The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 176

Chapter 176 A Swath Of Ashes


Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. He couldn’t relax just yet as it was only just the beginning. It was still not enough for Fang Yunjing to fully walk out of her psychological scars. From beginning to end, Fangzheng did not overtly intervene in Fang Yunjing’s dream. Everything that happened had happened in reality. Fang Yunjing had experienced it but she had shut herself in, deliberately ignoring it and blocking them from her mind.

Now, Fangzheng had dug them out and replayed it to her. He also enhanced her feelings towards certain phenomena… For example, the communication between the traffic police.

At that moment, the emergency room’s doors opened. The ER doctor walked out and looked exhausted. His forehead was covered in sweat.

The teacher-in-charge rushed to his feet and inquired about the situation but the doctor sighed and shook his head. It was obvious what had happened.

Fang Yunjing felt her knees tremble and collapsed, she felt like fainting.

Fangzheng raised his hand and waved, causing the doctor to say, “Any members of the patients’ family? You can now go in and take a look.”

Fang Yunjing clambered to her feet and ran into the emergency room…

“Daddy! Mommy! Brother… Sob…”

“Little Yun…” Fang Qiu’s voice sounded once again. Fang Yunjing looked up and saw Fang Qiu looking at her! Similarly, Fang Qinghe and Fang Xianglong were looking at her.

“Daddy, Mommy, Little Long? What happened?” Fang Yunjing was stunned.

“Amitabha. Patron, they are having a momentary recovery before they pass over to the other side.” Fangzheng walked over.

“You are… Master Fangzheng?” Fang Yunjing looked at Fangzheng in shock. He had left a deep impression on her. She never expected Fangzheng to appear at that moment!

Fangzheng sighed, “It is me. Patron, it’s best you chat with your parents during this time.”

Indeed, Fang Yunjing did not have the time to bother with Fangzheng at the moment. She looked at her parents and brother, feeling anguish. Tears dripped down like beads.

“Yunjing, don’t cry. It was Master that awakened us, allowing us to exchange a few words with you. Yunjing, although we are gone, there’s still you left! You have to live on happily. Only then will Daddy, Mommy, and Little Long be at ease in the underworld. You don’t wish for us to be uneasy in the underworld, right?” asked Fang Qiu.

Fang Yunjing shook her head, “Mom, let me go with you. I do not want to stay here alone.”

“Silly girl. What are you saying?! If you go with us, who will burn incense money for us? We are already so poor here on Earth. Do you want us to enjoy life while in the netherworld?” Fang Qinghe ticked her off jokingly. Their family was not really considered poor.

Fang Yunjing was taken aback. True, if she joined them, who was to honor them and burn incense?

Fang Xianglong said, “Sis, don’t you follow us. I still want to see a fat chick like you get married. I wonder which unlucky fool will hook up with a fat goddess like you.”

Fang Yunjing was amused and managed to force a smile. “Don’t worry. Sis will definitely find you a good brother-in-law. When the time comes, I want to see how you can continue mocking me for not being able to get married! Hmph!”

Fang Xianglong joked, “Alright then. It’s a deal! We will work hard to be happy in the underworld, while you have to work hard at being happy in the living world! Our entire family has to be happy!”

Fang Qinghe added, “I do not want to work when I’m in the underworld. Yunjing, remember to burn more money for me.”

“All you know is money. What’s the use of having that much money? To drink more?!” Fang Qiu reprimanded him.

Fang Qinghe chuckled foolishly.

Fang Yunjing smiled as well.

When Fangzheng saw all of this, he knew he could not let them continue any longer. The words were all fabricated by him. It had never happened in reality. If he continued the fabrication, the flaws would only become more apparent. It was best he ended it quickly. Therefore, Fangzheng went forward, “Amitabha. Patrons, your time is up. It’s time to leave.”

“Thank you, Master.” Fang Qinghe, Fang Xianglong, and Fang Qiu said.

Fang Yunjing turned to him and said longingly, “Master… Can you…”

Fangzheng shook his head, “Patron, humans only live about a hundred years. A day in the underworld is a year on Earth. To you, you might not meet them for a hundred years but to them, it’s only three months. It’s just a semester of yours. Just treat it as if you are here on Earth for college. Once summer break comes along you can return to meet them again. Why are you so resistant?”

“But, I’ll really be spending a hundred years without them.” pleaded Fang Yunjing.

Fangzheng knocked Fang Yunjing on the head, “Silly, the hundred years are not for you to suffer. You still have many things to do. Have you forgotten the wishes of your parents and brother?”

Fang Yunjing’s eyes widened as she stared at him, “I got it. I will definitely lead a more blissful life. I will make them proud of me when we meet again!”

Fangzheng smiled. “Amitabha, that should be the case! Patron, life is nothing but an empty dream. Remember what you said today.”

“Boom!” The scene in front of her vanished…

Fang Yunjing felt herself falling!

“Ah!” Fang Yunjing screamed and sat up. Not that she actually could, tied to the bed as she was.

“Quick, she’s going insane again. Hold her down!” shouted Liu Yunsu.

Everyone rushed over but realized that Fang Yunjing wasn’t struggling. Instead, she was looking at her surroundings as though she had just awoken. Everyone was stunned and somewhat confused. What was happening?

“Yunjing? Are you alright?” asked Ma Juan carefully.

Fang Yunjing looked at the concerned faces around her and smiled. “Thank you everyone.”

