The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 167

Chapter 167 Off You Go


“What’s the point in reducing negative karma if a person is dead?” Fangzheng frowned, kneading his brows together as he tried to think of a reason.

“Negative karma can be reduced after one realizes their sins and are willing to bear the karma. At the very least, one would no longer be affected by past karma. One would also suffer from a lesser amount of torture when sent to hell. As for those who remain unrepentant even in death, they would not be able to reduce their karma despite experiencing karmic punishment. The difficulty in which they reduce their negative karma would be ten fold a repentant person. They suffer while alive but it’s worse in death. Therefore, the reduction of negative karma can be done by doing good or bearing karmic suffering,”

Fangzheng nodded and tapped his chin once more, “In that case, regardless if they are repentant or not, they can reduce their negative karma if they experience the suffering that’s ten times greater?”

“If they do not change for the better, they will only keep doing evil. Negative karma will constantly accumulate, so how would they ever be able to reduce all the negative karma they built up? Perhaps only death will settle the bill. The eighteenth level of hell is reserved for such people.”

Upon hearing this, Fangzheng finally understood why the Wisdom King existed in Vajrayana Buddhism. Buddha was not about simply being an honest, good person. One had to treat good people with well but treat evil people with the punishment they deserved! This was something Fangzheng had never understood before all this. He felt enlightened.

Meanwhile at the foot of Mt. One Finger.

“Brother Long, is this Mt. One Finger? It’s so tall…” A stalwart man looked at the mountain path. Simultaneously, he rubbed his belly. He felt like bursting into tears.

“We have to go up even if it’s tall. We have already given birth to a knife and we have completely shamed ourselves. How can we let this matter rest? Let’s go! To the top!” Miao Long led the way up.

“Brother Long, what do we do when we see that monk? Kneel and confess our sins?” asked someone.

Miao Long showed them an extremely gloomy expression, “Confess my ass! Since that bastard made me give birth to a knife, I’ll make him eat a knife!”

“Brother Long, that monk is really strange. We are not his match,” one blondie muttered worriedly.

“If we can’t beat him, use your brains. I refuse to believe that he can’t die from being stabbed or that he won’t die after being burned!” Miao Long showed his teeth, cheeks drawing his lips into a sinister smile.

“Brother… Brother Long, there’s no need to go that far, right?” When the other four blondies heard that Miao Long was intending to commit murder, their bodies quivered.

“Since he humiliated us, I want him dead!” As Miao Long spoke, he swept the other four with his gaze. “Don’t worry, if anything really happens, I’ll take the blame.” Only Miao Long knew what he was truly thinking.

The four exchanged looks and did not say anything.

The quintet scaled Mt. One Finger and finally saw the monastery. After another exchange of looks, they quickly rushed over.

The sun was already setting in the west, about to turn dark at any time.

Fangzheng already finished dinner and was reading the news on the Internet. He specially searched news of crossing the river on a reed. Indeed, as Jing Yan mentioned, although there were many views few people thought of it as real. Regardless of the numerous people guaranteeing that the video was real, they were instantly pelted by invective comments.

“Crossing of a river on a reed? Does this monk’s Internet Water Army think that everyone in the world is mentally handicapped? Why don’t you make lotus flowers blossom with each step?”

“There is a limit to sensationalizing things. At the very least, do something that adheres to logic, alright? What sort of monitoring is the website doing? How can such a video be posted?”

“Was this master crossing the river to find nuns because he was unable to resist his urges?”

“This trick is impressive. When he visits prostitutes, he can escape coolly.”

“The person who replied before me is such a loser. With this trick, is there a need to seek out prostitutes?”

“I would like to comment that the monk looks rather handsome. I want to have his babies!”

“Person before me, please pay attention to your sex!”

“Person before me, is this discrimination? I may have a man’s body, but I have a pure heart of a girl. Are you not happy? If so, do you want a threesome?”


Although he was being criticized, Fangzheng enjoyed reading the comments. He was in no way mad. He even left a message adding, “Everyone is right.”

He even received two Likes. He could not help but smile. He never expected the first Likes he received for his comment was a result of criticizing himself. It was quite a bittersweet feeling.

Fangzheng searched Lotus Flower Conveyance but was surprised that there were only encyclopedia articles on it and no related news. He next searched Baiyun Monastery’s Spring Welcoming Blessing Dharma Assembly. Many relevant articles were found. He even found himself among the pictures. Although he was situated in a corner, it still pleased him. At the very least, he had appeared on orthodox news and most importantly, he wasn’t cursed by others!

Fangzheng carefully searched and realized that there was no news of his Lotus Flower Conveyance on the Internet.

Fangzheng was somewhat astonished. Was Lotus Flower Conveyance less astounding than crossing the river on a reed? That was unlikely…

Fangzheng continued searching for news of pregnant men and indeed, there were a few news articles. One of them was old news of a man being pregnant with a brick. Few people paid attention to it. There weren’t many views on the article. Fangzheng chuckled and continued searching for news of men being pregnant with knives. He found a few relevant discussions on a few WeChat accounts but most comments were that of disbelief. There was a Weibo account that said with great certainty that it had happened. The account even uploaded an address for people to verify the news.

