The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 Good And Evil

Chapter 1001: Good and Evil
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Song Xianhe didnt mention anything about what had happened during the day, as though nothing ever had.

In the evening, when the family was having dinner, there was suddenly a clamorous din from outside.

Chang had brought his wife and two brothers. The moment they entered the yard, they shouted. At the door, he kicked it open and roared. "Song Yuan, great way of raising your son! If you dont give me an answer today, Ill trash your house!"

Song Yuan was somewhat stunned as he put down his chopsticks and asked, "What Whats the matter?"

"Whats the matter? Are you acting dumb with me?" Changs younger brother roared as he flipped over a table, sending the utensils across the ground. Song Xiancheng was ultimately still young, so he cried upon seeing this scene.

Song Xianshu hurriedly coaxed him while Song Xianhe silently stood behind Song Yuan. He knew that he was the eldest in the house apart from his father. He was the only one who could help.

Upon seeing this scene, Chang was infuriated. This punk isnt afraid? It looks like Ill have to be fiercer!

Song Yuan said angrily, "What are you doing? Cant we talk about this?"

"What cant be talked about? Your child chased after my hen, and it cant lay eggs after being frightened. Are you unaware of that? I came here to reason with you, but that brat of yours dared to use a chopper at me. How do you think this matter should be settled?" Chang said.

Song Yuan frowned. "What do you want?"

"Simple. Since your child frightened my hen, you have to compensate me with a hen! Your child shows no respect to elders and used a chopper to intimidate me. Its preposterous! Beat him until Im appeased, and that will be the end of it. Otherwise, humph." Chang paused. His brother had already walked over with a weapon, his ferocious look making it seem as though he would take action at any moment.

Song Yuans heart palpitated. Apart from him, everyone in his family was a child. How could they handle the beatings from these ferocious people? With them about to start attacking them, Song Yuan quickly roared. "Beat me if theres anything. Dont touch the child!"

"If thats what you want! Beat him!" Chang waved his hand, and his two brothers immediately brandished their fists in preparation to strike. Song Yuan was already exhausted from a laborious day on the field. Now, he had to consider the children and face three strong men. How was he their match? Hence, he covered his head and allowed them to beat him. As he was being beaten, he yelled, "Xianhe, turn around with your brothers. Dont watch!"

"Brave, huh? Beat him!" Chang said as he kicked.

Song Yuan knew his children were obedient and believed that Song Xianhe would act as usual and turn around with his brothers and not watch. But this time, he was wrong.

Song Xianhe didnt turn and instead got his brothers to watch. As they watched, he whispered to his brothers, "Watch well. Its because we are weak that we are being bullied by others. We are helpless when Dad is being beaten. Remember this scene and remember this day. We have to become strong!"

Song Xianshu nodded as well. Although Song Xiancheng didnt understand what was happening, he also knew that his Dad was being beaten. Hence, he clenched his fists and murmured. "Wait until Im grown up!"

Chang suddenly turned to look at the three children. The experience during the day reminded him that the three children were problematic; therefore, he watched them to prevent them from grabbing a chopper and giving him trouble. To his surprise, he saw the three children standing in a row, looking at them with bloodshot eyes. For some reason, he felt a chill down his spine. He felt uneasy when he recalled the madness Song Xianshu had displayed during the day.

However, Chang immediately shook his head when he realized their ages. He didnt think too much about it as he just felt angered by the children. Beating them up could no longer appease him, so he said eccentrically, "Song Yuan, I told you long ago not to raise these bastards. They will only spell trouble!"

"Shut up! They are not bastards! They are my children!" Song Yuan, who could no longer produce a sound after being beaten, suddenly roared. This frightened the Chang brothers, but they only got angrier in return. It was embarrassing to be frightened by such a piece of trash.

Hence, the trio delivered even more vicious blows. Chang was so absorbed in the beating that he forgot to curse. After the beating, he left with his brothers and wife.

After everyone was gone, Song Xianhe rushed to help up Song Yuan. Song Xianshu said furiously, "Dad, Ill remember them. Ill seek revenge for you one day!"

Song Yuans expression instantly turned solemn. He gathered the three brothers and said, "The three of you are to listen well. Let this matter rest. You are not to raise this matter again, get it?"

"Dad, they only came because they think were easy to bully. Third Brother didnt chase after their hen," Song Xianhe said.

Song Yuan nodded and ruffled Third Brothers head. "I know my child the best. You wouldnt chase after the hens of others. I trust you. All of you are still young. As long as you are fine, everythings fine. Its just a hen. Ill work hard in the future to earn more money to raise another hen."

Upon hearing this, the naive Song Xiancheng nodded, thinking that rearing a hen was very simple. However, Song Xianhe and Song Xianshu didnt say a word. Song Xianshu was someone who bore grudges. Song Xianhe knew very well that this matter wasnt only about a single hen. If Chang could use this method to snatch one hen away, he could use the same method to snatch a second one as well.

Furthermore, if they could beat Song Yuan once, it meant that they could beat him a second time. It was even possible that they could wreck their house.

There was no way for their family to continue on if this thorn wasnt extracted.

On that day, Song Xianhe didnt say a word. All he did was help Song Yuan take care of his wounds. After an uneventful night, Song Yuan, who was suffering from great pain, clenched his teeth and got up to work.

Song Xianhe also sat up and woke his two younger brothers.

Once Song Xianshu saw that his father had left, he immediately cried out with a ferocious look on his face. "Brother, Third Brother was beaten. Same for Dad. I cannot let this matter pass!"

Song Xiancheng said, "Im also angry. Second Brother, what do you suggest?"

Song Xianshu said, "Ill kill them!"

Song Xiancheng rubbed his swollen face and said, "But we cant beat them in a fight."

At that moment, Song Xianhe said with a deep tone which didnt belong to a child, "Killing someone doesnt require fists."

"Brother, what shall we do?" Song Xianshus eyes lit up as he asked.

Song Xianhe got his brothers to huddle over as he whispered something. Following that, their eyes lit up as Song Xiancheng chuckled. "Lets do it!"

The three brothers quickly reached a unanimous decision before getting down to work. Although they didnt need to do farming chores, cleaning the house and making meals was still their job.