The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 Just Notifying You


Eighth Qiu helped her lie down and rest as his heart pained for her. At the same time, the two childrens names were decided. The child he had picked up would take over his own childs name and be given the name Qiu Baihong, while his own child would be renamed to Qiu Jinyu.

Upon seeing this scene, Fangzheng and Red Boy were shocked! They never expected that the truth would be like this! Qiu Baihong, who was jealous of her father and constantly cursing Qiu Jinyu as a bastard, was the child that had been picked up!

Master Red Boy looked up at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng didnt say a word as he continued watching.

The scene changed, and everything developed as Eighth Qiu had planned. The only problem that he couldnt accept was the heavy bleeding his wife had when she gave birth to Qiu Jinyu. The hospital went to great lengths to barely rescue her, but she was still left weakened by the ordeal.

And yet, the couple still announced that they were pregnant again.

However, when the dates were calculated and the fake birth was prepared, Eighth Qius wife passed away precisely on the planned day.

Eighth, take good care of our daughter. Also, dont treat the other child shabbily. Her life is already tragic enough Those were Eighth Qius wifes final words.

On that day, Eighth Qiu broke down and cried his heart out. When faced with the two children who were clamoring for food, he eventually held back his pain, got up, and began taking care of the family matters.

At the same time, Eighth Qiu announced that his wife had passed away due to the pregnancy, but the child managed to survive.

As the two children grew up, Eighth Qiu kept his wifes last words in mind. He silently treated Qiu Baihong slightly better, but to his surprise, Qiu Baihong one day learned that their family had an abandoned child! She kept pestering Eighth Qiu about it as a result.

Eighth Qiu tried to get her to forget about the matter, but he soon realized that there would be no way to do so.

Eighth Qiu didnt wish for Qiu Baihong to be upset, so he secretly called Qiu Jinyu over and told her the actual situation. After gaining her approval, he told Qiu Baihong that Qiu Jinyu was the abandoned child.

Upon seeing that, Eighth Qiu saw Qiu Baihong laugh as Qiu Jinyu lowered her head in silence.

From that day forth, the relationship between the two children fractured. Qiu Baihong snatched everything from Qiu Jinyu and did it as though it was only right. She would use words like this is my familys. I have the priority!

As for Qiu Jinyu, she wasnt very contentious, just like Eighth Qiu. She gave up whatever Qiu Baihong wanted.

However, Eighth Qiu would always secretly give a share to Qiu Jinyu after the matter, be it food or toys.

These days were considered relatively peaceful until Qiu Baihong realized that Eighth Qiu was secretly giving Qiu Jinyu things one day. She was enraged, but she didnt really know how to vent her anger yet since she was still young. She could only go to a corner and wail, crying that her father didnt love her.

Helpless, Eighth Qiu could only try coaxing her.

As the days continued, the tiny conflicts accumulated.

Eighth Qiu was battered both mentally and physically by being stuck between the two children. All he could do was hoax Qiu Baihong while consoling Qiu Jinyu.

Eighth Qiu thought about seeking death several times, but he eventually persisted with clenched teeth.

As the two children grew up, Qiu Baihongs jealous nature became more obvious. Although she received more, she always placed more attention on the tiny bit which Qiu Jinyu received instead. She always felt that all of that shouldve belonged to her. Yet, she had to share it because of an abandoned child. She was upset and angry at such an outcome. She was always dissatisfied with Qiu Jinyu and even a little furious towards Eighth Qiu. She was upset that Eighth Qiu had picked up a child who took away the love she never knew.

But she still held back. This lasted until she heard a few drunks mention that her mother had died during Qiu Jinyus childbirth. The first thing she felt was disbelief. She wished to question Eighth Qiu about the truth. Hadnt Qiu Jinyu been picked up? How hadsheended up being her mothers child? And she supposedly even caused her mothers death?

While heading to question Eighth Qiu, she saw him talking to Qiu Jinyu as they were having a good time, looking like their relationship ran deep. Upon seeing this, pangs of jealousy burned in Qiu Baihongs heart. With a turn of her head, she abandoned the thought of questioning Eighth Qiu and instead decided to investigate herself.

However, what could she as a child find out? All she received were scattered pieces of information. Then, with just those scattered pieces of information, she made some guesses. But over time, she convinced herself that her guesses were the truth.

In her mind, her mother hadnt died because of a pregnancy. She had fallen ill after giving birth to her, and because of the fatigue from taking care of the abandoned child, she had died of fatigue.

As this thought gradually found its footing in her heart, her rage spewed out. Be it Eighth Qiu or Qiu Jinyu, her anger turned into hatred for them!

What did a motherless child desire the most? A mother of course! Qiu Baihong was no exception. She had been looked down upon by just too many children from a young age. They called her a motherless child.

Whenever she saw other children being doted on by their mother, with flowery clothes made for them or good food given to them, she would hide far away or approach Eighth Qiu, asking, Wheres my mother?

As for Eighth Qiu, all he could do was remain silent. In fact, he knew exactly what was on Qiu Baihongs mind. However, the uneducated him didnt know how to resolve the matter. All he could do was silently give, hoping that he could touch her with his love and make her think through it.

However, after Qiu Baihong was firmly convinced that her mother had died from exhaustion because of the second child, she had questioned Eighth Qiu more than once. However, Eighth Qius words were in vain. This was because Qiu Baihongs questions were more of a way to get affirmation from him for what she already thought. So unless she received an affirmative answer, she deemed everything else he said either a lie or something perfunctory.

Faced with such a Qiu Baihong, Eighth Qiu ultimately chose silence. And this silence made Qiu Baihong believe that he was tacitly agreeing. Hence, the hatred in the family grew deeper. The quarrels between the siblings also increased.

Until one day

You wish to get married? Eighth Qiu stared at Qiu Baihong in shock.

Qiu Baihong nodded. Thats right. Dont look at me like that. I cant stay in this house any longer. Since you like Jinyu that much, spend your life with her. Ill lead my own life. Ill find my own partner Im not here to seek your opinion. Im just notifying you! Thats all.