the living room" Jack turned around to pointed where Raine was sitting a few second ago before he walked away to open the door.

But, no one there

She had gone