Fangzheng rubbed his nose. This matter was likely going to cause a stir. Fangzheng wasn’t worried. If the person in question refused to admit it and if there were barely any witnesses, who would believe such a story? People didn’t even believe videos! Those blondies probably would never admit it even if it cost them their lives. Of course, if they truly wanted to go for broke, Fangzheng was in no way afraid. What did this matter have to do with him?

Just based on the blondies’ testimonials?

Just as Fangzheng read the articles in delight, he heard yelling coming from outside. He was amused when he heard the sound. “They sure came quickly. Heh heh.”

Fangzheng put away his cell phone and walked out the backyard and into the front yard. He saw five big-bellied men leaning against the bodhi tree.

The moment they met, Miao Long’s brows pricked up as he bellowed angrily, “Bald Donkey, was this done by you?!”

Fangzheng looked at the knife in Miao Long’s hand and said with a smile, “Patron, you had quite a quick birth. Was it done naturally or through a C-section?”

“C your ass! I want you f**king dead!” Miao Long roared as he charged over with the knife raised.

Fangzheng showed no fear as he stood there and said indifferently, “Patron, it appears you aren’t satisfied with giving birth to one knife. Why don’t you have another one? Or do you want twins?”


Miao Long slid to a halt in fear. The excruciating pain that he had suffered was still fresh in his mind. To experience it again? And to even have f**king twins? Who the hell could bear that!? If he were to be sent to the hospital again, he would truly be humiliated!

“You…demonic monk. I’m telling you that I, Miao Long, grew up fearless! If you do not give me an explanation i will make you regret it!” Miao Long straightened his neck as he yelled. Simultaneously, he waved his hand. “What are all of you staring at? Attack!”

Da Kui, Er Kui, Qi Fei, and Lu Jun exchanged looks before they roared, charging forward while brandishing their knives.

“Patrons, it seems all of you still really do adore your knives. One might not be enough. Then, have triplets!” The moment Fangzheng’s voice faded, he sent them the children!


Miao Long, Da Kui, Er Kui, Qi Fei, Lu Jun yelled out in unison as they slumped to the ground, wailing as they held their tummies. The heart-wrenching pain that went deep into their bones was excruciating. Most importantly, it was extremely familiar! There was no need to go to the hospital. The feeling they had was enough evidence of their second pregnancy! Furthermore, there was more than one!

“Ouch…” Da Kui rolled around while holding his tummy.

“Aiyah! Master, spare me! We know our faults.” Er Kui yelled.

Miao Long could not bear the pain either as he shouted, “Master! Master! I know my faults. Stop it! Stop it…” Miao Long was bold enough to stand in front of Fangzheng because he refused to have his beliefs shaken. He had refused to believe that Fangzheng had the ability to make them pregnant. If the first time was a coincidence, then the second time meant that it was a true ability. Such a person could not be offended. At the very least, not head-on! He started rethinking his plans.

Fangzheng had no intention to help them up as he watched the quintet wail. Just as the System mentioned, he had merit on him and a Heavenly Eye. He could read things in more detail than the average person at a glance especially bloodlust, negative karma and other negative aspects.

Although the quintet was crying sadly, the bloodlust and negative karma in their bones were not decreasing but increasing! Fangzheng would rather die than believe that such people would admit to their faults. They were obviously all unrepentant scum!

Upon coming to this conclusion, Fangzheng pressed his palms together, “Amitabha. Patrons, it’s getting dark. This monastery will be closing. If you wish to offer incense and honor Buddha, you can do so at the main hall. If there’s nothing else, descend the mountain before it gets dark. It’s best you go to a proper hospital to give birth to children. Eh… it’s the same if you are giving birth to knives.”

The quintet was momentarily stunned when they heard that. What did that mean? It did not adhere to the script they imagined! Wasn’t the monk going to be benevolent, sparing them while ignoring their past deeds? In the end, he was chasing them away!

Miao Long cried, “Master! We really know our faults. Take out the knives from our stomachs. We will leave immediately once they are taken out, alright? We are men. It’s alright giving birth to children, but what the heck does giving birth to knives mean?”

“That’s right. Master, please show mercy. We have realized our sins. We swear we will not do such sordid deeds in the future,” cried out a blondie.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and smiled, “Patrons, it’s best you come again after you think things through. The monastery will be closing. You have to descend the mountain early. The road is slippery and at night, it’s dangerous.”

“Master, if you do not resolve the knives in our stomachs, we won’t be leaving!” Miao Long began acting shamelessly!

The other four blondies echoed, “That’s right! If you do not resolve the knives in our stomachs, we will not leave! We will stay rooted in your monastery!”

With that said, the five looked up at Fangzheng. They saw the white-robed monk suddenly laugh. He laughed very radiantly and amicably.

“Is there a chance?” Their hearts stirred as hope rose in them. But the next moment…

“Ahhh! Master, let go! Let go… Aiyah!”

Bam! Bam!

The dull thuds of ass meeting ground rang out twice. Fangzheng had used one hand each to lift up Miao Long and a stocky blondie. Regardless of their struggles, they could not escape Fangzheng’s grasp. And with them traveling through the air, they were thrown out!