The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Who's the wicked person?

Chapter 141: Who’s the wicked person?

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At that moment, Zhu Lin saw another herself walking over from a distance. She had two people beside her. She could not identify them. They appeared to be chatting as they walked, and she looked very happy.

The two people beside her were a blur, and she could not see their faces. However, she could make out a few characteristics from the blurry figures. Zhu Lin studied fine arts and was good at noticing details. With a few glances, she was able to sketch out the rough looks of each person.

And as she was watching carefully, the scene shattered.

Zhu Lin felt blinded by the sunlight as she subconsciously held her hand up to shield herself. When she was accustomed to the brightness, Zhu Lin discovered that Fangzheng had disappeared! The mysterious monk that had his back to the sunlight with a zen-like feel was gone!

Zhu Lin looked into the distant dock and said with a sigh, “He’s indeed an esteemed person. It seemed like an illusion or a dream, yet it felt very real.”

Zhu Lin held her palms together into the distance and said, “Master, thank you for your advice. If I am to encounter this in the future, I’ll definitely be careful.”

With that said, Zhu Lin turned and left.

And where was Fangzheng at that moment? Did he really disappear like an otherworldly figure? Of course not.

“Who’s the wicked person?! Where is the lid?!” Fangzheng looked sadly at the sky. That’s right, he had decided to sneak away after casting A Golden Millet Dream, hoping to escape the need to give troublesome explanations. However, in his hurry, he fell into a drain because of his wide strides.

Thankfully, the drain was dry. From the looks of it, it had been abandoned. And with the White Lunar Monk Robe on him, he did not end up dirty or stinky.

When he climbed up, he happened to see Zhu Lin’s departing back. He shook his head slightly and headed for the dock.

“Sorry, there are no more seats. Please wait for the next ferry,” a stalwart man stopped Fangzheng.

Fangzheng looked at the ferry that was not full as he asked, “Amitabha. Patron, doesn’t the ferry still have seats?”

“Sorry, our ferry can only seat so many people. It’s best you wait for the next ferry,” said the man before he jumped onto the ferry and steered it away.

Fangzheng was baffled. What was going on? However, Fangzheng soon realized that something was amiss.

The next ferry arrived after Fangzheng waited for a while. Again, he was stopped when he attempted to board the ferry. The last person that got on the ferry said to Fangzheng directly, “Young monk, stop wasting your effort. Let me tell you. You offended someone. None of the ferries here will be ferrying you over. If you have what it takes, swim over. If not, it’s best you think of a solution yourself.”

Fangzheng was even more perplexed. He had not offended anyone his entire journey except a few robbers.

Despite a great deal of thought, Fangzheng failed to figure out the reason. He watched the ferries cross the river and return, but he was unable to board the ferries. He began to panic.

Although the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly began the day after tomorrow, many monks from various monasteries would be gathered today. After all, it was a large assembly. It assembled many monks from different monasteries, so there was a need to arrange matters ahead of time. According to the rules, whoever failed to reach the monastery would have their invitation for the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly revoked. But that was not that important. The crux of the matter was him not showing up despite having received an invitation from Baiyun Monastery! Wasn’t this smacking Baiyun Monastery in the face? In a way, he would be offending others, and there was no way he would be able to participate in the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly at Baiyun Monastery in the future.

Furthermore, the other monasteries would not invite a person who had engaged in such acts of spurning for their events to avoid trouble.

As such, it would only spell endless troubles if this matter was not resolved!

Fangzheng turned anxious. He paced alongside the river and pondered over a way to cross the river.

By the riverside, an elder was smoking from a pipe while sitting on a wooden picket.

There was a monk standing beside him as he said with a smile, “Elder Du, thank you for helping.”

“Hmph, how dare a scum of Buddhism participate in the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly?! Don’t worry, Wu Ming. Either the monk swims over or he watches from the other side of the river. All the ferries that travel this river need to take me into account. No one will ferry him if I don’t permit it!” Elder Du tapped his pipe and said with a sneer.

Wu Ming said with a smile, “That’s right. Elder Du, you command universal respect around here. As for that Fangzheng Sigh. Let’s not talk about him. It only makes one angry. He’s a good child, but he doesn’t uphold the precepts and instead cheats others. Sigh.”

“Wu Ming, you said that he has cheated female patrons and even set a fire in order to make others believe in him. Is that true?” Elder Du was still rather skeptical.

Wu Ming answered, “Elder Du, This Penniless Monk doesn’t dare claim if it’s true or false. However, the rumors have spread locally. His reputation precedes him, so how far off can it be?”

Elder Du nodded and said, “That’s true. I do not know that monk, but you are a good lad.”

Wu Ming said, “That’s natural. Elder Du, I’ll be heading up the mountain. I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Go ahead. The assembly is at Village Viewing Cliff. You should be able to clearly see whatever is happening here from there. If something happens, I’ll get someone to look for you,” replied Elder Du.

Wu Ming was delighted as he hurriedly bade farewell and left.

“It’s indeed at Village Viewing Cliff. Haha! Good, the Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly will happen while I see the silly punk dazing and feeling helpless by the riverside. Haha, that’s how it should be! What a relief!” Wu Ming was delighted as he hummed a tune while he headed up the mountain. It was as if he could see Fangzheng return to One Finger Monastery with his tail in between his legs before closing down the monastery already.

When Wu Ming reached the mountaintop, he saw that most of the monks from the big monasteries had arrived. Wu Ming whispered into Hong Xiang’s ears, “Go down the mountain and watch. Make sure nothing wrong happens with Fangzheng’s matter.”

“Don’t worry, Senior Brother Wu Ming. Elder Du is my uncle. I’ll definitely ensure that the matter is done well!” With that said, Hong Xiang descended the mountain.

Hong Xiang went down the mountain and sat beside Elder Du. As he looked at the pacing Fangzheng along the river without any intention of leaving, he smiled. He thought to himself, “Punk, since you reduced our incense offerings, I’ll make you close down your monastery. Hmph!”

Fangzheng was truly quite distressed. No ferry was willing to ferry him over. How was he to cross the river?

While Fangzheng was still clueless, a splash happened on the river’s surface. Fangzheng had a bright idea as he said with a smile, “I got it!”

Fangzheng squatted down and said to the river, “Are there fish?”

Across the river, Hong Xiang saw Fangzheng suddenly squat by the riverside and mumble. He scratched his head and asked, “Uncle, what’s the fellow doing?”

“What uncle? Don’t you know? It’s no wonder Baiyun Monastery doesn’t want you. Remember, address me as patron in the future! You have already become a monk, do you understand?” rebuked Elder Du.

Hong Xiang hurriedly changed his tune, “Amitabha, This Penniless Monk understands. Patron, what is Fangzheng doing?”

“Who knows what he’s doing with his mumbling to the river. Perhaps he has gone crazy,” Elder Du said nonchalantly.

At that moment, Elder Du’s eyes narrowed. He was an old fisherman. He might not know much about other things, but he was excellent when it came to rowing boats and studying the water and fish! He was certain that there were fish around the monk!

“Why are the fish gathered by the dock at this time? There shouldn’t be any fish near the dock.” Elder Du was perplexed. As for getting others to scoop up the fish? Fishing was prohibited in Baiyun Monastery’s River Bai. Therefore, the fish were in no danger.

Hong Xiang did not know any of this. All he saw was splashing jets on a still water surface, and he found it puzzling.