The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 112

Chapter 112: The Miracle of a Bowl of Congee

Unfortunately, almost none of the money in question would be left behind. Zen Master Hongyan typically kept some money for the maintenance of the monastery. The remaining sum was either given to the village to mend their roads or donated away. As a result, Hongyan Monastery could not expand.

For this, Wu Ming could not understand Zen Master Hongyan's actions! From his point of view, with money, the monastery could expand. It could even be moved to a higher or bigger mountain with better scenery! With the money they received, he was confident that he would be able to turn Hongyan Monastery into a big monastery in a few short years. He could chase up to Baiyun Monastery in a decade!

Wu Ming did not agree with Zen Master Hongyan's route of apostolic poverty. In his opinion, the popularity of a monastery was completely different from the popularity of a religion. He only wanted to leave a mark in history. He wanted to be like Master Baiyun, a master that was acknowledged by people!

Zen Master Hongyan believed that things would follow once one's Dharma insight reached a certain point.

However, Wu Ming believed that everything depended on money. With money, a monastery could be bigger. Once the promotions were made, the Dharma insights would not be a problem. He would be able to transform himself into a master and leave his name behind in history!

Therefore, although Wu Ming appeared respectful to Zen Master Hongyan, he was greatly dissatisfied. He was also a proud and arrogant person, so he was naturally feeling displeased about being reprimanded in front of everyone by Zen Master Hongyan. However, he did not dare do anything against Zen Master Hongyan. He could only vent his anger on One Finger Temple's Fangzheng who had caused him such shame.

"Little Monk, wait and see. I'll teach you a lesson sooner or later!" Wu Ming was thinking nefarious thoughts, but his face remained calm as if he were quietly listening.

"Ding! Sending out Mission Four. Having a little fame: Attain and maintain 50% fame locally. Current state of completion at 20%. Upon mission's completion, a random prize will be drawn."

"Eh? System, didn't I already attain the state of having a little fame? Why is there this mission again?" If Fangzheng remembered correctly, the calligraphy competition had given him a little bit of fame.

"Back then, it had been achieved temporarily. However, with so much time having gone by, One Finger Temple has already been forgotten by people. If you do not think of a solution, you will not be able to maintain even the 20%. Reaching 50% is just the beginning. Maintaining fame is the hard part. Do your best. I am betting on you."

"Heh heh, your bets might be on me, but I wouldn't bet on myself. Do you want me to seek others for a competition again? Forget it, it's too troublesome! Let it be, I'll let nature take its course." Fangzheng shook his head and was too lazy to think about it.

After Fangzheng said that, he packed his things and walked the dog. After returning to the temple, he washed up and went to bed.

However, there was someone who could not sleep. He was none other than Chen Jin!


"Why is it so hot!?"

"I'm feeling hot as well! But it feels good. My mind is clear too, but I just can't sleep!"

"My joints are feeling warm."

"My back feels warm."

"My heart feels warm."

"My lungs are warm."


Chen Jin was rolling around, unable to sleep because he heard the voices outside. In the end, he decided to get up and shouted angrily, "Why aren't all of you sleeping so late into the night? What? Are you too full from drinking two bowls of Laba Congee?"

"Chen Jin, if you can't sleep, come on out and chat. What are you hiding in there for? I'm telling you. That Laba Congee... Hmm. It was truly fragrant!" Dog Song's voice could be heard.

"Stop bullsh*tting. It's only Laba Congee. How good can it be?" Chen Jin yelled.

"Hehe, you actually don't believe it? Go ahead and ask everybody. No one who drank it will say it wasn't tasty!" Dog Song yelled back.

"It's true! Chen Jin, Dog Song isn't lying to you! That flavor was excellent! I have never drunk such delicious congee in my entire life! Not only that, no delicacy whatsoever can match that bowl of congee," another person exclaimed.

Chen Jin said, "Bullsh*t. What delicacies have you had? Those few fishes you catch from the river is enough for you to last until the new year! That kid Fangzheng has trouble with his own meals. As for distributing Laba Congee? Cut the nonsense!"

"Heh! You still refuse to believe it? Forget it then! We had a satisfying meal, and that's all that matters. Go ahead and lie in bed while thinking about your fish!" the other side shouted back.

With that said, the people outside did not continue their shouting with Chen Jin. They conversed and discussed the reason for the heat. Why were they feeling so hot?

Chen Jin tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Only late in the night did he manage to barely fall asleep.

On the second day when the skies lit up...

"Hehe? Old Man! Old Man! What's going on?! Why do I feel like my body feels so light after a night's sleep?" Tan Juguo's wife, Lu Xian woke up early in the morning. She stood on the ground jumping as she exclaimed.

When Tan Juguo, who had not gotten up, heard that, he opened his eyes and took a look at Lu Xian. He smiled and said, "Alright, stop being crazy so early in the morning. To think you say your body is feeling light- Eh? Hey!"

Tan Juguo's eyes widened as he felt something amiss. Typically,though he would be able to wake up at that time, he would feel a little groggy. However, he felt especially clear-headed today! He sat up and swung his arms. It felt light and relaxing! Tan Juguo exclaimed in delight, "Hey, It's true! It's so comfortable! I feel like a rusty component has been oiled. It's so smooth and comfortable!"

"Old Man, what do you think happened? It's not like we did anything? Why would we suddenly be in such good shape?" Lu Xian was puzzled.

Tan Juguo narrowed his eyes and said, "We didn't do anything special in the past two days. All we did was lead our usual lives. The only thing special was us going up the mountain and drinking a bowl of Laba Congee. Also, we bathed Buddha. If the reason could be anything, it has to have something to do with that."

"How is that possible? Just a bowl of congee and the bathing of Buddha results in this? In past years, we have also been to Hongyan Monastery to drink its congee and bathe Buddha," Lu Xian said.

Tan Juguo shook his head and said, "It's hard to explain it then. Alright, since you are feeling good, go make breakfast. I'll be taking a walk outside to see what everyone's reactions are. Oh, about your body feeling comfortable, don't go about talking about it. Wait for me to figure things out."

Tan Juguo exhorted Lu Xian while he hurriedly put on his clothes.

Lu Xian said with a smile, "Alright, cut the nagging. I'll just obey your instructions on everything, okay?"

Tan Juguo chuckled as he went out the door.

In another room.

"Dear, I... I think something is wrong," Tan Yong suddenly tugged at his wife and said.

"What? Are you dreaming? The dream of you drinking Laba Congee again?" Tan Yong's wife turned around and asked impatiently.

Tan Yong said, "No. It's... It's that my hemorrhoids seem to be gone."

"What? What did you say?" Tan Yong's wife was jolted awake and immediately scolded him with a laugh, "Did you sleep yourself silly? What dreamy talk is that?" Just as she said that, her expression changed. She said, "It seems like mine are gone too..."

In Yang Ping's family...

"Darling, my Athlete's foot seems to be gone."

"How can that be possible? Eh? It's true!"


Similar matters happened in many families. With that, no one could sleep any further. All of them got out of bed.

The roosters had not crowed and were instead woken up by the villagers. They unhappily crowed at the top of their lungs, causing the dogs to bark as well. The moment the dogs barked, they gave the babies a fright, making them cry. Instantly, the tiny village turned noisy once again.