The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Untitled


The other three blondies charged forward and flung their fists!

“Be careful!” exclaimed Jing Yan.

Fangzheng also sensed the wind coming from behind him. They had hurled their fists, legs and even the occasional rock. There was a child beside him and by doing so, it was evident that they didn’t care if the girl was harmed. They only wanted to beat him senseless. Such sheer disregard from brutal and unscrupulous people enraged Fangzheng!

However, Fangzheng did not retaliate. Instead he pulled the girl into an embrace to protect her! He was invulnerable but the girl wasn’t!

A flurry of cacophonous bangs was heard. Rocks smashed Fangzheng’s body and recoiled…

Upon seeing this scene, Jing Yan’s eyes turned red as she roared angrily, “F**k you all! I’ll fight it out with you!” Subconsciously, she threw her cell phone! She immediately regretted it as she exclaimed, “Oh no! My video!”


As though responding to her, the cell phone did not hit anyone but the ground. The screen shattered…

But before Jing Yan could feel the pinch, the blondies already charged at Fangzheng. In this dire situation, Jing Yan ignored everything. She took off her heels and holding one in each hand, she charged forward! She blocked in front of the blondies and bellowed angrily, “Don’t you dare come over! Don’t blame me for being rough!” As she spoke, Jing Yan realized that her voice was trembling. Was that fear? If they were to really attack, what was she to do? She was not their match!

Just as Jing Yan was prepared to receive a beating, the blondies came to a sudden halt. Then, they began retreating slowly. The short blondie pointed at Jing Yan and said, “Good… good going of yours! Wait and see! This isn’t the end!”

After saying those words, the short blondie ran away with his minions.

When Jing Yan saw this, she smiled, “I thought they were fierce but from the looks of it, they are only impressive looking but useless. Nothing but trash that scares others. To think a few big men scamper away in fear because of me, a woman. What trash. What wusses!” With that said, Jing Yan smacked her palms and turned her head, hoping to say something to Fangzheng. When she turned she was left dumbfounded!

She saw that the huge group of villagersmen and women, young and oldwere holding hoes, poles, knives, woks, bowls, and basins. Even the children were standing there with rocks in hand! They formed several rows. All of them were silent but their eyes spoke volumes. They were protecting Fangzheng!

Jing Yan was dumbfounded when she saw this. Then, she felt her heart tremble once again as she felt something about to flow out of her eyes… She was moved!

“Master, are you alright?” asked the man who was the first to help move the items.

Fangzheng looked up and smiled., “I’m fine. Are you alright?” Fangzheng asked the girl in his arms.

The girl shook her head and with a face overwhelmed with emotion her voice trembled but she managed to mutter, “I’m fine…”

“That’s good.” Fangzheng rubbed the girl’s head and stood up to look at the blondies that had been driven away. He knitted his brows. What they had done had completely crossed the bottom line of human morality. It also crossed Fangzheng’s bottom line!

They had used the charitable hearts of people as tools to earn money! Once this matter was exposed, the repercussions would be tremendous! Who would dare believe in charity in the future? If everyone refused to do charity, what would happen to those who were truly in need? On a smaller scale, it was also similarly detrimental for Dongliang Village. These people were living in poverty. People that came here to do charity was, in fact, denying them in some way. It was not something to be proud of. If they were to realize that the kindness from outsiders was suspicious, even to the point of being heinous, it would only exacerbate their fear of outsiders. They would end up fearing the outside world! The elderly might be alright but what about the children? They had just stepped into the world. If their worldview was distorted, it was equivalent to clipping their wings. They would never be able to fly away from the mountain. In a way, it would ruin their lives!

When he came to this realization, Fangzheng understood what the System meant. Towards such people, perhaps kindness was not a solution. Instead, punishment was in order!

“Venerable Fangzheng, they said they will be back. What do we do? Do we call the police?” asked Jing Yan.

Fangzheng said, “They are already gone. What use is it to call the police?”

Jing Yan smiled bitterly. “It’s indeed useless. I have no idea what law they have broken by what they have done. If anything, it will be assault. But… you are uninjured.”

Fangzheng shrugged. “There’s no solution then. Let’s wait.”

“Wait? They went to get reinforcements. If we wait, we might…” Jing Yan gave a look that said: we might very well be beaten.

Fangzheng smiled calmly, “It’s fine. This Penniless Monk plans on redeeming people today.”

With that said, Fangzheng sat cross-legged by the village entrance, waiting silently.

Jing Yan was taken aback. The villagers were naturally very grateful that Fangzheng was staying behind to protect them. Yet, they still urged him to leave.

“Master, we appreciate your kindness but those people are evil. They have people backing them. If you stay behind, you might be implicated,” persuaded an elder.

Fangzheng smiled without a care in the world. “Amitabha. Patron, there’s something wrong with what you said. Buddha once said ‘if I don’t descend into Hell, who will?’ Since This Penniless Monk has encountered this matter, he will absolutely not stand by on the sidelines.” In fact, it was not difficult for Fangzheng if he wanted to retain the blondies. Most importantly Fangzheng wanted to know who was backing the blondies! Since he wanted to involve himself, he had to do his job well. He could not leave behind any uncertainties for the villagers or it would only lead to more trouble.

The villagers spent all day to convince him to leave but Fangzheng remained seated, solemnly guarding the entrance. Minutes turned into hours.

Eventually the sound of motor engines was audible. Two cars drove straight towards the village.

The short blondie was sitting beside a stocky man in the car. He said, “Brother Beard, you have to help me on this matter. Those villagers are f**king assholes. They actually dared to oppose me while I was trying to teach someone a lesson! They don’t show you any respect!”

“Enough, cut the nonsense. I’ll settle this matter for you. But remember, cut down on your forays on the villages in the future,” said Beard.

“Brother Beard, you might not know about it. I found an easy way to earn money. If not, why would I go to that crappy village? I might as well join you on your escapades on the buses”

“Miao Long, I was wondering why you didn’t join me. So it’s because you found a new way to earn money. What is it? Tell me,” joked Beard.

“Heh, this way of earning money is easy. More importantly, it’s not easy for the police to deal with us.” As Blondie spoke, he lowered his voice and wanted to explain in detail.

At that moment, the driver spoke. “Beard, we are here. Get everyone prepared. It’s time to charge forward with weapons! I want to see which asshole dares to beat my brothers.”

“Thanks, Brother Qiao. I’ll treat you to a meal next time.” Blondie laughed as well.

As they spoke, everyone got out of the car. They were the hooligans from the local area and were jobless. Without anything better to do, they often committed petty crimes. Together they thought of themselves as a band of mobsters. After Miao Long suffered a beating today, his brothers that frequently reveled in unlawful ‘fun’ with him, joined.