Upon seeing Fang Yunjing’s smile and hearing her thank them, everyone exchanged looks. Following that, Zhao Datong smiled. “Yunjing seems fine now…”

“Everyone, please leave. I wish to have a private chat with her.” Although Dong Yueru tried her best to remain calm, she was feeling astounded deep down! She was puzzled. She did not understand what had happened in that short amount of time. How did a patient recover so quickly!? She had seen cases of similar severity. Their treatment needed a lot of time and effort… Everything that happened in front of her was unimaginable.

Liu Yunsu looked as though he had seen a ghost as well. Although he tried to remain calm, he could not conceal the shock on his face! Who was Dong Yueru? She was a famous psychiatrist in Shenyang, his father’s private psychiatrist! Even if she wasn’t the best in the country, she was definitely not an existence an ordinary expert could match!

Dong Yueru mentioned that a lot of time would be needed but now, Fang Yunjing suddenly recovered. Could someone give him a reasonable explanation?

Everyone left the room and stood by the corridor. Zhao Datong looked at the dumbfounded Liu Yunsu and chuckled, “Brains are good stuff. Unfortunately, some people think they have them despite not having any.”

Liu Yunsu did not bicker with Zhao Datong this time. He remembered the talisman when Zhao Datong spoke! Could it really have to do with the talisman? But… was that even possible?

Although the Chinese always say how important Science is, they still felt respect for traditional items deep down! Liu Yunsu, who was no exception, looked suspiciously at Zhao Datong.

Zhao Datong’s asshole tensed. “Liu Yunsu, what are you doing? I’m warning you. Don’t you look at me with that look of yours… I… I like women!”

“Scram!” Liu Yunsu cursed as he glared. “Zhao Datong, do you know how Yunjing recovered?”

Zhao Datong was just about to answer when Ma Juan interrupted, “It’s likely the effects of the hypnotherapy from before. It is a mental disorder after all. Perhaps one can think it through all of the sudden.”

Zhao Datong was displeased. It was clearly all thanks to Fangzheng from his point of view. Why did the credit go to the expert? Just as he was about to retort, he felt a sharp pain behind him. Ma Juan had pinched him.

Zhao Datong was no fool. He understood the reason and shut up.

Liu Yunsu looked at the trio skeptically. He felt that the situation was not as simple as it appeared. But what Ma Juan said sounded reasonable. Perhaps… Dong Yueru’s therapy was showing its effects. Yet in truth he did not believe that deep down.

At that moment, the door opened. Dong Yueru and Fang Yunjing walked out. Although Fang Yunjing did not look well, the gloom in her eyes were gone. It regained an exuberant luster.

Hu Han asked concernedly, “Yunjing… tell us if you feel any discomfort.”

Fang Yunjing smiled, “Thank you everyone. Thank you, Matron. I… I’m hungry.”

Everyone laughed when they heard that. Zhao Datong dragged Liu Yunsu over and chuckled, “Yunjing, what do you want to eat? Liu Yunsu will be paying for it!”

“Scram! I should be the one getting credit for treating her. Why does it sound like you are the one getting all the credit?” Liu Yunsu chided jokingly. He adjusted his clothes and asked, “Yunjing, tell me. What do you want to eat? You can ask for anything! I can provide you with anything that flies in the sky, runs on the ground, or swims in the water.”

Sun Hao rolled her eyes at them, “Enough. It’s time you leave. Yunjing just recovered from her illness. She has not been eating much the past few days so she’s not supposed to eat anything too oily. I’ll cook some porridge for her back home.”

Fang Yunjing thanked Sun Hao repeatedly. As Sun Hao wrapped her arms around Fang Yunjing’s shoulders, she led her away while telling her something with a smile.

It was joyous news that Fang Yunjing had recovered. However, Zhao Datong rushed into Fang Yunjing’s dormitory. When he looked under the pillow, he saw a patch of blackness. There was a little black residue. Zhao Datong was puzzled. “Odd, where’s the talisman? Was it burnt? But no one lit a fire…”

Ma Juan and company ran over but did not find anything. Ma Juan sighed and said, “Master is truly a man of god…

“Ma Juan, why didn’t you permit me to say a word? It was clearly all thanks to Master,” said Zhao Datong.

“Datong, it’s best we do not speak without thought regarding this matter unless there’s actual evidence. Let’s not give Master any additional trouble,” said Hu Han.

Ma Juan added, “That’s right. You said it’s all thanks to Master. Then, let me ask you. How did Master treat Yunjing from hundreds of kilometers away? Where’s the scientific basis in all of this? Please share with us? You can’t? Hmph! If this really spreads but you aren’t able to explain it, it will probably be thought of as a joke by everyone. Most importantly, do not give Master additional trouble. Got it?”

Zhao Datong nodded his head slightly as acknowledgment. However, he still found it unfair for Fangzheng. “Why can’t he gain the approval of others when he has done something good? Why?”

At the same time, Liu Yunsu asked Dong Yueru downstairs, “Aunt Dong, was Fang Yunjing really treated by you?”

Dong Yueru gave a bitter laugh when she heard that. She patted his shoulder, “Yunsu, this world is huge. You have to learn to broaden your horizons and not rigidly adhere to any framework. I was a frog in the well in the past, thinking that science represents everything in the world. In fact, it’s only a a world the size of palm. This world has countless capable people. Make sure not to doubt others easily. Of course, science is still the core. Study well…”

With that said, Dong Yueru departed, leaving behind a baffled Liu Yunsu.

Dong Yueru got into the car and took out a pile of ashes. Her eyes glimmered. After a long while, she opened the window and scattered it out, thinking. “Perhaps, I should recommend that person…”