The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 168

Chapter 168 A Night Of Births


The color in the faces of the remaining three drained when they saw Fangzheng throw out Miao Long and the largest Da Kui like he was handling small children.

Fangzheng turned around, pressed his palms together, “Amitabha. Patrons, do you need help?”

“No, there’s no need. We can leave by ourselves.” The three did not dare continue making a scene. They got up and stumbled out.


The door closed!

Miao Long exchanged looks when they saw this play out in front of them. They looked each other in the eye and saw the embarrassment in each other’s eyes. Miao Long endured the anger in his heart. He decided to first give birth to the knives before he settled this with Fangzheng! He even began planning arson!

Miao Long shouted, “Master, don’t close the door. We are truly contrite and penitent. We are here to admit our wrongdoings. Master, you are benevolent. You can’t just watch us die!”

“Amitabha. Patrons, it’s no longer early. It’s best you leave the mountain.” He then ignored the group outside the door and went straight to bed. These people were still filled with bloodlust and negative karma even after being given such punishment. Fangzheng truly could not find a reason to forgive such people.

Especially with what they had done, they had long since passed the bottom line of societal ethics. This was no longer the matter of right and wrong of a single person but a catastrophe for all of society! Fangzheng could not even convince himself to forgive such people.

There was no sound from the monastery’s interior despite waiting all day.

The sky darkened and the cold winds howled. The temperature plummeted as the five blondies outside the door began chattering in the cold.

“Brother Long, what do we do? Are we just going to wait?”

“Wait? Wait my ass! He is clearly refusing to forgive us! In that case, I won’t stand on ceremony either! Set fire to the monastery! Burn it down! Da Kui, block the door. No matter what happens, don’t let him run out,” said Miao Long.

When Da Kui heard that, he clenched his teeth, “Alright!”

“The rest of you, get some timber. There’s a lot of dry grass on the mountain. Surround the monastery with timber. With such strong winds, the fire will definitely send him to his death,”

The rest answered and began busying themselves. Soon piles of dried grass were stacked outside One Finger Monastery. The quintet’s bellies weren’t small but the objects in their bellies were not children. Although they had to make a lot of movement, the pain was not fatal.

Fangzheng did not hear any of the rustling sounds but Lone Wolf who was lying down in his kennel heard it. He went to the door and nudged it. When he realized that he could not push the door open, he came under the bodhi tree and began whimpering.

The squirrel woke up in a dreamy state and looking at Lone Wolf, he tiptoed and looked at the situation outside the wall. He discovered that something was amiss! Therefore, the squirrel ran up to the tree’s crest and saw a few people acting sneakily. It was obvious at a glance that they were up to no good. The squirrel went over the wall to take a look before rushing straight into Fangzheng’s room.


“Hey, you little rascal. Why did you come here to cause trouble instead of sleeping?” Fangzheng removed the shoe from his face with an angry mutter.

“Squeak…” The squirrel raised its claws and gestured a few times. Then, it stuck its ass up and did the motions of putting something down.

After Fangzheng heard that, he said angrily, “Those unrepentant bastards still want more? Sure thing!”

Fangzheng wore his shoes and rushed out the room. When he reached the door he laughed.

After busying themselves all day, the five blondies outside the door gathered together once again. All of them were holding their backs and heaving breathlessly.

“Brother Long, what do we do now? Are we really going to burn this place down?

“Obviously! Make way, I’ll light the fire.” Miao Long took out a lighter and walked towards the grass pile. He said sinisterly, “Since you aren’t letting us live well, I’ll send you to your death! Go to hell, Bald Donkey!”

He did not notice that the world suddenly changed!

“Ouch… F**k, it’s coming again. I’m going to give birth. It’s coming…” Miao Long sat on the ground as he cried out in pain. Then exerting his strength, two knives shot out one after another. He slumped to the ground motionless. He was completely enervated.

By the side, Da Kui, Er Kui, Lu Jun, and Qi Fei fell to the ground as well while they cried out loudly.

“Da Kui, stop biting my hand! It hurts!”

“Er Kui, f**k you! Don’t squeeze my balls!”

“Qi Fei, why are you biting my feet?”


A few minutes later, the group sprawled miserably in the snow. They looked at the two knives lying near their crotch with tears welling in their eyes.

Da Kui said bitterly, “It’s finally over. After giving birth to this, there won’t be more, right?”

“Perhaps. Light the fire and leave this mountain quickly.” Miao Long crawled up once again to light the fire. The moment he took out the lighter, he cried out and slumped to the ground, holding his stomach. “Holy shit, it’s here again! Is there ever an end to this!?”

“Thankfully we didn’t go over. This monastery is just too odd.” Just as Da Kui’s voice faded, his stomach suddenly hurt. It was the same feeling as before, ever so familiar. He was pregnant again!

The rest followed with tragic cries. They began rolling about on the ground. After an hour of pain, their bellies bulged and were depressed to realize that they would become pregnant again after some rest!

“Save me!” The quintet let out heart-wrenching cries.

Puah! Puah! Puah!

