The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Kinky Queen

Fangzheng looked at the bus's exterior which was still caked in thick snow. Then, he looked at the long pair of legs beside his seat.

Fangzheng felt like expressing his lack of understanding of the world! Was this woman not afraid of the cold?

Zhu Lin was in a rather good mood today. She was quite an accomplished streamer on the Internet after years of doing it. Slowly, she began to enjoy streaming herself live casually. She would broadcast wherever she went. And with her sweet looks and her personality which she left bare to all, she received the nickname of Kinky Queen. She had 30,000 followers, and she got by her days pretty well.

Today, Zhu Lin had chosen to go home. At the same time, she decided to pose a huge challenge for herself. She was going to wear shorts in the northeastern winter! But the outcome was...

"Huff. Puff. I swear I'll never do this again! My legs are so frozen that they are as hard as your dicks. It's almost rock solid." Zhu Lin massaged her legs and tried to warm her legs through friction.

"Pfft!? Frozen like dicksas expected of Kinky Queen. She's nothing but awesome!"


"Kinky Queen, I'll tip you with a Ferrari. Warm yourself. Hahaha!"

"Incoming rocket. Please make way..."

Zhu Lin was immediately amused when she saw this. "Thank you for your kind tips. I'm indeed feeling a lot warmer. Everyone, look! I'm on a long-distance ride home. How about it? This bus where I hail from, the northeastern part of China, is still quite new, right? By the way, make a guess, everyone! What sort of person will sit beside me today? A chick? A man? An old man? An old granny or a really adorable chick? Those that get it right will be rewarded! A joke will be rewarded too!"

"It definitely has to be an adorable chick!"

"Has to be a really cute chick!"

"I think Kinky Queen is in heat. Kinky Queen, don't you dare fantasize about some hunk or some young male idol. It might end up being a monk!"

"Pui! Shut your mouth! Touch wood! If it's a monk, it has to be a handsome monk! Just like... Like- Eh? Just like that one! Look, everyone! I've captured a fresh one. He's a handsome and clean monk, caught in the wild and raw!" Zhu Lin adjusted the camera and aimed it out the bus's window. It was Fangzheng who was still a little dazed.

"Holy shit, this monk looks good!"

"Is he a real monk or fake one? Could he be an actor?"

"Long legs, thin lips, good body... Heh heh. Queen, hit on him! Skin him alive. We want to see a bloody, raw live stream!"

"You swine. Can't you say something nicer? Oh... It does seem like he's heading towards me. He just went around the bus. He just came up!" Zhu Lin said in shock as she thought to herself: "This is way too much of a coincidence. All I did was make a passing remark..."

"Kinky Queen, he's looking at you..."

"I know. Everyone on the bus is looking at me as though I'm mental," Zhu Lin said in a self-deprecatory manner.

"Kinky Queen, he's coming. Don't tell me he will be sitting beside you?"

"If he sits beside you, I'll tip you a Rocket! You will no longer be Kinky Queen in the future but the clairvoyant Kinky Queen!"

"Amitabha. Patron, can I pass? That is my seat." Fangzheng came in front of Zhu Lin and felt a little taken aback. Was she really unafraid of the winter cold with her long legs? More importantly, it had been a long while since Fangzheng had seen such a refreshing beauty. He felt a little excited but even greater was his embarrassment...

"Ah!? Ah! Oh-" Zhu Lin was taken aback as well. It was not because Fangzheng was very handsome, but because it was too much of a coincidence!

Zhu Lin turned to her side and gave him some room.

However, Fangzheng did not move. It was quite a squeeze and the beauty had only turned to the side. If he walked past, it was fine if he was molested, but it would be trouble if he were treated as a molester.

"That's not enough?" Zhu Lin asked.

Fangzheng replied, "Amitabha. Patron, it's a little tight."

"Pfft! Hahaha, Kinky Queen, the monk disdains you for being a little tight!"

"Hehe, Kinky Queen, I think this monk is kinkier than you are."

"All of you shut up!" Zhu Lin roared when she saw the messages from the swines.

It caused everyone to look over as Zhu Lin immediately said with a smile, "Everyone, please don't misunderstand. I'm doing a live broadcast. There are many swines in the audience."

Everyone was collectively rendered speechless. On account of her being a beautiful chick and how she looked apologetic and sincere, no one said a thing.

Fangzheng suddenly realized that it was unlikely he would experience peace throughout his journey.

When Zhu Lin saw how Fangzheng was not proceeding to his seat, she stood up helplessly and said, "Is this okay?" She dragged out the 'okay' as she was a little upset.

Typically, any man she gave way to would be delighted to squeeze in. Great. He was actually the type that refused to sit unless she yielded. Zhu Lin was displeased as she mumbled to herself, "Does this young monk need to go that far? It's like he's some accomplished monk. I want to see if he is really that upright."

After Fangzheng took his seat, Zhu Lin sat down too. She deliberately turned the camera at Fangzheng and with a brilliant idea, she whispered, "Guys, let me tell you a joke."

"Kinky Queen is releasing all she has. Waiting in excitement!"

"There is something that can be both short and long. People from the East have it short while the people from the West have it long. After marriage, the woman can use the item of the man. A monk has it but doesn't use it. Guess what it is." With that said, Zhu Lin shot a glance at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng felt unhappy when he heard that. She had said it right in front of him. This woman was truly... Quite interesting.

Although Fangzheng was a monk, he was still a young man. He would surf the Internet whenever he had nothing to do. Deep down, he did not see himself as someone who would stay a monk forever. He had also encountered a few women in the past. However, he still found it quite refreshing to encounter such an interesting woman. Therefore, he looked at Zhu Lin with a chuckle.

When Zhu Lin saw this, she was rendered completely speechless. Did the monk really not understand what she had said? Or could it be that he was basically a sexually-perverse monk, a fake one?

Zhu Lin did not speak, but there was already quarreling in the streaming channel's chat.

"I don't care. No one can stop me or persuade me. I'm guessing that it's a penis!"

"I knew that there would be an idiot like the one above me! But well f**king done!"

"You aren't worthy of Kinky Queen if you don't say penis!"

"But I would like to add, can I see more of the monk. He's really handsome..."

Zhu Lin looked at the user's sex. He was a male...

Noticing that Fangzheng was unswayed by her speech, Zhu Lin had an idea as she nudged Fangzheng and asked, "Master, how may I address you?"

Fangzheng held his palms together and said, "This Penniless Monk is Fangzheng."

"Oh, then, Master Fangzheng. Do you know the answer to the riddle I just gave?" asked Zhu Lin with a cheeky grin.

Fangzheng was stunned. Was she asking him? How the hell would he know what it was! Although he had an answer, could he really say it? He would rather be beaten to death than say it! Therefore, Fangzheng said with a faint smile, "No idea."

"Guess, think about it. Use your brains, okay?" Zhu Lin pricked up her eyelids as they gave off an electrifying look.

Unfortunately, Fangzheng was immune to such acts of a beauty. He said calmly, "This Penniless Monk really doesn't know."

"Haha, Kinky Queen has failed at seducing him with her electric gaze!"

"The monk is an insulator. Kinky Queen retreats in defeat!"

"Queen, try stripping!"