The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 140

Chapter 140: A Mother's Clairvoyance

Chapter 140: A Mother’s Clairvoyance

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“Venerable Fangzheng, nice to meet you. Please join us.” Zhu Lin’s mother had a benign face. She greeted Fangzheng with a smile after seeing him.

Fangzheng returned the bow as he followed her into the village.

Due to Baiyun Monastery, Baiyun Village had begun developing its tourism industry. The villagers were relatively wealthy. Every family had a tiny car and everyone appeared jubilant. In addition, every family was a little related to Buddhism. The rich cultural mood was very apparent.

The new year festivities had just ended. Thus the couplets and lanterns had not been removed yet. There was still auspicious red everywhere.

Fangzheng finally understood why Wang Yougui was happy about his receiving of Baiyun Monastery’s invitation. A monastery’s rise did bring qualitative benefits to the villagers. It was indeed a good solution for a poor mountain village like One Finger Village.

Zhu Lin’s house was a huge farming compound. It had a front and backyard. Three tiled houses were situated in the middle. They had clean and clear windows with bright lights illuminating the houses.

Zhu Lin ran the fastest, while Zhu Lin’s mother followed closely behind. Fangzheng walked at the back with the luggage. He also vaguely heard whispers: “It’s really tough on Zhu Lin’s mother. She stands by the village entrance daily filled with hope. She would look at every vehicle that arrives. Her beloved daughter is finally back.”

When Fangzheng heard this, his heart clamped up. He looked at Zhu Lin’s mother who was walking unhurriedly in front of him and felt warm. Was this motherly love?

Fangzheng looked up into the sky and recalled the scenes of him returning to Mt. One Finger during his school breaks. Zen Master One Finger would seem to know that he was returning every time by welcoming him at the foot of the mountain. Back then, Fangzheng believed that Zen Master One Finger was clairvoyant and that Buddha told him everything. Now, Fangzheng realized that Zen Master One Finger was likely waiting daily at the foot of the mountain.

“Master? Quick! There’s delicious food!” Zhu Lin’s voice sounded from afar. Fangzheng smiled as he quickened his pace to help Zhu Lin’s mother who had nearly fallen from stepping onto a wooden pole.

“Thank you,” said Zhu Lin’s mother.

Fangzheng shook his head and said, “It’s This Penniless Monk who ought to thank you. You made This Penniless Monk understand some things that he did not know in the past.”

Zhu Lin’s mother looked skeptically at the smiling Fangzheng. With Zhu Lin urging them, the duo did not speak further as they chased up to her.

Zhu Lin’s parents were honest locals. They were not eloquent people and Zhu Lin was exhausted. After they exchanged a few words, they arranged for Fangzheng to sleep in an adjoining room.

After a night without events, Fangzheng woke up at daybreak, before the rooster even woke up.

Fangzheng, who was accustomed to waking up early, realized that there was no temple hall for him to sweep. After pondering for a moment, he decided to sit cross-legged on a bed to recite the scriptures.

At that moment, Zhu Lin entered and asked curiously, “Master, where are your shoes?”

The White Lunar Monk Robe was able to hide his feet so Zhu Lin did not know that Fangzheng was barefoot all this time.

Fangzheng said with a smile, “This Penniless Monk never wears shoes and is accustomed to walking barefooted.”

“Barefooted?!” Zhu Lin’s eyes widened as she looked in disbelief.

Fangzheng said with a smile, “Is it odd? Previously, didn’t you-”

“Shh!” Zhu Lin immediately shushed him. Then she said in a hushed tone, “Don’t mention that matter. If my mother were to learn of it, she would beat me to death. Master, are you going to Baiyun Monastery today?”

“Yes, is there something?” asked Fangzheng.

“Nothing. It’s just a pity that I won’t be able to go. I can only send you to the ferry terminal. You can just board the ferry when the time comes,” said Zhu Lin.

“Oh? Is there a need to buy tickets?” Fangzheng was a little worried. He was short on cash.

“Those are Baiyun Monastery ferries, so how can they accept any payment? However, there is a merit box at the dock. People can stuff some money in there if they would like to make a donation. Those that don’t wish to can board the ferry immediately,” explained Zhu Lin. Then, she stared at Fangzheng and asked, “Master, do you really not wear shoes?”

Fangzheng got off the bed and said, “This Penniless Monk obviously doesn’t wear shoes.”

“Tsk Impressive! Truly impressive!” Zhu Lin gave him a big thumbs up.

Just as Fangzheng was about to say something, his expression changed!

The scene before his eyes suddenly transformed

It was an unfamiliar environment. Zhu Lin received a call and talked as she walked, “Really?! I have a chance of appearing in a movie? That’s great! Where’s the interview?”

The scene changed and Zhu Lin was led into a building in a tiny district. Following that, there were screams of help and crashing sounds before Zhu Lin leaped out a window.

The scene disintegrated

“Master? “Master?!” Zhu Lin asked curiously when she saw Fangzheng in a daze.

Fangzheng quickly snapped out of it, but he felt a chill through his heart! Although he could activate and deactivate his Heavenly Eye as he pleased, Fangzheng was accustomed to having it activated all the time while on the mountain. Fangzheng had seen many people on his trip, but he did not encounter any ominous events. He never expected to see a calamity of blood on Zhu Lin!

Fangzheng took a deep breath, shook his head and said, “It’s nothing. This Penniless Monk’s mind wandered for a moment. Patron, has anything good happened to you recently?”

Zhu Lin shook her head and said, “Nope. There’s only trouble. What about it?”

Fangzheng replied, “It’s nothing. Patron, if something good suddenly happens to you in the next week, you must consider it very carefully before acting on it! Remember it well! Remember!”

“Master, what do you mean? Can you be a little clearer?” Zhu Lin pressed when she saw Fangzheng’s solemn expression.

Fangzheng wished to explain it to her, but he could not leak the secrets of heaven. He could only touch on certain things. Any more and it would be trouble.

Fangzheng shook his head and remained silent after he thought through it.

At that moment, Zhu Lin’s mother was done with breakfast. Zhu Lin did not continue pressing for an answer but kept wondering what Fangzheng meant. Was Fangzheng an ordinary monk? She obviously did not think so. She had long witnessed Fangzheng’s abilities. He had twisted two knives with his bare hands. He was practically Superman. Zhu Lin, who had been strongly influenced by the Internet, had already thought of Fangzheng as an otherworldly figure or Superman.

Therefore, she kept Fangzheng’s cursory mention to heart.

After breakfast, Zhu Lin sent Fangzheng to the dock and said, “Master, the dock is up ahead. All you need to do is board the ferry with everyone else. The Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly will occur in two days. I’ll be there too. I’ll be streaming the event live and will invite you to make an appearance too!”

Fangzheng said with a smile, “Amitabha. We shall meet again. Patron, before you leave, This Penniless Monk shall show you something. If you were to encounter it, you have to be careful.”

“Show me something? What is it?” Zhu Lin looked at Fangzheng in surprise.

Fangzheng’s back faced the sunlight as it illuminated him. He exuded a sacred and zen-like feeling and at that moment


The world in front of Zhu Lin’s eyes shattered. Following that, she realized that she had appeared in Black Mountain City! Zhu Lin surveyed her surroundings and exclaimed, “How is this possible? Why am I here?”

This place was both familiar and unfamiliar to Zhu Lin. It was unfamiliar because she had never been there before. It was familiar because she had seen the area on television and on the Internet before. It was a high-class district.