The Love Of A Lycan Book 1 Chapter 99

Volume 1: Torak Donovan Chapter 99 Night Of Chaos 2

How he treats you is how he feels about you.



Jack could feel blood rushed to his head the moment he saw Raine had gone.

She was there a second ago, he just left her out of his sight because he had to open the door, but within that second someone had taken her and now he had to deal with his Alpha.

"Alpha she " Jack stammered, but before he could complete his sentence, Torak had grabbed his neck and slammed him to the wall behind him.

The wall cracked as the debris scattered around both of him.

Jack was having hard time to breathed, he wasn't that fast to avoid the sudden attack of Torak neither he had the comparable strength as his.

"WHERE IS SHE!?" Torak roared right in front of his face, his eyes turned blazing red and his canines elongated.

Torak sharp claws embedded on Jack's neck caused blood was dripping from his opened wound, he was ready to kill his warrior at this point, drew another blood in this chaotic night.

"Al pha" Jack felt lightheaded as his eyes rolled back in his skull and his hands clumsily tried to pry open the grip on his neck with no avail.

Torak had lost it, he lost all the reason to spare another creature life, he just wanted his mate and she was gone, someone took her and the lycan before his eyes failed his task.

He deserved to die.

When Torak was about to squeeze the life out of him, he felt an annoying tug on the back of his neck, it didn't bother him at first, but the feeling grew intense as if someone was trying to choke him.

"Torak, let him go." A sweet female voice was sounded from behind his back, but it wasn't the voice that he wanted to hear, her scent also felt so wrong with him, it didn't settle the raging beast that banging his head.

Torak let out an ear- piercing roar as he threw Jack across the room with so much force.

Jack's body flew a few meters away, smashed the bar stool and only stopped when his body collided with the concrete wall that shaking by the brute force.

Serefina was standing there, wrapped her voluptuous body with black fitted turtleneck shirt and skinny jeans, she looked s.e.xy and mature, but the only thing in Torak's mind when he saw her was to cut her limb to limb.

"Where is she!?" It was a low growl from under his breath, the evidence of his attempt to suppress the raging storm beneath him, his last attempt before the beast unleashed and created more destruction.

Torak swore would kill Serefina if her answer, she was hiding Raine and wanted him to stay away from his mate, it wasn't time for that! The witch should know, how serious the situation to pull that excuse with Torak now.

"Someone broke my spell and took her." Serefina admitted, she felt ashamed.

No matter how she beautified her words, it was her mistake to take lightly Raphael's warning when he called her before.

Without warning Torak had stood in front of Serefina and clawed his body brutally. The witch let out a shrill scream as she moved aside to avoid the lycan another attack.

Serefina's instinct to survive kicked in as she waved her hand wildly, sending a cabinet toward Torak's direction that he, easily, shoved it away as if it was weight nothing for him.

The cabinet crushed the wall and broke into pieces.

"Torak! Stop it! You don't help her if you kill me!" Serefina tried to reason with Torak, it was a hard job to do as the lycan listened to no one.

Torak stormed over, his red eyes filled with murderous intention when he reached Serefina's hand and was about to tear her apart when suddenly a fireball was thrown to his face, burnt his white fur.

That action didn't stop Torak, if anything, that only make him more furious. He snarled at Serefina, losing himself for his beast, trying to rip every inches of the witch's body, but there was invincible wall that held him, kept him only a step away from the bleeding witch.

"Stop your useless reaction!" Serefina yelled at Torak from inside her protection, she cradled her limp right arm that bleeding incessantly as a result of Torak's attack earlier.

However, how he could hear her when the only thing that ringing in his ears was to kill any creatures that he could see.

She had admitted that she failed to keep Raine's safe, after his warning and after all he had done to show how important Raine for him.

How Serefina was so narrow minded to belittle the importance of this situation. She deserved to die!

Serefina could feel the protection that she built around her gradually crumbled, because of Torak continuous attempt to shatter it.

She wouldn't be able to survive once Torak grabbed a hold of her, thus she closed her eyes while chanting a charm from strange language and the moment her eyes were opened, they were the color of fire.

"ENOUGH!" The witch suddenly stood up with fire in her hands, her body emanated flame, the same fire that burning in her eyes.

The sudden outburst didn't affect much on Torak as his lycan only took a few steps back before he lunged onto her for another attack.

However, before Torak could come closer, a wall of fire was conjured between them.

Because of a lot of smoke and fire, the alarm was blaring and water gushing out from fire sprinkler on the ceiling followed by the automated evacuation message which warn people inside the building to not use the elevators.

"Torak! Your rage will not help her!" In spite of the water that flooded the floor the fire that encircled Serefina didn't extinguish even a bit.

The white lycan was sodden, but his blazing eyes were glaring with unfathomable indignation as his breathing raged.


A voice sounded in Torak's head, trying to reach onto him despite the Alpha attempt to shut any interference from outside.

Another lycan trudged inside the room, his wounded leg had been healed, but apparently the poison from Chupacabra's bite still affected him.

At the opened door from behind the lycan, there were commotion because of the alarm was set off as many people were running toward the emergency stairs.

The white Lycan posed a defense stance as he felt there was another creature near him and bare his fangs toward the grey lycan.

Calleb's lycan whimpered as he lowered his head, showing his nape as a sign that he wasn't mean any harm.

Slowly, Calleb turned into his human form, display his vulnerability form, in order to save his life from Torak's wrath.

"Alpha, there is news that you have to know." Calleb spoke under the assessing eyes of Torak, he glanced at Jack, the warrior, who wasn't moving from the ground. He looked dreadful with blood stained his shirt and the floor beneath him, but his undulated chest was a sign that he was still alive.

Torak's Lycan wasn't in the situation to hear any news if it wasn't about Raine.