The Mightiest Little Peasant Chapter 152

Chapter 152: Bringing Family to Justice

In the office, Qian Ziqiang was slumped on his chair. His face was pale as a sheet.

"I'm finished! Finished!" He mumbled with an expression of utter dejection.

He did not expect that 'unruly peasant from a mountain village' would have someone so powerful backing him!

Old Master He was a legend in Province Z. A District Secretary like him was not even qualified to polish his shoes.

Furthermore, he had heard before that Old Master He was an austere man who hated to see peasants being bullied by government officials abusing their authority. He would be utterly finished if Old Master He caught wind about it.

'Dammit, this bastard only knows how to look for trouble!'

Qian Ziqiang had nowhere to release his anger when he thought about Ma Yongnian.

"No, I can't let this continue!" He paced in a circle impatiently. Suddenly, he shouted to someone outside the office. "Prepare my car! I want to go to Tang Village."