The Mech Touch Chapter 863

861 Caged Tongs

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Eventually, Ves shot down Captain Byrd's insane idea of implementing the god crystals into the design of the Enduring Protector. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's not feasible." He replied as he rapidly went through the implications of her suggestion. "The god crystals aren't very effective by themselves. A single god crystal takes far too long to recharge. The dwarf brains that we've repurposed as their organic controllers lose concentration long before the recharge cycle is finished. We also can't recharge the god crystal very often for some reason. If the siphoning process is botched, we'll have to wait another day before they can be recharged."

Captain Byrd looked disappointed, but she offered a suggestion. "What if we commit a full god crystal generator aboard one of the transports accompanying the red zone force?"

"This… there are pros and cons to such a decision, captain." He said with a thoughtful expression. "As long as we can protect the god crystal generator, the mechs and troops e @@ ...