The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Commendation+1

Chapter 147: Commendation+1

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With those words, a monk walked out from behind Fangzheng. He was none other than Hong Xiang!

“Hong Xiang?” Wu Xin cried out when he saw him.

Zen Master Hongyan was slightly taken aback. He never expected that another one of his disciples was implicated in the matter.

“Amitabha, it can only be right. The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn back to the shore before it’s too late. Congratulations, Venerable One!” At that moment, Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled at Hong Xiang.

Hong Xiang as well as the crowd of monks was taken aback.

Before anyone realized what was happening, Zen Master Baiyun and Zen Master Hongyan pressed their palms together, “Congratulations, Venerable One!”

With the two esteemed monks doing so, everyone quickly copied them. Even if they were puzzled by the gesture.

Elder Du was even more flabbergasted. He knew very well what sort of person Hong Xiang was. What did he do to deserve such utmost respect from so many esteemed monks?

Hong Xiang’s face flushed red as he looked at the godlike figures in front of him. He felt his blood race through his arteries as the crimson liquid seemed to boil. He wanted to shout out the truth! Just moments ago, he thought that he had no future ahead of him. Yet, Fangzheng did not pursue the matter. This was something he had to be grateful for. Therefore, he thought of using this final chance to help clear Fangzheng’s name. It was a way of repaying Fangzheng’s kindness. He had thought it through. He realized that he was not cut out to be a monk and that it was better for him to return home and help his father run the store.

However, he never expected such an outcome!

At that instant, all of Hong Xiang’s complicated thoughts dissipated. All that was left was clarity. It was as though he had seen the sun through the gloomy clouds. He saw the path that lay ahead of him! It was not a path paved with money, it was paved with vivid wellness and peace!

At that moment, Hong Xiang was enlightened.

At the same time a familiar voice resounded in Fangzheng’s ears.

“Ding! Congratulations. You have enlightened Hong Xiang. Verbal commendation+1. Keep up the good work.”

When Fangzheng heard that, his smile grew even larger..

When Zen Master Baiyun saw that, he nodded secretly. “He remains composed even if the world is collapsing. He’s a good seedling.”

Zen Master Baiyun ignored everyone’s puzzlement and smiled. “Amitabha. Venerable Fangzheng, please come on in.” He ended up not mentioning a word of what had just happened.

Venerable Hong Jin was baffled. However, it was not his place to continue pressing for an answer now that Zen Master Baiyun had personally invited Fangzheng into the monastery. All he could do was tolerate it. He remained unhappy and remained adamant about the belief that Fangzheng was using smoke and mirrors.

The crowd went up the mountain together. Along the way, they discussed the Buddhist scriptures jovially. Fangzheng paid silent attention without interrupting them. There was no other way, Fangzheng truly could not interject when compared to monks that had been studying the scriptures for decades. He would only smile and remain silent when anyone questioned him. People felt that Fangzheng was an unfathomable person. How could a person who could cross a river on a reed not understand what they had said? Therefore, they only treated it as though Fangzheng was answering them with Buddhistic allegories. All of them began racking their brains but failed to understand what Fangzheng was smiling about.

One by one they retreated in the face of adversary

This was something Fangzheng had never expected from the beginning.

As this happened, they came before Village Viewing Cliff. From afar, Fangzheng saw a familiar figure, Wu Ming.

Upon seeing Wu Ming, Fangzheng was enlightened. All the karma must have stemmed from him.

When Wu Ming saw Fangzheng coming up with Zen Master Baiyun, Zen Master Hongyan and with Hong Xiang and Elder Du behind them, his heart sank. “From the looks of it, everyone is aware of the situation. I’m doomed. My reputation is probably ruined. The world may be huge but is there any place for me to seek refuge? Why don’t I”

Upon coming to this realization, Wu Ming glared at Fangzheng as his blood hit the boiling point. “It’s all his fault! Ever since I met him, I have never had a good day! This bastard! Bastard! He destroyed all that I had. I might be ruined but I’ll make him accompany me even in death!”

Wu Ming’s eyes flickered with a murderous glimmer. Seeing how Fangzheng was walking over, he squatted down picked up a rock and roared, “Bastard, go to hell!”

As he roared, Wu Ming threw down his arm, swinging the rock at Fangzheng!

“Venerable One, be careful!” Hong Xiang and Elder Du yelled.

Zen Master Hongyan roared, “Stop!”

Everyone was collectively stunned. No one had expected Wu Ming to suddenly try and commit murder!

When Fangzheng noticed it he sighed. He did not say a word and remained motionless.

Everyone thought that Fangzheng was frozen in fear. No one could help him in time. Wu Ming smashed the rock onto Fangzheng’s head!


A metallic crash resounded. Everyone looked like they had seen a ghost. A spark flared on Fangzheng’s head but he was completely unharmed! As for the rock in Wu Ming’s hand, it ricocheted, smashing right back into his own head. With a tragic cry, the skin on his forehead burst. He retreated while covering his head. As he had been standing to the side of the cliff, he plummeted down when he lost his footing.

When Fangzheng saw this he showed no intention of helping. All he did was watch.

While Wu Ming fell he realized how close he was to death! In midair, he felt the wind hissing into his ear. He extended his hands and flailed frantically. There was nothing he could grab!

Death! He could smell death! That was a feeling of despair that came from the bottom of his heart!

At that instant, countless images flashed across his mind. He had abandoned his wife and entered the monastery. Why did he do so? Others did it to study the Zen, to become Buddha or redeem others. But in fact, his business had failed and he was debt-ridden. He became a monk to earn money after he was driven into a corner.

In fact, a monastery was funded by the country. It also received incense offerings. The money was not monitored by others and it could be used to allow the monks to lead a good life. If one knew how to manage the monastery properly, it would have a quite a sizable amount or even a massive amount of funds!

However, he had no way of entering a large monastery. After seeking many monasteries, only Hongyan Monastery was willing to accept him. Unfortunately, although Zen Master Hongyan received quite a lot of incense offerings, he donated all of it away. Other than the money required to maintain the monastery and other necessities, not a single cent was kept! All of them were poor yet not poor enough to starve to death.

He was dissatisfied with such a life! He could only tolerate it. Once he became abbot, he could expand the monastery and increase its fame. He could attract more devotees and receive more incense offerings. He could even receive more government funding! When that happened, wouldn’t he be the one with the final say on how the money was spent?

As long as he accumulated enough money he could renounce asceticism and return home to live in comfortable retirement.

However, all of this became meaningless at that instant. A person’s death was like the extinguishing of a lamp. Death meant the end.

Wu Ming cried when he thought of his home. He yearned to go back home and see his family. He didn’t know if his wife was still as beautiful as ever or how much his children had grown.

“Amitabha. Wu Ming have you realized your sins?” At that moment, an imposing voice split the air above him! Wu Ming suddenly realized he was no longer falling.

He looked up and saw a person standing beside him. The person looked familiar for he was Fangzheng!

“Am I dreaming?” Wu Ming mumbled to himself and looked down. He had landed! But why didn’t he die? He climbed up and looked around. Immediately, he was so shocked that he broke out into a cold sweat. The ground was covered with corpses! He looked at himself and the corpses before realizing something. He was apparently dead!