The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 175

Chapter 175 So That's The Reason


Not far away, four people walked out happily from the school gates. One of them looked very familiar.

Fangzheng waved his hand and a picture appeared in it. In it was a girl with pigtails who smiled gently. She wore glasses and her demure facial features gave her an overall feeling of an intellectual beauty. The picture matched the person. Fangzheng was certain that this person was none other than Fang Yunjing!

And beside Fang Yunjing were her parents, Fang Qinghe and Fang Qiu, as well as her young brother, Fang Xianglong. Zhao Datong had informed Fangzheng so he was able to recognize them.

Fangzheng did not move. All he did was watch quietly.

“Father, Mother, Brother. Are you already leaving? You promised to spend three days with me. It has only been two.” Fang Yunjing wheedled as she tugged at her mother’s hand.

Fang Qiu pinched Fang Yunjing’s tiny face in a kind manner. “Learn to be content! Your aunt bought three piglets this year. I have to visit them! Weren’t you complaining every day that the pork in the city isn’t delicious? The pigs were reared specially for you. You will have a feast when the new year comes!”

“Mommy Dearest is the greatest! Here, let me give you a kiss!” Fang Yunjing inched closer to deliver the kiss.

“Go away. I don’t want a kiss from your ugly mug!” Fang Qiu countered with a grin.

Fang Yunjing yelled, “Aiyah, Mom, you actually have a sense of humor? But no matter how ugly I am, you were the one who gave birth to me. There’s no other way about it. Here, take my kiss!”

With that said, Fang Yunjing smacked a kiss on Fang Qiu’s mouth.

Fang Qiu feigned pushing her away but eventually hugged her, “Silly girl. You are doing well here in school. Although it’s almost spring, the ice has only just begun melting. It’s even colder so don’t try to scrimp. Buy clothes if you need to. Also… it’s about time you go on a diet.”

“Are you my birth mother? Which birth mother would say that to her beloved daughter?” Fang Yunjing said with a fake scowl.

Her brother, Fang Xianglong said matter-of-factly, “Sis, you were my goddess in the past but now…”

“What about now? Are you trying to mutiny?” Fang Yunjing stood akimbo in front of Fang Xianglong. She went from a obedient girl to a fierce hag.

Fang Xianglong nudged his glasses and sighed. “You are still a goddess.”

“So you do have taste after all.” Fang Yunjing smiled in satisfaction.

“A fat goddess.” Fang Xianglong added.

Fang Yunjing grabbed Fang Xianglong over and ruffled his head into a mess until he begged for mercy.

Liu Yunsu appeared after the family had a rowdy time.

Liu Yunsu said breathlessly, “Yunjing, our teacher is looking for you. I think it’s about the scholarship.”

Fang Yunjing turned excited the moment she heard that. She exclaimed, “For real?!”

Then, Fang Yunjing bade farewell to her parents and brother. Fang Qinghe rebuked her, “Look at you. Stay calm!”

Fang Yunjing stuck out her tongue and said respectfully, “Yes! My Grand Old Master!”

Fang Qinghe was amused as he waved his hand. “Alright, go on ahead. Don’t let your teacher wait too long. It’s time for us to make a move as well.”

Both sides bade farewell to each other. Fang Qinghe and family crossed the road as Fang Yunjing looked longingly at her parents…

At that moment, a crazy honking sound was heard. Following that, a car suddenly zoomed forward like it was a plane lifting off! Amid the whirring sounds of a motor engine that sounded like it would rip apart at any moment.

The car came too fast and too sudden!

The instant Fang Qinghe turned his head, he tried to push his wife!

Fang Qiu subconsciously tried to shield Fang Xianglong…

How could mere flesh and blood stand against a creation of near solid steel?

There was a loud bang!

The front of the car deformed as Fang Qiu, Fang Xianglong, and Fang Qinghe were sent flying! Their bodies continued rolling after producing a few consecutive thuds when they made contact with the ground…

At that instant, it felt like the world stopped spinning and silence covered the planet. Only a shattered scene remained.

Fang Yunjing covered her face while staring at the scene that made her want to scream but nothing came out of her mouth.

The next moment, Fang Yunjing ran forward crazily but realized that she could not do a thing. She fell into a daze as she looked left and right. She was helpless and horrified. She wailed out loud with a heart-wrenching cry…

The image was fixed at that moment before shattering!

At the same moment, Fang Yunjing suddenly opened her eyes and was about to turn ballistic! Everyone quickly came to press her down…

In Fang Yunjing’s consciousness, the shattered scene was rapidly reconstructing itself. It was the school gates and the family of four again…

“Amitabha. It’s no wonder she is seeking death. She is unable to extricate herself from her own mind. This scene repeatedly replays in the depths of her heart, agitating her over and over. Perhaps anyone would go mad from this.” Fangzheng sighed as he gently tapped his feet!


Fangzheng finally cast the divine power, A Golden Millet Dream. The entire world instantly fixed itself in place!

Everyone stopped moving. Even the wind and the snowflakes stopped…

At the same time, somewhere else in the world.

“Quick, hold her down!” Dong Yueru hurriedly ran forward to help when she saw Fang Yunjing having one of her fits again. At the same time, she said with a heavy tone, “You children. It’s best you do not believe in such superstitious objects. Sigh…”

The moment her voice faded, she saw Fang Yunjing suddenly stop struggling. Her twisted expression turned calm. She appeared confused before closing her eyes. She fell completely silent.

