The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Abbot Descends Mountain

"System, can the White Lunar Monk Robe really protect me from death?" Fangzheng suddenly asked the System.

The System answered, "It's impervious to damage, waterproof and fireproof. As long as you keep it on, there is theoretically nothing in this world that can kill you."

"What if I jump down?" Fangzheng looked down at the swirling mist as he asked.

"You won't die, but it will be very painful. Besides, you can't leave the mountain!" said the System.

"Cut the nonsense. I want to go down! Do you know what it means to save people? I'm f*cking trying to save people!" Fangzheng could hear the shouts on the other side of the phone call. He was burning with anxiety especially when he heard the child's wailing. He yelled out loud for there was no longer anyone around. Be it men or women, they had all descended the mountain.

The moment Fangzheng cursed, a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of him. However, Fangzheng ignored it and said, "I'm asking you one question. Can I go down!?"

"You can try!" the System's voice suddenly turned cold. It even had a tinge of sternness as though Fangzheng was challenging its bottom line!

"Mommy, save me! It hurts!" a child's cry was heard.

When Fangzheng heard that, his eyes immediately turned red! He was no stranger to fire disasters. Back when he lived with Tan Juguo's family, a huge fire had broken out. The villagers back then had charged into the sea of fire to save him. Many of them were hospitalized for burn injuries. Without them, Fangzheng would not have lived to see this day.

Now, there was a reversal in roles. Fangzheng did not care who were the ones trapped. Saving them was of utmost priority!

Fangzheng took a deep breath and cursed, "F*ck your rules. I'm going to save someone!" At the same time, Fangzheng charged forward quickly and jumped down the cliff!

And at the instant Fangzheng jumped down-

"Ding! Successful completion of temperament test! Congratulations, you have officially become the host of the Buddha System!"

"What?" Fangzheng was stumped as he asked, "System, repeat! What is going on?"

"According to the System's regulations, if your temperament continues to fall short of the requirements of a monk before you descend the mountain, the System is to choose another host. However, that is a secret rule. I was not allowed to tell you in any form or manner," said the System slowly.

"System, I really want to curse someone!" Fangzheng was just about to curse. If he had known this earlier, he would have taken that step forward and left the mountain! In that case, he could have renounced asceticism immediately! However, he had been scammed by the System.

The System understood his thoughts and said lightly, "Go ahead."

"If I curse you, would you smite me with lightning?" asked Fangzheng.

"Definitely! A friendly reminder. You are now a monk, a true monk. Your cursing allowance of thrice a day has been reduced to once a day," said the System matter-of-factly.

Fangzheng immediately swallowed the words he was about to say. He yelled inwardly, "Darn it! I'll settle this with you after I'm done saving them!"

"Look down," said the System.

Fangzheng looked down. He was plummeting off a cliff. His eyes glazed over as his legs went limp- He had acrophobia!


Having charged forward in his zealous state of mind previously, it was only now that he screamed subconsciously...

On the way down, Wang Yougui, Yang Ping, and company ran the fastest. At that moment, they seemed to hear someone scream.

Yang Ping asked, "Village Chief, is someone in trouble?"

Wang Yougui's heart skipped a beat. He instructed Yang Ping to rush back to see if anything bad had happened.

At that moment, Chen Jin had caught up with them. His eyes were red, and his teeth were clenched. He was desperately running down the mountain. He had bleeding wounds on his head, and his clothes were torn in several areas. Clearly, he had tumbled while rushing down the mountain.

Wang Yougui immediately asked, "Chen Jin, what's the matter?"

"My house is on fire. It's on fire! Save them!" Chen Jin yelled as he continued running. At that moment, he truly felt regret. He should not have stopped Su Hong and company from coming up the mountain with him. If not, his family would be fine even if the house was burnt down! Regrets...


Outside the village, at the foot of the mountain cliff, a tumultuous bang sounded. Dust sprung up as a crater was formed.

Amid the dust, a person yelled as he ran out, "It hurts! It's so painful! System, why didn't you tell me clearly. I almost died! It hurts!"

Fangzheng had planned on landing with a superhero pose, but before he could find his footing, his buttocks fell to the ground. And of all things, there was a protruded rock on the ground. His ass struck the ground, immediately forcing tears out his tear ducts. He held his ass in pain while shouting as he ran forward.

"I told you it would hurt," said the System nonchalantly.

Fangzheng had no time to waste with the System. He was crying in pain so as to divert his attention. If not, it would be too painful!

In Chen Jin's home, Su Hong was on the brink of insanity. There was fire everywhere. There was no way out! The trapped family members included Su Hong, Chen Jin's son, daughter-in-law, as well as a three-year-old grandson.

They were trapped in the house. The child wailed loudly. Chen Jin's son attempted to charge out, but the fire was burning too fiercely. Even the metal gate had been warped from the heat. A roof beam had even collapsed, blocking the door. The gate obstructed the windows, so there was no way to escape! There was fire everywhere outside the windows. The entire family was panicking and completely at a loss.

"Mom, there's something odd about the situation. With the fire burning this fiercely, it should have already spread inside," yelled Chen Jin's son when he realized something odd about the situation.

"Do you think the fire isn't big enough? Are you happy only if it burns us to death?" his wife hugged her child and screamed.

At that moment, Su Hong snapped out of her daze. Indeed, why had the fire not spread into the house? She scanned around and soon, she saw something strange! The day before New Year's Eve, Chen Jin had obtained a couplet from Fangzheng, since the calligraphy was just gorgeous. Besides, there were even many calligraphers who had come seeking it. Knowing that the couplet was precious, they had put it up inside the house, afraid that it would suffer under the elements if it were placed outside.

Now, with the fire spreading, the couplet inside the house seemed to reflect light! The black text turned golden in color! In addition, the couplet did not burn up in flames despite the fire outside! Even stranger, the couplet was slowly turning to ash despite it not being set ablaze!

"It's the couplet! The couplet Fangzheng wrote for us!" Su Hong pointed at the couplet and yelled.

Chen Jin's son, Chen Long looked over. Indeed, he discovered the oddity of the couplet! His mind quickly had an idea. "Regardless if it's real or not, let me give it a try!"

Hence, Chen Long ran over. Just as he was about to tear the couplet, he shouted, "We might be saved if we carry the couplet with us while escaping!" However, the moment he touched the couplet, it was reduced to ash! The fire immediately engulfed the house.

Chen Long tumbled backward when he was inundated by the fire. Su Hong and his wife quickly helped him up. Su Hong shouted, "We cannot touch the couplet. Don't touch it."

The second half of the couplet was the only thing left. However, it was discernibly reducing to ash at a quickened pace. They reeled in despair.

Su Hong cursed, "It's all because of your silly father! If we had gone up the mountain together, we wouldn't be stuck in this fire. If only he were a bit amenable to advice, our family would not be punished by Buddha because of his insistence on helping Wu Ming slander One Finger Temple. We have sinned."

"We are doomed. Doomed!" Chen Long's face was filled with despair.

As the couplet was about to finish burning, a shout came from outside the window, "Is there anyone inside?"

"There is! There is! Here! Save us!" Chen Long, Su Hong, and his wife shouted simultaneously.

Following that, the person outside shouted, "Stay far away from the door!"