The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 166

Chapter 166 It's Born It's A Knife


“Enough. I’ll give birth to it! I’ll just give birth to it, alright?!” Miao Long broke out into a cold sweat when he heard the latter part of the doctor’s advice. He did not want to die!

“Alright then, it will be a normal childbirth. Let me congratulate you ahead of time. I hope you have an early birth of a healthy knife.” Dr. Luo’s expression was serious as he turned around and exited the room.

Miao Long cursed behind him, “Early birth my ass… I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to deliver! I’m going to deliver. Holy sh*t!”

Dr. Luo jumped in fright when he heard that. He knew that the knife was growing rapidly but he never expected it to be that fast! Immediately preparations were made for the delivery. Before the nurses were ready, they heard the five men cry out tragically. The men’s eyes rolled over as they suddenly seemed enervated.

Dr. Luo lifted the blanket to take a look. Nice going! A knife had been squeezed out of their assholes! They shimmered with a cold glint. The steel even appeared to be of pretty good quality!

Dr. Luo was dumbfounded. He had been a doctor almost all his life but he had never encountered such a situation before. It was unimaginable! He had a feeling that even if these people did not become famous, it was very likely that he would. He had witnessed a miracle!

Dr. Luo had experienced all sorts of situations so his experience quickly jolted him back to his senses. He shouted, “Nurse, quickly come over and send them for an examination!”

“Doctor, did they really give birth to knives…” A trembling nurse asked.

“Cut the crap! We need to save them!” Dr. Luo rebuked her and had already begun pushing the bed.

At that moment, Miao Long suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up. He grabbed his crotch and with a choking voice, he said, “It’s really a knife!”

“I didn’t bluff you, did I?” said the shocked Dr. Luo bitterly.

Miao Long looked at the other beds and shouted, “Da Kui, Er Kui, Qi Fei, Lu Jun, are all of you alright?”

“Brother Long, we are fine. It was just quite uncomfortable while giving birth…” The quartet responded weakly. Miao Long could hear that their strength was returning.

“Brother Long, this matter is too odd. Why would we suddenly become pregnant?”

“That’s right. Brother Long, we even became pregnant with a knife.”

“Brother Long, do you think it was done by that strange monk?”

Those words cleared Miao Long’s mind. Recalling the day’s events, especially the last words Fangzheng said: “Very well. I wish that all of you will still like knives in the future. If you don’t like them anymore, come to Mt. One Finger to look for This Penniless Monk.”

Miao Long’s heart jolted when he thought of that. He said in a deep voice, “Are you sure you saw them leave and come back?”

“Brother Long, we only saw them leave. We didn’t see them return!”

“Brother Long, I was the one on the lookout. When have I ever failed you? They really did not drive back. They just suddenly appeared! It was as though they f**king teleported.”

“Sss…” Miao Long drew a cold gasp. Teleportation, invulnerability and even the ability to make them pregnant? The first two sounded orthodox but why did the third one seem so different? Was he a master or a devil?

“Brothers, it looks like we have offended someone we shouldn’t have offended.” Miao Long swallowed deeply.

“Brother Long, what do we do?”

“Didn’t he say that we should look for him at Mt. One Finger? Let’s go. To Mt. One Finger! He made me give birth to a knife, then I’ll use that knife to seek revenge on him!” With that said, Miao Long jumped off the bed. Dr. Luo was about to stop him when Miao Long brandished the knife. “If you don’t want to die, scram!”

Dr. Luo and the nurse retreated quickly as they watched Miao Long and company run off.

“Dr. Luo, what do we do?” asked the nurse.

“Call the police! These bastards haven’t paid yet!” said Dr. Luo.

Although the quintet had given birth, their bellies remained large. Nor did it appear like they were reducing in size any time soon. They attracted the attention of many people as they ran with huge bellies.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen a beer belly?” At that moment, a blondie yelled at a curious passer-by.

The passer-by adjusted his glasses and quickly walked away. He mumbled, “That beer belly is so large that it looks like you’re pregnant…”

When the quintet heard that, their faces turned ashen. They had to leave quickly. They were stopped at the door.

“Beard, what are you doing? Do you still want to f**k with me?” When Miao Long said that, he immediately regretted it! It would have been fine saying such words in the past. But now that they had just finished a pregnancy, the word f**k sounded odd! Their assholes tightened!

Beard looked strangely at them and asked, “What happened to all of you? Mass pregnancy?” Beard had only made an offhand remark as a joke.

He then realized that the expressions of Miao Long and company turned gloomy.

Miao Long frowned, “Beard, we have no time to waste with you today. We have something to do so we are leaving. If you want to fight, decide on a time. We will be there.” With that said, Miao Long led the group away quickly.

Beard frowned. He looked at his lanky companion, “What happened?”

The man shook his head. At that moment, a nurse ran over. “Wait, you haven’t paid!”

Miao Long and company ran even faster.

Beard and company were instantly dumbfounded. These bastards were running off after receiving treatment at a hospital.

Beard stopped the nurse and claimed to be Miao Long’s relative. Furthermore, he easily gave her Miao Long’s name and birthday. Finally, the nurse explained the situation to him.

Then, Beard and company stood at the hospital’s entrance, experiencing the cold wind as they stood there in shock! Miao Long and company had become pregnant and had even given birth to knives. Holy sh*t… What just happened?

A moment later, they looked into each other’s eyes as they shouted out in unison, “It’s that monk!”

The lanky man shuddered. “Beard, are we still going to do that in the future?”

“That my ass! Find out if any place is hiring. Let’s do manual labor at construction sites! I don’t want to be pregnant with a watermelon knife!”

Before they could even reform themselves, a group of doctors and security guards ran over and remanded them. The reason was that their friends had run off without paying. They had to stay behind to aid in the investigations.

Beard and company felt even more miserable…

Fangzheng had used the power of the monastery’s Guan Yin plaque to cast his powers over space. After he had given Miao Long and company each a knife child, he felt a lot better, “System, was I being a bit harsh with my actions?”

“Then, what would you like to do?”

“Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering. Repent and ye shall be saved. Shouldn’t I get them to repent and reform them?” Although Fangzheng said so, he did not actually want to help that particular group repent.

“Every person has to be responsible for what they have done. That is karma. You cannot ignore the existence of the ensuing karma because they are unwilling to repent. The saying goes because it’s even harder for them to repent than gaining Buddhist enlightenment. There are special circumstances that need to be dealt with in a unique manner. Most of the time, Buddhists do not redeem those plagued with negative karma. If you truly want to redeem them, you need to reduce their negative karma first.”

Fangzheng hesitated and tapped his chin “Uh… How is negative karma reduced? Do more good?”

“That is only one avenue. Another avenue is to receive karmic punishment. For example, Han Xiaoguo killed someone. Therefore, he was given the death sentence. That is karma.”