The Mech Touch Chapter 860

858 Doom Crawler

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Word of Ves designing a peculiar breakdown-proof mech spread around the camp. Many Vandals expressed various opinions about what they heard even without Ves showing them the draft design.

"Did you hear about the new design?"

"I heard it's a huge failure of a light mech. What is Mr. Larkinson thinking? Whoever heard about a four-legged frontline mech? On top of that, it's as slow as a turtle but as fragile as a bedsheet!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Enduring Protector? How can it endure anything? It's awful in close combat and bad at long-ranged combat. Forget about protecting anything else, it can't even protect itself!"

"Well, I heard that it's particularly good at not breaking down in the middle of a battle."

"So what? A couple of lasers hitting our mechs will destroy this new toy far faster than the breakdown effect ever could!"

Obviously, opinions abounded. Ves had to admit that the Enduring Protector did not make a stellar impression upon the Vandal mech pilots. If Ves @@ ...