Everyone exchanged looks when they saw this. They were unsure what was happening.

Dong Yueru was similarly stupefied. She had experienced one of Fang Yunjing’s fits previously. There was no way she could recover in less than ten minutes. She calmed after a few seconds?

Zhao Datong said, “I think…” Although he did not finish his sentence, it was evident what he intended to say.

Dong Yueru said, “Let’s continue watching.”

Everyone nodded and surrounded Fang Yunjing, prepared to hold back Fang Yunjing again if the need arose…

In the depths of Fang Yunjing’s heart.

The scene rewound to the instant at which Fang Yunjing saw the accident and was kneeling on the ground wailing. At that instant, the sorrow in Fang Yunjing’s heart was stirred once again. She began crying and in reality, she began to turn crazy!

Everyone tried their best to hold her down…

Fangzheng only stood beside Fang Yunjing and did not do a thing. He just prevented the scene from shattering. He allowed the scene to continue! Fangzheng knew very clearly that he needed to break the endless looping. She had to be able to see a future and hope! There was also the need to relieve the sorrow in her heart. If not, she would forever be trapped in a cagestuck between bliss and an abyssal hell of despair that was separated by an extremely thin line.

Fang Yunjing cried silently as the surrounding scenes continued proceeding. Liu Yunsu, Zhao Datong and many other students ran over. Some made phone calls while others checked on the victims’ injuries.

Following that, the police and ambulances came. Fang Qinghe, Fang Xianglong, and Fang Qiu were sent to the hospital by ambulance. Fang Yunjing followed them. Her eyes seemed to be staring mindlessly…

Fangzheng sighed when he saw this. He knew that he could not let her continue in such a state. There was warmth in the world, but if she was unable to feel or see it, she would continue sealing herself in her ice-cold cage.

Fangzheng acted on his thought.

Fang Qiu woke up and whispered, “Little Yun…”

At that instant, Fang Yunjing felt like she had been struck by lightning! She suddenly came to her senses as she rushed to Fang Qiu’s side and wailed, “Mommy… Mommy, are you alright? Are you alright? Don’t scare me like that, alright?”

Fang Qiu forced a smile, “Little Yun, I’m fine.”

“Let your mother rest. Don’t disturb her. The traffic police are escorting us up ahead. We will soon reach the hospital.” A nurse consoled Fang Yunjing.

Fang Yunjing nodded her head. She felt like she had seen hope with her mother awake. She felt a lot more enlivened.

The police cars were blaring outside. Vehicles ahead made way when they heard the sirens from the police vehicles and ambulances. The traffic police control arranged for green lights their entire journey, allowing the ambulance to arrive at the provincial hospital at the fastest possible speed!

A journey that needed thirty minutes only took ten minutes!

And all of this was heard clearly by Fang Yunjing through the walkie-talkie of a traffic policeman on the ambulance.

As for Fangzheng, who was sitting at a corner, Fang Yunjing did not seem to see him.

After they disembarked the ambulance, Fang Qiu, Fang Qinghe, and Fang Xianglong were rushed to the emergency room. Fang Yunjing once again felt helpless. What surprised her was the sound of footsteps. Her teacher-in-charge and schoolmates were here.

Everyone handed her tissue after tissue and tried to console her. Some even helped make plans for her.

Even the teacher-in-charge helped pay the medical bills.

There were constant streams of social workers that came. These people left their contacts and money behind. They also said, “If there’s any need for help, we will come again!”

Upon seeing these figures coming in and out, Fang Yunjing’s eyes moistened. She did not know what to say. All she did was repeat, “Thank you. Thank you…”

Meanwhile, Fang Yunjing was mumbling in the real world, “Thank you. Thank you…”

Dong Yueru’s eyes widened when she heard that. She had a look of disbelief.

Sun Hao was the same as she exclaimed, “Unbelievable! Yunjing is actually speaking!”

Ma Juan covered her mouth as tears nearly streamed down her face. “She is finally reacting differently.”

Dong Yueru said, “This…” She knew better than anyone how serious Fang Yunjing’s condition was. A person who had completely shut her heart would definitely not free herself without time to heal her heart or medical treatment! At the least, it would be difficult to say the words, ‘thank you.’

The scene in front of Dong Yueru made her feel like she was seeing a ghost.

Liu Yunsu was somewhat confused, “Aunt Dong, was the treatment you did now showing its effects?”

Zhao Datong glared at Liu Yunsu. Dong Yueru shook her head, “No, I was unable to even hypnotize her just now…”

Only then did Zhao Datong remain silent.

Zhao Datong, Ma Juan, and Hu Han exchanged looks and saw shock and confirmation in each other’s eyes. There was no need to speculate. It was all thanks to Master Fangzheng! The three of them found Fangzheng extremely mysterious and felt even deeper respect for him.

In the depths of Fang Yunjing’s heart.

There were constantly people sending her love as she experienced the concern from her schoolmates and teachers. She also could feel the concern from society, the government and school. Fang Yunjing suddenly realized that she had not lost everything. She was not helpless. The world was not as cold as she imagined!