Three knives were born. The quintet was completely drenched, looking like they were scooped out of a lake. Their heads were covered in cold sweat and their faces were pale. It was tiring to even sit up, much less stand up.

“Brother Long, let’s leave. I don’t want to give birth again,” Da Kui begged.

“I can’t accept it if I don’t burn that monk to death after suffering so much!” Miao Long tried to touch the lighter again, and the moment he touched it

“F**k! It’s here again!” Miao Long held his tummy as he rolled on the ground. Da Kui had a moment of realisation, “I get it. Once we sin, we will get pregnant!”

“We didn’t do anything. It was all Brother Long!” shouted Er Kui.

“But we were the ones that gathered the timber.”

The moment his voice faded, Da Kui felt his tummy ache again. He was too deep for tears as he said, “It’s f**king starting again. Save me!”

About ten minutes later, Miao Long finally had a successful delivery. He turned around, “I don’t believe it! I want to burn…”

Before Miao Long could even grab the lighter, he saw a huge foot deliver a kick at him. With a thud, he bent over.

“Da Kui, what are you doing?!” Miao Long roared.

Da Kui was infuriated as well. “You still want to f**king burn? You might not have had enough pregnancies, but we have! We no longer want this anymore! I f**king want to turn over a new leaf. I do not want to see another knife ever again. I do not want to give birth to knives anymore!”

Da Kui hobbled over and came to the side of the wall. He pushed the timber away and then headed down the mountain breathlessly. As he walked he glared at Miao Long, “Can’t you tell? Once we do something bad, we will give birth to knives! I want to be a good person.”

“Save that for suckers.” Miao Long was about to touch the lighter when Er Kui hurriedly kicked him. Then, he threw away the timber he had gathered and followed Da Kui.

Qi Fei and Lu Jun exchanged looks and were unsure what to do.

Miao Long cursed, “Da Kui, Er Kui, you two ungrateful bastards!” Then, Miao Long touched the lighter once again. Qi Fei and Lu Jun did not stop him.

As Da Kui and Er Kui walked off, they suddenly heard the tragic cries behind them. The two nearly subconsciously held their bellies and braced for the pain.

But they realized that they did not feel a thing!

“Brother, it seems we are fine,” said Er Kui.

Da Kui scratched his head, “Indeed, it’s a result of doing evil. I guess we have forsaken darkness for the light and turned over a new leaf, so we are no longer punished. Let’s leave quickly. We must draw a line with those people. We must not mix with them ever again. No, that won’t do! I’ve decided. I’ll surrender myself once I go down the mountain. I will confess all the evil deeds I have done. If not, I wouldn’t feel safe. Brother, what about you?”

“Brother, I’ll listen to you. We have only committed petty crimes. We should be fine.”

After the brothers had a round of discussion, they began descending the mountain.

They heard someone curse out loud behind them. “Miao Long, you have fun by your f**king self! We no longer want to join you! I want to turn over a new leaf! I do not want to give birth again!”

Qi Fei and Lu June chased up to catch up to their brothers. They weren’t idiots. They had given birth but Da Kui and Er Kui were fine. That made things rather obvious.

Miao Long looked at Da Kui, Er Kui and company before looking back at the lighter. He felt a little creeped out. It did seem like the pregnancies were a result of doing evil.

At that moment, the door to One Finger Monastery opened. Fangzheng, dressed in white monk robes, suffused in Buddha’s light, walked out. Fangzheng pressed his palms together, “Amitabha. Patron, the sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn back to the shore before it’s too late.”

Miao Long looked at Fangzheng and then the lighter. He cried out angrily, “This was all done by you, right? You f**king torture me? I’ll fight it out with you!”

“Since you are extremely thick headed, continue giving birth here. Seek This Penniless Monk again when you have had enough and no longer love your bladed children.” Fangzheng took a step back and closed the door!

Miao Long, who had rushed over after drawing a knife, saw a Vajra with angry eyes by the door. It struck out with its palm and he was sent flying backward. Before he could even get up, his stomach began to grow an object…


When they saw Miao Long’s miserable state, Da Kui, Er Kui, Qi Fei, and Lu Jun trembled in fear. The quartet knelt down in the direction of One Finger Monastery as they began kowtowing. “Living Buddha, we realize our misdeeds. We will definitely turn over a new leaf. We will become good, honest people. Please spare us!”

“Amitabha.” A Buddhist proclamation sounded. A white-robed monk appeared in front of them. he was standing on a lotus flower platform, looking solemn and grandiose as though he was emitting Buddha’s light!

Upon seeing this scene, the quartet was even more convinced that Fangzheng was a living Buddha. They did not realize that everything was just a dream! How were they to distinguish dream from reality in the Golden Millet Dream?

“The four of you still have a penitent heart. This Penniless Monk will not make things difficult for you any further. But if you were to cause trouble again, you will be like Miao Long giving birth to knives day and night. We shall see what happens after forty-nine knives are born.”

The quartet turned limp when they heard that. They kowtowed and promised never to do evil and that they would become decent people.

Only then did Fangzheng nod. “Wait here. If he repents, all of you can leave together.” With that Fangzheng vanished into thin air.