The Mech Touch Chapter 866

864 Quiet Dance

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The sensor systems of the pirate mechs detecting the incoming shells as they arced towards some of their leader mechs.

Yet what could they do? They barely had a second to respond before the shells landed in their midst and exploded! Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The wavering ranks of Roppongans and Ravienne Alliance-aligned pirates rippled as the shells blasted nearby mechs away!

As the dust and smoke faded away, the scout mechs keenly captured the damage done by the shells.

"One leader mech suffered direct hits and is destroyed! Three leader mechs sustained heavy proximity damage and have lost combat effectiveness! Fifteen mechs suffered light damage but can still fight!"

"Not bad for a single artillery volley." Captain Byrd commented. "Fire the second salvo of artillery shells at the wild gods. Let's test their defenses."

Ves studied the damage of the initial artillery salvo and found that the shells only managed to deal so much damage because the Caged Tongs were caught off @@ ...