The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 184

Chapter 184 Scam Scam Scam


“Tell me the price first.” Fangzheng counted the money he had. Including his past savings, he had a total of three thousand yuan. Although it was not minuscule, it was not a lot either. Although his incense income was improving, most people used the free incense. The money they donated were in the single digits. There was not a lot of income for him.

“Five yuan a seed. The delivery fee and the handling fee are each a hundred.”

Fangzheng counted and by dividing 2800 yuan by five, he could buy 560 seeds! A seed could produce seven catties of rice. It would mean he would have thousands of catties of Crystal Rice! Fangzheng suddenly realized how worth it it was!

Fangzheng hopped up, “I’m buying it. I’ll be buying it with all the money I have!” Fangzheng did not hesitate in spending his money. After all, that bit of money was not enough to upgrade his divine power at all. He could not buy anything if he kept it. Since there was an expensive delivery and handling fee with each transaction, he might as well buy more with each purchase!

Fangzheng’s eyes turned into a blur the next moment as a cloth bag dropped in front of him. It was not very large, about the size of a palm. It felt rather heavy in the hand. Indeed, there were Crystal Rice seeds when he opened. There was a scripture at the bottom. It made Fangzheng’s heart race.

The System interrupted his joy, “I forgot to tell you. although the Crystal Rice’s quality is the same as the one you usually eat, the quantity it produces is lesser.”

Fangzheng felt the presence of something ominous. It appeared as though he was being scammed, again! He immediately asked, “How much can it produce?”

“Each seed produces a catty of rice.”

Fangzheng’s eyes rolled back when he heard that! What a scam! The System was just too good at scamming!

Fangzheng growled. “System, I would definitely beat you till your mother couldn’t recognize you if you had a corporeal body.” The System completely ignored him.

Fangzheng was making a passing remark after all. If the System really appeared in front of him, Fangzheng was likely going to be the one suffering a beating.

Since he had spent the money and the seeds had arrived, all he could do was open the bag. Indeed, there was a piece of paper inside. A line of large text was written: “Crystal Rice Farming Method. Details.”

A lot of information appeared in Fangzheng’s mind the moment he glanced at it. They were related to the planting of Crystal Rice. There was a line that stipulated clearly that the planting of Crystal Rice needed the Zen farming Dharma. Everyday, Unrooted Clean Aqua coupled with scripture and Buddha aura would allow the crop’s growth. If not, the crops would definitely die.

Fangzheng had Unrooted Clean Aqua.

As for scriptures, all Fangzheng needed to do was recite a passage of scriptures. The so-called Buddha aura meant that the plantation could not be too far from the monastery. Furthermore, Fangzheng spent his days cultivating in Zen meditation. He had some Buddha aura to him, so it was not a problem at all.

But what the heck was Zen farming? The Crystal Rice plantation instruction manual did not explain!

Fangzheng subconsciously cast his gaze to the scripture book beneath the Crystal Rice. The book was simple but possessed great flair. It had a yellow book jacket. It was clearly an antique. He picked it up and on it were the words: “Zen Farming Fine Line.” There were a few character written vertically at the bottom: “By Huineng.”

“It’s written by the Sixth Patriarch Huineng?” Fangzheng heart fluttered in excitement when he saw the author’s name. Who was Huineng? If the Zen school of thought stemmed from Bodhidharma, then the person who really developed the Zen school of thought to its pinnacle was Sixth Patriarch Huineng! This was something Fangzheng knew. According to history, Huineng proposed: “Apart from traditional teachings; not founded on words or letters; pointing directly to one’s heart; attaining to Buddha status when one acquires the realization of one’s nature.” As for the classic gatha from ancient times: “By origin, there is no Bodhi tree, nor is there a mirror bright. Originally there is not a single thing, where does dust alight?” It came from Huineng’s mouth.

