The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Using Money to buy Your Youth

"Bro, we know each other so well. Can you stop making fun of me? Just tell me. Is it painful or something?" Fangzheng asked

The System answered, "It isn't!"

"Is it fast?" asked Fangzheng decisively.

"Very fast!" the System said.

"Then what else are you waiting for? Upgrade!" Fangzheng exclaimed.

"Ding! Congratulations on upgrading to Heavenly Eye Level 2. Heavenly Eye Level 2 can see a person's good and bad fortunes a week before!"

"Wait, wait, wait! Don't speak any further. Why can't I see a thing!?" Fangzheng suddenly yelled.

"Your mortal coil can easily upgrade the Heavenly Eye, but to fully harmonize with the Heavenly Eye, three days are needed! During these three days, you will not be able to see a thing!" the System said nonchalantly without any restraint.

"I..." Fangzheng subconsciously wanted to curse, but he held it inside. After interacting with the System for so long, some of his common expressions had subconsciously changed. Fangzheng pointed at the sky and said angrily, "How am I to live for three days when I can't see a thing? How will I cook rice? How will I clean the temple hall?"

"That is a problem," said the System.

"This is a very grave and serious problem," said Fangzheng.

"That's why you will need to think very carefully or you will really starve. Well, three days will not starve a person to death. You can drink lots of water." Then, the System disappeared.

Fangzheng was stunned in his spot before he bellowed furiously, "Is that your advice for me? Are you even human? Uh, you really aren't human."


"I'm not cursing. It's a fact! Are you really a human?" Fangzheng suddenly realized the problem as he looked up into the sky.

No bolts of lightning fell from the sky. Fangzheng stroked his chin and squinted his eyes as he began contemplating. Unfortunately, all he saw was darkness. He could not see a thing.

Fine, so what if I can't see anything? The temple isn't that large after all, so there is no way I can get lost, right?


Aiyah, why is the door so close?


"What the hell? Uh, this feels like a dog... Eh? Lone Wolf, come over here!"

A few minutes later, a silver wolf was walking with its head drooping down. Its tail was being grabbed by the bald monk behind him. The wolf and man began the familiar process in the kitchen. In order to eat, Lone Wolf had no choice but to accept reluctantly.

The squirrel did not sit idly either. It could not do many jobs, but it was no problem for it to get a cup of rice grains and water.

As such, Fangzheng opened the pot lid, and the squirrel poured the rice in before Fangzheng filled it up with water. Then, he would use his finger to check the water's depth. Lone Wolf was responsible for adding timber into the fireplace while Fangzheng lit the fire.

The human, the wolf, and the squirrel cooperated together flawlessly!

Once they were done, they high-fived each other in cheers!

Afterward, the rice ended up being burnt...


"Wu Wu!"

"Shut up! You have the nerve to grumble about your empty stomach? Wasn't the fire made by you? I got you to burn a tuft of grass, but you ended up squeezing a huge tuft in! Be hungry!" Fangzheng roared.

"Squeak!" the squirrel also jumped as it rebuked Lone Wolf. Rubbing its belly, it secretly took out an acorn to sate its appetite.


Fangzheng rubbed his belly and drank a mouthful of water before going to bed.

On the second day, before daybreak, as Fangzheng could not discern that in his blind state, the squirrel scratched his face and woke him up. The moment he woke up, Fangzheng heard the groaning of his stomach. He sighed and said, "Darn wolf, you burnt all the timber yesterday. Go pick up more timber today. If you can't bring enough, carry on starving."

The moment Lone Wolf heard that, he immediately ran out. To Lone Wolf, starvation was a thing of the distant past. Although wolves were very resilient against hunger, he was feeling very hungry after being accustomed to having full meals!

As Fangzheng was pacing around on the spot in hunger, someone came.

"Is there anyone here?" a man's voice was heard. Fangzheng patted the squirrel on his shoulder to get him to lead the way.

Actually, he was already very familiar with the tiny temple after cleaning it up every day. However, in his blind state, Fangzheng lacked confidence for the first time. The squirrel squatted on his shoulder. It would pull at Fangzheng's ear if Fangzheng walked off-trail. If it pulled the ear forward or backward, Fangzheng was to turn left or right respectively!

As such, Fangzheng finally walked out of the backyard and into the courtyard. He held his palms together and said, "Amitabha. Patron, is there something?"

"Master, you are..." The person who came was an honest man. Seeing how Fangzheng was staring blankly without any light in his eyes and bowing into nothingness, he immediately found Fangzheng somewhat unreliable.

Fangzheng realized he had bowed in the wrong direction the moment he heard the man's voice. However, Fangzheng wasn't anxious. Instead, he turned around and said, "This Penniless Monk is temporarily blind for two days. Patron, is there something?"

"Blind for two days? One can choose to be blind for a number of days?" The man was completely dumbfounded. Was this monk messing with him?

However, the man endured it and scratched his head, saying, "Master, I was introduced to your temple by Ma Juan. She said you are very formidable. I was wondering, could you help enlighten me?"

Fangzheng said with a nod, "Patron, feel free to talk to me. If This Penniless Monk is able to help, This Penniless Monk will naturally help you. If not, Patron will be free to leave."

Seeing how Fangzheng did not make any audacious claims, he nodded in satisfaction. He walked around but did not find a place to sit down. "Master," he asked, "Shall we sit down and talk?"

Fangzheng sat straight down on the ground and said, "Patron, please do."

Fangzheng really did not want to walk any longer. His ears were hurting from the squirrel's tugging!

The man was dumbfounded from this as he gave a wry smile and sat down as well. Although it was a little cold, it was still bearable...

The man said, "My name is Ma Kui. I'm from Spring City. I'm a taxi driver. I have nothing, and my pay is low. I can't find a wife, and I feel like I'm lost in life and I lack confidence. Sigh..."

Fangzheng nodded slightly and said, "You are what one would deem as failing to appreciate happiness while being in happiness."

Ma Kui did not understand.

Fangzheng asked, "How old are you?"

"Thirty-two," Ma Kui replied.

"You are still young. You still have a great deal of time which you can use to strive hard. However, there are others your age who have to stay alone on an empty mountain. Who do you think is happier?" Fangzheng said.

Ma Kui's eyes lit up as he said, "Master, what you are talking about is being imprisoned. It's not comparable."

Fangzheng nearly wanted to smack him to death. Couldn't this idiot realize that he was engaging in self-deprecating humor?

Fangzheng took a deep breath and calmed his mood. He said, "If I were to give you a million bucks to buy your health, a million bucks to buy your youth, and a million bucks to buy your wisdom, will you be willing to sell? Do you want such success?"

Fangzheng sneered inwardly, "Only a fool would make such an exchange."


"I want it! I'll exchange!" Ma Kui suddenly exclaimed.

Fangzheng was stunned. He was really a fool!

However, Fangzheng was not infuriated. Instead, he smiled and said, "Are you sure?"

"Yes!" Ma Kui stared intently at Fangzheng. Although he knew that Fangzheng was speaking nonsense, he wanted to see how Fangzheng could carry on! He had believed that the person he sought was a master, but he was a master who could not speak wise words. He was already feeling rather unhappy! Therefore, he had deliberately posed a difficult problem for Fangzheng.

Fangzheng held his palms together and said, "If you wish. Amitabha!"

Ma Kui was stunned. He saw Fangzheng take a box from behind him and inside, it was filled with money!