The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 174

Chapter 174 Fangzheng Takes Action


Liu Yunsu finally jolted to his senses but realized that everything was done.

“Little Liu, this child’s condition is very serious. When the weak spot in her heart isn’t touched upon, she would sit there in a daze. Once it’s touched upon, she will instantly seek death. This is not something that can be treated with one session of hypnotherapy. Perhaps deep hypnosis might be effective. However, that needs time…” Dong Yueru adjusted her crumbled clothes.

Liu Yunsu smiled bitterly, “Aunt Dong, you can see for yourself. This schoolmate of mine doesn’t eat or drink. If this drags on, her life might be in danger. We can’t just… maintain her on a drip, right?”

Dong Yueru shook her head, “You will need to think of a solution yourself. I can only come this once. I have to rush back today. At best, I can come only when I have the time… Sigh… What a pitiful child.”

Fang Yunjing calmed down after being tied to the bed.

Everyone heard Dong Yueru. They were at a loss.

Zhao Datong said, “Right, Master said to inform him once the talisman is placed. I haven’t informed him…”

“Enough, don’t make things worse. Look at how serious the situation is. Stop harping on some master and talisman. Are you sick in the head?” Liu Yunsu shouted unhappily.

Zhao Datong rolled his eyes at Liu Yunsu, “You trash. Who was the one that choked just now? Do you have the shame to reprimand me? Besides, are only you the one allowed to invite an expert while I can’t invite a master? I’m telling you, Master is godly.”

Liu Yunsu wanted to add on but Dong Yueru said, “Since he wants to give it a try, let him try. Regardless, his intentions are good.” Although her words sounded nice, anyone could tell that Dong Yueru was a little displeased. If you believe in a master, why would you invite an expert like me?

Zhao Datong’s face blushed red as he quickly apologized, “Expert, sorry about that. I didn’t mean it. I just… you see… Sigh. I’m really stupid.”

“It’s alright. I have a plane to take in the afternoon. I’ll take a rest first. You may continue. I’m also curious what means this master of yours has. Is he able to use his powers over space? Young lad, I’m telling you, be it the Buddhists or Daoists, instead of calling what they know divine powers, it’s better to describe them as knowing psychology. I would believe it if it were face to face. Indeed, Buddhist masters are able to communicate spiritually and help someone awaken. But if it’s across space…” Dong Yueru shook her head gently. Her opinion was evident.You have been scammed!

Although everyone felt grateful towards Dong Yueru upon seeing this scene, Zhao Datong, Ma Juan, and Hu Han had witnessed Fangzheng’s prowess. They revered him greatly. So all they could do was hold back their anger and secretly hope that Fangzheng would not fail them!Please don’t screw up… But on second thought, to heal someone over space? Was that possible?

And what was Fangzheng doing at that moment?

“Give This Penniless Monk a little. Don’t be so stingy, alright? I just ate two of your pine nuts…” Fangzheng looked up at Squirrel in the tree as he earnestly lied… persuaded.

Beside him, Lone Wolf had his head raised. His mouth was slightly open and his tongue was hanging out. He looked gluttonous. After being with Fangzheng all this while, the fellow no longer had the ferocity of lone wolf of the past. He had degenerated into a lazy and gluttonous dog.

Squirrel had placed twenty pine nuts on the bodhi tree’s branch. He was flicking his tail around while squeaking.

“You are still hibernating? Winter is over already, alright? And you are afraid of being hungry? Look at you! You are as fat as Lone Wolf! Let This Penniless Monk tell you. If you continue growing fatter, it will be difficult for you to find a female squirrel and have children!” Fangzheng continued his bluff.

Squirrel cocked his head to think…

Fangzheng secretly kicked Lone Wolf and Lone Wolf got the message. He ran to the other side and yelped!

Squirrels were afraid of wolves to begin with. Although he was no longer afraid of Lone Wolf after spending time with him, there was still an innate fear. When he heard the wolf’s yelp while in a daze, he trembled in fright and turned to look at Lone Wolf!

In a flash, Fangzheng raised his palm and struck the bodhi tree’s trunk!


The branches trembled!

Squirrel quickly got down and hugged the branch tightly. The little fellow was quite a miser. He turned his head to look at his pine nuts and realized that only one or two of his private stash were left on the branch! Where were the rest?

Squirrel stuck up his ass and looked down. He saw a bald head and a fat ass with a wagging tail run into the backyard.

Squirrel squeaked angrily. He jumped down the bodhi tree and chased after the duo.

As Fangzheng ran, he crushed the pine nuts’ outer shells and feasted on them, occasionally throwing one at Lone Wolf. The two culprits had a great time. Squirrel chased after them and was jumping around angrily. When he finally caught up to Fangzheng, he pulled at Fangzheng’s ears until Fangzheng begged for mercy. He then turned his sights towards Lone Wolf. Lone Wolf was not Fangzheng. Squirrel had no way to chase him when he scampered off. All he could do was stand guard by the door angrily, flailing his paws. His expression told them, “I’ll beat an idiot like you to death if you dare return!”

As for Lone Wolf, he long disappeared after enjoying the benefits…

As the two animals had their fun, Fangzheng took out his cell phone and noticed that he had received a message. He opened it and indeed, it was sent by Zhao Datong.

Noticing that the message was sent only a few minutes ago, he replied with a voice message, “Amitabha. Let Patron lie down with the pillow on the talisman. Leave the rest to This Penniless Monk.”

Zhao Datong and company were waiting. He immediately tapped to listen the voice message when he saw the reply.

When Dong Yueru heard what Fangzheng said, she shook her head, “From this master’s voice, he sounds young.”

Hu Han answered without much thought, “Master doesn’t appear to be even twenty.”

Dong Yueru shook her head once again. Clearly, she did not hold any hopes for Fangzheng. Buddhist masters who were skilled at spiritual communication were accomplished monks that were well-versed in Zen principles! Such accomplished monks needed to practice the Zen for a decade or two daily or they would miss the mark. How could a monk that wasn’t even twenty be an accomplished monk? It was impossible. Looking at the few young adults, Dong Yueru thought, “College students these days are indeed most naive and easily fooled. This talisman must have cost them. Whatever. It’s not over until it’s over. I’ll see them reach the end before explaining it to them. In a way, I can prevent them from being scammed in the future… Also that monk must be punished by law! What a cheat. He even managed to fool a few students! He is despicable for sullying the reputation of Buddhists!”

After Zhao Datong confirmed that the talisman was there, he quickly replied: “Master, everything is ready. Do we need to stand back?”

Fangzheng thought about it. There was no phenomena when he casted his divine power, so there was no need to stand back. “There’s no need.”

With that said, Fangzheng sat under the bodhi tree and silently gave a Buddhist proclamation. He pressed his palms together and focused his mind and spirit. He sensed a response when he sent out a psychic probe. Following the response, Fangzheng’s psychic powers emanated.


A loud crash sounded out!

Fangzheng felt the surrounding darkness shatter. He appeared in an unfamiliar city!

Tall buildings, heavy traffic, and a university behind him. Students were streaming through the area. There was a road ahead. On it, vehicles of all sizes were whizzing across.