The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1011

Chapter 1011 Another Three


Song Xiancheng said, That wont do! If anyone has to surrender, it should be me. If we dont continue in the same line, Ill be useless out there! I know nothing. Youre smart, and Xianshu is capable. The both of you can earn money outside, and Ill have a good time once I get released.

With that brain of yours, they will easily figure out everything once youre taken in! If that happened, wouldnt all of us be apprehended? Song Xianhe glared at him.

Song Xiancheng immediately blushed He regretted not having an education for the first time in his life.

Song Xianhe said, I never expected Xianshu to be one step ahead of me. He went to help us seek warmth, giving us a chance to turn over a new leaf. Brother, dont use your fists without reason in the future.

But Song Xiancheng was about to say something, but he didnt know what to say.

Song Xianhe patted him on the shoulder. Dont let Xianshus sacrifice be for nothing. This is for him!

Upon hearing that, Song Xiancheng finally nodded firmly. Brother, dont worry. I will do my best.

With that said, the two drew a deep breath and went up Mt. One Finger.

By the time the duo arrived at the mountaintop, they saw two people sitting under the bodhi tree. One of them was a white-robed monk, and the other was a ruddy elderly man. He had raven-black hair, and he looked especially energetic sitting in that snow-filled land.

Abbot Fangzheng, were here. Wheres my dad? Third Brother immediately said when he saw Fangzheng, his voice a little rash. From his point of view, Song Xianshu had surrendered himself to protect them all because of this bastard monk. However, Fangzheng had ultimately saved him and Song Xianshu, as well as their father. Faced with a benefactor, he couldnt bring himself to curse or act violently.

Hence, Third Brother could only hold back his anger and infuse it into his words. He vented his anger by raising his voice.

Song Xianhe glared at him, but he didnt speak up.

Fangzheng wasnt angry either. After he shot a glance at the two brothers, he smiled. Amitabha. To stop on the precipice and retract from the wrong path is indeed rare.

Monk, what are you talking about? Wheres my dad? Third Brother clamored.

Fangzheng chuckled and looked at the elderly man in front of him and said, Isnt he sitting right in front of you?

When that was said, the two brothers were instantly dumbfounded. The man before them was their father? How was that possible?

The duo rubbed their eyes and carefully observed the elderly man. He had raven-black hair and ruddy skin, and his eyes had a sparkle to them! Now that they took a look at him, he did look like their father. However, his skin and entire being were completely different from yesterdays Song Yuan!

The two brothers were somewhat stunned.

Xianhe, Xiancheng, whats wrong? You cant recognize me after just one day? Song Yuan was also somewhat puzzled. When he woke up this morning, he felt pumped with energy. He hadnt felt like that for decades. He didnt feel cold on such a cold day, and he even had the capacity to sit under the bodhi tree with Fangzheng to chat and have tea.

However, he was puzzled that even his own sons couldnt recognize him!

Upon hearing Song Yuans voice, the Song brothers were once again stunned.

In their memory Song Yuan was a thin, weak man with grizzled hair and wrinkled skin. But the man before them

Yet his voice was extremely clear and familiar. Hence, the two brothers were somewhat dazed.

Song Yuan frowned and said, Why are you in a daze? Xianhe, have you forgotten how I beat you with a shoe back when you stole a potato for your two brothers? Xiancheng, have you forgotten how you had a shoe wash off while playing in the ditch?

Upon hearing Song Yuan mention secrets only a few people knew, the Song brothers were certain of his identity.

Song Xiancheng exclaimed. Dad, is it really you? But how did you become like this?

Song Xianhe added. Thats right. Dad, you are How did you change so much in a day?

Song Yuan was taken aback.Change? What change could he have experienced?

Seeing Song Yuans confused look, Song Xianhe quickly took a photo of him with his cell phone before handing the phone over to him. Song Yuan was instantly dumbfounded with what he saw. He exclaimed. This is me? This What happened?

Upon seeing Song Yuans expression, the two brothers were certain that Song Yuan hadnt known that such a drastic change had happened to him! The father and sons exchanged looks and realized something in each others eyes. They subconsciously turned to look at Fangzheng.

However, Fangzheng, who had been sitting there, had already vanished! The bamboo chair was empty, with only a tea bowl placed there, proof that there had been someone sitting there moments ago.

When did that monk leave? Song Xiancheng mumbled. Ill go find him!

At that moment, a Buddhist proclamation sounded.

Amitabha. The three looked over and saw a young monk appear by their side. They had no idea how long he had been standing there.

Upon seeing the trio look over, the young monk pressed his palms together. Patrons, since you have reunited. Leave if theres nothing else.

Wheres your master? Song Xianhe asked.

My master already went to take his rest. However, he did say that karma needs to be paid off. Regardless of what happens, the few of you shouldnt take offense. The sea of bitterness knows no bounds, turn back to the shore before its too late. Patrons, make the best of your lives in the future. With that said, Red Boy gestured for them to leave politely.

The trio exchanged looks before Song Yuan sighed. Master is really a living Buddha! I cant thank him enough for what he has done for us. Please inform your master that he can rest assured that as long as Im alive, Ill never let these brats do any bad deeds again!

When Song Xianhe heard this, he bowed towards the backyard and said, The gratitude of you saving us, letting us turn over a new leaf, and guiding us to the right path will be something I, Song Xianhe, remember forever. Master, rest assured that we brothers will not commit any misdeeds again. We will turn over a new leaf and be good men who are filial to our father.

Song Xianhe rubbed his bald head upon seeing his brother and father saying such words. He added, I Ill just follow an education in the future, alright?

Upon hearing this, Song Yuan and Song Xianhe were amused and exasperated. Who made such guarantees?

Now that that was said and done, Song Yuan left with the two brothers.

Once the trio left, Red Boy ran to Fangzheng and said, Master, are we just letting them go? The two brothers are still plagued by plenty of negative karma.

Someone has decided to shoulder their negative karma. If they really turn over a new leaf, their merit will quickly overcome their negative karma, and they will become good people. Fangzheng wasnt resting in his bedroom at allhe was sitting languidly in the backyard, sunbathing.

Then, what do we do with these people? Red Boy looked towards the kitchen. There were still three people lying there.

There was nothing special about the three other than a huge bruise on the back of each of their heads. They were none other than Lin Wenlong, Xizi, and Wu Yuee! Ever since the three were rescued by Fangzheng, they had been placed in the kitchen, under the watch of Salted Fish.