The Mech Touch Chapter 861

859 Midway Shif

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After Ketis left for parts unknown, Ves finished his feedback session and planned to resume his design work. After gathering a bunch of opinions, most of which Ves immediately threw away, he gained a broader perspective on the application of his mechs.

As light frontline mechs that had more in common with slow artillery mechs, the mech pilots of the Enduring Protector had to adhere to different rules in order to survive and thrive on the battlefield.

A mech designer like Ves could never completely envision all the possible uses of a mech. Every design profession suffered from this myopia. Although his mastery partially compensated for his lack of practical, in-depth familiarity, he therefore listened more carefully to the opinions of the laser rifleman mech pilots. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"My client may be Captain Byrd, but my target audience are those mech pilots specialized in piloting ranged mechs."

This was a crucial distinction. The people who approved of a design and procured @@ ...