The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Madness


By the time the group dispersed, Song Xiancheng said to Song Xianhe amid sobs, Brother, what do we do? They arent even letting us beg on the streets. Theyre being bullies! We are still too young. Once we grow up, Im sure I can beat them.

Song Xianshu clenched his teeth and said, If we dont have enough strength, well use weapons and techniques. He who is down need fear no fall! If this continues, we will starve to death sooner or later. Since every outcome is death, why dont we fight it out with them? Brother, what do you think?

Song Xianhe nodded in silence. If they arent letting us brothers live, then us brothers are going to make them die! But we mustnt be rash on this matter. Dad has already taken the blame for us once. We have to plan well before taking action. We still have a bit of money. Lets buy some gifts tomorrow.

Brother, why are we buying gifts? Song Xiancheng asked.

Gifts for them. After Song Xianhe said that, he leaned on the broken bed and fell asleep.

He left Song Xiancheng and Song Xianshu dumbfounded. They had no idea what he was getting at.

The next day, Song Xianhe bought gifts and brought his two brothers to send the gifts to the people who had beaten them. As the gangs boss looked at them with contempt while being pleased with how they were behaving, he stepped onto Song Xianhes head and laughed nastily. The two brothers clenched their fists so tightly that they nearly burst a vessel.

After leaving, Song Xianshu couldnt help but ask, Brother, why did you do that? If we cant beat them, cant we just hide from them?

Song Xianhe said lightly, Everyone saw us behave like a bunch of cowardly fools. After that, do you think anyone will suspect us when their boss dies?

The two brothers were instantly stunned.

Song Xianhe continued. I wont commit the same mistake that got Dad arrested the first time. Do this tomorrow.

The next day, Song Xianshu ran to another beggar gang leaders territory to cause trouble, claiming that they were lackeys of the boss of the first gang.

As for Song Xiancheng, he did the complete opposite. The three were all fresh faces, so no one knew them. With them donning disguises on top, no one saw through them. The two beggar gangs were already having both an open rivalry and veiled struggles, so with this provocation, their tension escalated. The police were even called in during a few verbal conflicts that ensued.

With the polices involvement, the matter seemed to be suppressed and gradually calmed down.

However, just as everyone imagined that this was the end of it, the boss of the first beggar gang was stabbed to death at his doorstep! According to eyewitnesses, the murderer had been waiting by the door for more than an hour. He was very tall, but he was apparently disabled and limped.

The police soon began investigations and discovered the beggar gang which fooled people into giving them money. Instantly, all the beggars in the city were raided. The loose beggar association was so terrified by the raids that no one dared to be boss now.

As for Song Xianhe, he threw off the stilts he wore on his feet and the trousers and windbreaker he had stolen. He went onto the streets to beg for money again, but this time, no one chased them away.

From that day forth, Song Xianhe and his two brothers began a dark life. Their life mantra was: whoever doesnt let us live, well make them die!

Soon, the unscrupulous brothers amassed some money. Song Xianhe also started to go to school while Song Xianshu and Song Xiancheng were expelled for fighting after two days of school. However, the two were famous outside, becoming famous gangsters, and they managed to thrive as well.

Years passed, and Song Xianchengs wish was fulfilled as he grew taller and taller. However, Song Xianshu ultimately didnt grow tall. However, having arduously practicing mixed martial arts, his combat strength stood out. Together with his ferocious looks, he was able to make all the gangsters in the city submissive.

Song Xianhes results were always at a level to make him the pride of the teachers. His studies were fully paid for through bursaries, and he entered a top university. By the time he graduated, he already held a double Masters degree in Psychology and Finance.

During this period, he kept devising strategies in secret. He planned businesses that werent honorable, but very lucrative. The three brothers began earning tons of money, but they also accumulated greater sin.

However, what Fangzheng was surprised about was that the three brothers didnt just act without thought. Although they were unscrupulous, they seldom killed. Furthermore, they never targeted ordinary people, but only rich, cruel people. They used combinations of intimidation, bribery, and abduction, resorting to every conceivable means.

Yet, despite these brothers being very rich, they lived like misers. Apart from their daily expenses and whatever they needed to train themselves, they never spent an additional cent.

They neither gallivanted or engaged in vulgarity. Their thriftiness was incredulous!

Thankfully, there was a conversation they once had which explained everything.

Once, Song Xiancheng had hugged tons of money after getting drunk, laughing out loud as he said, Do you think Dad will be happy seeing us thriving and rich when hes released?

Definitely. He will definitely be overjoyed to see us so successful. We have to think of a reason as to how we got all this money. At the very least, we cant tell him the truth, Second Brother said.

Song Xianhe said, Its fine. Ive already laundered the money through my connections. When Dad comes out, all this money will be legitimate. We will give it all to him. He has suffered his entire life because of us. Its time for us to be filial towards him.

The three brothers nodded. Song Xiancheng laughed confidently. He was the one protecting us in the past, but now, we will be the ones protecting him! I want to know who in the world would dare beat Dad in front of me now!

With that said, he flaunted his huge muscles.

The scene changed again as Song Yuan was released from jail. The three brothers came to receive him, and just as Song Xianhe said, he had really successfully laundered the money, and he had retired with his two brothers from the forefront to behind the scenes. Like successful men, they toured around with Song Yuan every day.

Song Yuan was very happy to see his three obedient children grown up. He would smile even while dreaming. The only thing that left him unhappy was that the trio hadnt married and didnt have grandchildren for him.

The moment he grumbled about this, the three brothers immediately began hitting on chicks the next day. On the third day, all of them brought girlfriends over for him to see. He was extremely delighted, but he left the choice to them without his involvement.

A month later, all three brothers got married together in an extremely grand wedding!

But it was also on that day that Song Yuan got into a car accident and was reduced to a vegetable. The three brothers canceled their weddings and broke up with their girlfriends. They brought their father all around the world to seek treatment. Even with professional doctors and nurses hired, the three of them would take turns to watch Song Yuan the entire day. It was as though they couldnt be at ease placing Song Yuan in the hands of others.

Unfortunately, the collision made Song Yuans condition worse than imagined. They were unable to treat his condition despite traveling the world, and this continued on for years up to this day.