As such, Fangzheng was instantly euphoric when he realized that it was written by Huineng. Although he had recently been reading a lot of scriptures online, those were digital. How could they compare with a real physical book that exuded the fragrance of ink? Fangzheng felt like he had obtained a treasure. After he took a bath and changed his clothes, he went to the temple hall and flipped the book open. He began reading it slowly as he struck the wooden fish.

Fangzheng was stunned when he read it. There was only one line on it!

“Mountain is the mountain, water is water, motion is motion, quietness is quietness. How do we understand it?”

Fangzheng was stunned. This was the fine line for Zen farming? Wasn’t this line very crude? He absolutely did not understand the short line.

Fangzheng flipped the pages after the first and indeed, they were all blank. The entire book only had one line.

Fangzheng smiled. “As expected of the Sixth Patriarch. He does not leave behind text easily and even if he does so, it’s only one sentence. Eh… But what this mean?”

Fangzheng shook his head. He stood up and walked outside. He looked at the distant mountain range and mumbled, “Mountain is the mountain, water is water? Isn’t the mountain the mountain and water the water…”

Fangzheng was puzzled. He did not receive an answer despite circling his mountaintop once. Finally, Fangzheng returned to the monastery and continued striking the wooden fish. He recited the Diamond Sutra but was constantly contemplating what the fine line of Zen farming meant. He sat there for a month and apart from relieving himself and eating, he spent the rest of the time sitting there, striking the wooden fish and reciting the scripture while pondering over the question.

There were more than ten devotees that came during that month. When they heard the knocking of the wooden fish and Fangzheng’s recital of the scriptures, they felt extremely refreshed. No one disturbed his recital. As such, Fangzheng led quite peaceful days…

Until one day…

“Director, it’s here.” A man said as he pointed at the mountaintop.

Walking beside him was a plump man with a whisker and a ponytail. He looked up the mountain and said, “Are you sure the scenery up there meets the requirements of our scene?”

“Director Yu, I’ve confirmed and am certain. Look at this picture. It was taken by a reporter from Songwu County. I asked him and it was indeed a real picture that was snapped here. Didn’t the villagers say so just now? It’s what it looks like up there. There are forests, a monastery, a grass plain, and blue skies. There are mountain ranges in the distance. Isn’t it exactly what we are looking for?” said the man.

Director Yu said, “I was just asking. Alright, let’s go up and take a look. If it’s suitable, contact the local person-in-charge and rent the location. We should finish the filming quickly. By the way, don’t inform Xueying for now. Only inform her when everything is settled.”

“Don’t worry, Director. Xueying is so busy. I definitely wouldn’t disturb her with such matters,” The man smiled.

“Let’s go. Let’s head up.” After Director Yu said so, the group of people ascended the mountain noisily.

“Director, this mountain sure is steep. Also, the mountain path has been in many years of disrepair. Can such a place work?” At that moment, a man with a thin-looking face rushed over and asked.

“It’s good only if there’s nothing modern. We don’t have to worry about making anachronistic goofs. I think this place is pretty good. It gives off the ancient vibe. The effect it will give the filming will be improved too. I just wonder if the mountain is safe or not. Will there be any wild beasts?” said Director Yu.

“Wild beasts? If there really are any, we still have Martial Choreographer Luo here. He can strike them down with his staff and any beast will be chased away,” said the slim-faced man with a laugh.

“Lin Dongshi, cut it out. Don’t put me on a pedestal. It’s not like I’m Wu Song, the tiger-slayer…” A stalwart man walked over and said with a smile. He had a squarish face with sharp brows. He exuded an air of ferocity. He spoke very directly and with deep bold undertones. Although he laughed, he still struck his chest, “However, I can still deal with the ordinary wolf cub or something.”

“Enough. It’s just idle talk. What wolf cubs are we talking about? This mountain is a lone mountain outside the Changbai mountains. Even if there are wolves, they will be lurking deep into the woods,” said Director Yu with a smile. But just as his voice faded, they heard: “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” The two young lads walking ahead suddenly screamed as they ran back.