The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 139

Chapter 139: There's No One Good In This World

Chapter 139: There’s No One Good In This World

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Everyone was rendered speechless when they heard that. It was true that they ought to be grateful for what he had already done, so none of them spoke further.

Thankfully, nothing was lost after everyone searched through their belongings. Everyone was immediately relieved. As a result, everyone began chatting, attempting to establish the exact reasons which drove the robbers to flee empty-handed. There were all sorts of speculations, but no one had any clue about the twisting of the knives into Fried Dough Twist.

With such a brouhaha, no one dared to sleep. All of them had their eyes widened. They began bragging and chatting since they had nothing to do.

The entire trip was quite lively.

The bus finally arrived in Baiyun County in the evening. It would be easy for Fangzheng to get from Baiyun County to Baiyun Cross since there was a feeder bus that could send him there.

Fangzheng was somewhat dumbfounded when he alighted the bus. He was completely lost as to how to proceed.

At that moment, he heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Master, where are you going? Baiyun Monastery?”

Fangzheng looked back and saw Zhu Lin carrying a tiny black bag. She wore a pair of pink mufflers and was grinning at him. However, she had already worn a pair of trousers at that moment. She did not seem like she was suffering from the cold any longer.

When Fangzheng saw this, he smiled inwardly, “So she’s afraid of the cold too.” However, he said, “Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is heading for Baiyun Monastery. Female Patron, is there something?”

“What a coincidence. You will have to pass by Baiyun Cross to reach Baiyun Monastery. Baiyun Cross is where I live. I’m going there, so why don’t we go together?” suggested Zhu Lin.

“Oh, thank you, Female Patron. It’s better if This Penniless Monk goes alone.” Fangzheng had a nagging feeling that Zhu Lin was not someone reliable. All she did every day was spout dirty jokes. Furthermore, she seemed to be scheming against him with the way she looked at him. She was indecent, so it was best to maintain a distance from her.

“Master, are you sure you do not want to go with me? I’m telling you, our Baiyun County is a very hospitable city. See that line of taxis in front of you?” Zhu Lin pointed at the taxis and asked.

Fangzheng nodded. How could he not have seen them? He was regretful that he was poor. If not, he would have definitely splurged on a taxi.

Zhu Lin said, “Master, if you do not have about a thousand yuan on you, don’t even think about taking them. I don’t want to mention their scummy nature, but even if you simply wanted to go someplace nearby, the driver would bring you around the city thrice. I’ll euphemistically call it bringing you on a tour. You won’t be able to alight unless you rack up a few hundred yuan.”

Although Fangzheng had never traveled far, he had a cell phone. He read the news daily and naturally knew what Zhu Lin meant. Man, all the cars ahead were dodgy taxis!

Zhu Lin added, “As for hotels, you will be charged up to five hundred for a room that costs a hundred if you do not know a local! Furthermore, you are heading for Baiyun Monastery. There will be many people heading there for the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly. This is a peak period for visitors. With so many visitors, the price of everything is inflated, especially lodging. Hehe, you should really thank Buddha if you can get a place to stay for five hundred.”

Fangzheng felt something was amiss the more he heard from Zhu Lin. Why did she make it sound as though Baiyun County did not have a single good person?

Zhu Lin noticed that Fangzheng looked a little apprehensive and knew that her pack of lies had been effective. She felt proud as she thought to herself, “I’m just that clever! Unfortunately, I didn’t become an actress and missed out on a few Oscar trophies.”

“Master, I’ve told you all that needs to be said. Also, don’t think I’m trying to scam you. I saw all that you did on the bus. I’m really grateful for it, which is why I’m willing to be your guide. If not, as a famous streamer like me, I can earn hundreds every second. Why would I be chatting with a monk like you instead of streaming?” added Zhu Lin.

Fangzheng lacked social experience after all. He was convinced by Zhu Lin’s words after he made the connection with the low probability events he read on the Internet. Most importantly, most of Fangzheng’s money was from incense offerings even though he was rich! And according to the System’s rules, incense money could not be used to purchase mortal goods and services.

Therefore, he did not have much money on him. Buying the bus ticket was his limit! He even wondered if he would have to walk back on his return trip.

“Master, you are so powerful, so what’s there to be afraid of? Don’t tell me that you are afraid I’ll eat you up? Don’t worry. I still have my parents at home. Even if I truly wanted to eat a monk like you, I would need at the very least a Spider Cave or something.” Zhu Lin was rendered speechless too. This was the first time she had taken the initiative to hit on and invite someone of the opposite sex, yet it needed so much work from her. She swore never to take the initiative to hit on or invite someone of the opposite sex ever again! She was not meant to do such things!

Fangzheng was immediately amused the moment he heard it. He said with a smile, “Amitabha. In that case, sorry for troubling you, Patron.”

It was not a problem for a monk to receive alms outside. Fangzheng was only worried that he would be eaten by Zhu Lin. If she really did so, was he to shout, ‘die demon spawn!’ and smack her to death? Or did he have to lie there and recite scripture while suffering in silence? That was a problem.

Zhu Lin was instantly delighted when she heard that. She led Fangzheng out of the bus station before hailing a taxi.

Fangzheng was stunned as he asked, “Patron, isn’t this”

“Don’t worry! I’m a local, okay?” Zhu Lin pricked up her brows. Her witty look did resemble a demon spirit that had succeeded in tricking Tripiaka into her cave.

Fangzheng gave a wry smile as he thought to himself, “As a woman, she’s not afraid, so why should I be? I’ll leave immediately if the situation isn’t right.”

Upon coming to this realization, Fangzheng boarded the taxi. This was his first time in a taxi, and the first thought he had was that the seats were very soft. They were rather comfortable when leaning back. The only negative thing was the poorer air quality.

The taxi drove all the way to Baiyun Cross, and when it passed by Baiyun Village’s entrance situated at the periphery of Baiyun Cross, Zhu Lin shouted all of a sudden, “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

The car stopped and Zhu Lin immediately made payment before rushing out of the car.

Fangzheng was puzzled as he alighted the car as well. However, he caught sight of two red bills in the driver’s hands from the corner of his eyes! Man, it cost two hundred yuan for such a short ride? Fangzheng tsked to himself. He swore never to take taxis again unless someone was paying! It was too expensive!

“Mom! What are you doing here?” Zhu Lin alighted and saw a woman standing by the village entrance. She shouted as she ran over.

Fangzheng helped carry Zhu Lin’s luggage as he followed.

“My instincts told me that my daughter was coming back, so I waited for you by the village entrance. I never expected my instincts to be so accurate! Heh heh, it’s good that you are back. Who is this?” The woman was dressed plainly, and her hair was a little gray. Her eyes were slightly turbid and clearly weren’t well. As for Fangzheng, who was bald and dressed in monk robes, she could not discern him clearly from a distance.

“This is a master I encountered on the way. He’s heading for Baiyun Monastery’s Dharma Assembly. I invited him to be a guest at our place. Mom, aren’t you a devout Buddhist? I invited a master this time. Tell me, how are you going to thank me? Gosh, say no more. Let’s go home now. I’m starving! Mom, what delicious food did you make?” asked Zhu Lin as she began running towards her house.

Fangzheng went forward and said with a bow, “Amitabha. This Penniless Monk is Fangzheng. Greetings Female Patron.”