The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Expert And Talisman


Zhao Datong glared when he heard that. He grunted, “Don’t you believe that I will beat the crap out of you?”

“Matron, this guy seems to be a physical education major. He keeps running to us when he has nothing better to do. Also, look at him. This guy stares with wide eyes. Is he going to beat someone up?” Liu Yunsu complained.

Matron had more than enough life experience to be able to tell what was happening between the two. She gave a wry smile. “Enough, both of you. Cut it out. If you really want to continue, do it outside. Yunsu, when will the expert you mentioned arrive?”

“She’s here now!” Liu Yunsu smiled as his cellphone chose that exact moment to vibrate.

“There’s no need.” Zhao Datong felt the anger building when he heard that. He took out the talisman and said, “I’ve got a talisman. It will naturally resolve everything.”

The moment he said that, Hu Han and Ma Juan turned their head away. They were rendered speechless by Zhao Datong! If the talisman really was useful, now was definitely not the right place or time for him to take it out! He was really dragging down the team! How shameful!

Indeed, as soon as Zhao Datong blurted out those words, Liu Yunsu burst into laughter. Even Matron allowed herself a chuckle.

Liu Yunsu smiled. “Zhao Datong, you really live in the past. What era is it now? You still believe such things? Of course, I’m not disparaging our culture but… do you think such psychological crutches can be used to treat illnesses? Thankfully, you’re a physical education major. If not, we might not even be in the same school.”

Zhao Datong regretted the moment the words left his lips. However, since he said it, he had to stand by his words. He prayed inwardly, “Master, you have to make sure it works; if not, I’ll really be humiliated…”

With that, Zhao Datong said, “We will know whether it treats illnesses or not by trying! Don’t forget! Knowledge comes from practice! As for you, hmph… If your father wasn’t rich, we probably wouldn’t be in the same school either.”

Liu Yunsu thought nothing of it. “Reincarnation is also a skill. Are you blaming me for your lack of skill? Oh, to put it in modern-day parlance, it’s called losing at the starting line! I was already better than you even before I was reincarnated!”

Zhao Datong was furious but apart from glaring, he kept his silence.

When Ma Juan saw this she stepped in. “Enough. Stop arguing with each other. Take it outside if you want to continue. Yunjing needs some silence!”

Liu Yunsu smiled and said, “Alright, alright. I won’t harp on this matter. Oh, I’ll go pick up the expert.”

With that said, Liu Yunsu walked out. Zhao Datong grumbled, “He already has eight girlfriends and he still has his nefarious eyes on our Yunjing. What the hell!”

“Bam!” Ma Juan raised her hand and struck Zhao Datong. “Stop speaking nonsense!? Can you have some situational awareness!?”

When Zhao Datong heard that, he grinned and said, “Am I not doing it for her own good? He’s a Casanova. I’m telling you. Once Yunjing is better, we must make sure she doesn’t fall for him.”

Ma Juan rolled her eyes at Zhao Datong. “I can’t be bothered with you!” Then, Ma Juan grabbed the talisman and handed it to Matron. “Matron, we requested for this. We heard it’s effective. Place it under Yunjing’s pillow and there should be some benefits to it.”

Matron took it over and smiled. “Thank you for going through the trouble.”

Then Matron stuffed the talisman under Yunjing’s pillow.

At that moment they heard footsteps outside. Liu Yunsu entered with a white-haired woman. Although her hair was white of old age, she seemed strong and energetic. Her every action seemed to exude an air of persuasion. A man followed behind them. He behaved respectfully, apparently Liu Yunsu’s driver.

“Uncle Wang, I’ll need to trouble you to send our expert home later,” said Liu Yunsu.

The man smiled. “Sir, that won’t be a problem. I’ll be waiting outside.”

Liu Yunsu nodded as the man walked away.

“Heh heh. Someone sure is a rich scion to have a driver when attending school. How precious,” said Zhao Datong eccentrically.

Liu Yunsu raised his head. “Of course, one has to have brains before reincarnating. Just having muscles is useless.”

Zhao Datong was instantly incensed…

Liu Yunsu ignored Zhao Datong walked towards matron, gesturing towards the white-haired woman. “Matron, this is an expert psychiatrist who I invited from Beijing. Her name is Dong Yueru. Aunt Dong, this is Matron, Sun Hao.”

Matron and the expert exchanged some pleasantries until Dong Yueru got down to business. “If there’s nothing else, let’s begin. To be honest, I wouldn’t have rushed here if not for Little Liu’s urging. I still have business in Beijing. I’ll have to return immediately once this is settled.”

Sun Hao smiled gently. “Thank you very much. Yunjing is a good child. It was all because of her family’s sudden misfortune. Sigh…”

Dong Yueru nodded. “I have a general idea about her case. She’s indeed a pitiful child…”

Liu Yunsu said, “Matron, Aunt Dong is a leading expert in psychology. She’s best at hypnotherapy. Everyone, quiet down. It’s best we leave.”

Sun Hao looked at Fang Yunjing with furrowed brows. “I’m afraid Fang Yunjing would suddenly go insane and if that happens…”

Dong Yueru added, “You can stay but silence is necessary.”

Everyone quickly nodded.

Liu Yunsu chuckled, “Aunt Dong, we are all counting on you. If you can’t treat Fang Yunjing, someone might need to seek the help of Gods and Buddhas.”

“Seek the help of Gods and Buddhas?” Dong Yueru exclaimed.

Liu Yunsu nodded. “That’s right. My schoolmate requested a talisman. He claims that everything will be resolved once the talisman is used. Heh heh…”

Dong Yueru shook her head slightly and did not say a thing. However, her eyes what she truly felt: “Utter nonsense!”

Zhao Datong and company had witnessed the miraculous aspects of Fangzheng. Ma Juan tutted, “Liu Yunsu, stop trying to sow discord! The talisman we got has its uses!”

Dong Yueru did not wish to explain anything to the children. She waved her hand, gesturing for silence.

Sun Hao and Liu Yunsu stood by the window as Zhao Datong and the others guarded the door in order to prevent Fang Yunjing from suddenly going insane.

Dong Yueru calmly took a seat in front of Fang Yunjing before lighting incense and placing it to the side. A few minutes later, Dong Yueru whispered into Fang Yunjing’s ears before suddenly snapping her fingers.

Everyone saw Fang Yunjing, who had a blank look on her face, suddenly lie down!

Zhao Datong was just about to move when Ma Juan pulled him back.

However, everyone still felt worried but thankfully, Fang Yunjing did not react. Nonetheless, it had still annoyed Dong Yueru. She gestured for them to leave.

Ma Juan glanced at Sun Hao who nodded. Everyone took their leave but they did not shut the door tight. They were prepared to enter and provide assistance in a heartbeat.

However, when they heard Fang Yunjing’s crazy scream coming from the room twenty minutes later Liu Yunsu trembled and froze! Zhao Datong threw him to the side and rushed in, yanking open the door!

Fang Yunjing had suddenly jumped up from the bed in hysteria. She charged towards the window as Dong Yueru grabbed at her with all her strength. When she saw Zhao Datong enter, she immediately yelled, “Help!”

Zhao Datong ran up and grabbed Fang Yunjing’s waist and pushed her onto the bed. The others rushed in as they helped hold her down…