The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 185

Chapter 185 Going Overboard With The Bragging


Director Yu frowned and yelled at them, “What are you shouting for? How can this mountain have… Holy shit, where did that wolf come from!? Old Luo! Old Luo!”

Luo Li, who had given them assurance with a proud pat on his chest, stepped forward. “Brothers, raise your weapons. Isn’t it just a wolf cub? Stop him!”

As he spoke, Luo Li looked up to take a look. Then, he turned around and shouted, “F**k, why is it so big!? Did it cross breed with an ox? Down the mountain, quick!”

Luo Li’s disciples who just went forward with their staffs were given a fright when they saw the wolf descending carefreely. It was huge! If it charged at them, it would mean the utter annihilation of their party! The mountain path was narrow. If it charged into them there was a possibility of being pushed down into the ravine.

Just as everyone wanted to start running, they saw a blur as a huge white wolf appeared in their midst. None of them dared to move.

Luo Li shouted, “Everyone, don’t move! Don’t do anything rash! Women, shut up!”

More than ten people collectively rooted themselves motionless. It was as though time had come to a stop.

In the end, the group saw the wolf look at them as though they were retards. He then flicked his tail and tottered off, descending the mountain in a carefree manner.

When they saw Lone Wolf depart, everyone exchanged looks. Director Yu frowned, “How anthropomorphic he is. That look he gave. Why do I feel like he was calling us retards?”

“I had the same feeling,” said Lin Dongshi.

Luo Li nodded. “I’ll be damned.”

The others felt like they had been dreaming.

At that moment, the man that brought them here smacked himself in the head. He exclaimed, “I remember! There is a huge white wolf on this mountain. However, the wolf isn’t wild. There’s nothing dangerous about it. That wolf just now was probably that wolf.”

“Pa!” The man’s head was smacked by Luo Li, “Why didn’t you tell us earlier!? I nearly had a heart attack!”

All of them cast angry looks at the man as he smiled wryly. “We were in a hurry. There was just not enough time from choosing the place to coming here. My mind was filled with other thoughts so I forgot about mentioning certain things…”

“Enough, enough… Old Tao, tell me. Did you forget anything else? Other than the wolf, is there anyone rearing black bears on the mountain? If there really is someone like that, we should return. I do not want to risk Xueying’s safety,” said Director Yu solemnly.

Old Tao pondered for a moment, “There should be another squirrel on the mountain. There shouldn’t be any other animals. Director Yu, is the squirrel considered a large dangerous animal?”

“What do you think?” Director Yu rolled his eyes. Just as he was about to say something, he suddenly felt a wind blow across his head. Looking up, he saw a fiery-red ass departing on a vine amid the mountain creeks. Some soil had landed on his hand.

Director Yu rubbed his face and looked solemnly at Old Tao, “Do the squirrels in your hometown have red asses? Also, have you ever seen such a huge squirrel?”

“Director, that’s a monkey…” Old Tao could not help but remind him.

“Bullshit! You think I f**king can’t recognize a monkey? I got you to find a place for me and this is how you did it? You found a place you have no clue about? I’m telling you, if this mountaintop doesn’t have a suitable scenery, you are fired! There will be a change of personnel for this movie!” Director Yu lost his temper. The movie was extremely important to him. If this group of people did not treat it seriously, he might have the idea to eat them raw. By losing his temper, he was telling everyone that although he was relatively calm he did have an actual temper!

As expected once Director Yu lost his temper, everyone faltered into silence. No one dared say a word.

Director Yu waved his hand. “Continue up the mountain!”

Only then did the group of people proceed up the mountain.

They did not encounter any more trouble along the way. They happened to come across a spring source. It improved Director Yu’s mood and when they reached the mountaintop, the view opened up. Snow was melting and the ground was producing tender green grass. They spread to the ends of the mountain. The emerald green vibrancy was extremely beautiful. On the other side was a forest. The forest was mainly comprised of pines. They stood tall and erect, looking sturdy.

To the left was a tiny monastery. It was an ancient building made of mud and wood. It exuded an ancient vibe. The monastery’s bricks and tiles were bright. Despite being ancient, it gave off a feeling of freshness. It was not as old-fashioned as other monasteries. The monastery caught Director Yu’s eyes instantly. As for the scenery, it did not diverge from his vision too much. “This monastery gives me great vibes. It’s called One Finger Monastery, right?”

“Yes, it’s called One Finger Monastery. There’s a monk inside with Dharma name, Fangzheng.” After Old Tao was berated, he forcefully recalled the information of the mountain and explained what he remembered.

Director Yu nodded. “Let’s go take a look.”

Old Tao heaved a sigh of relief. Since nothing was said about the scenery, it meant that it had met Director Yu’s standards. It was unlikely he would be fired.

The group arrived at the monastery’s entrance and they saw the three characters written on the plaque with lively and vigorous strokesOne Finger Monastery!

Director Yu could not help but marvel, “Nice calligraphy!”

As his eyes lowered, he saw the couplets plastered to the sides. After reading them, he marveled again, “It’s slightly inferior to the plaque but it’s still excellent calligraphy. I wonder which master wrote it. The strokes seem to have a Buddha or dragon residing inside. It suffuses benevolence amid its majesty and flair. Beautiful!”

Old Tao and company knew little calligraphy. Once they saw it, they curried favor by praising the calligraphy.

Director Yu’s mood uplifted as he patted his chest, “There must be a master in this monastery! Quick, let’s enter and take a look!”

“Director Yu, according to what I know, there’s only a young monk here. There’s no master…” Old Tai quickly advised.

“There’s no master? Heh heh. Old Tao, do you think I do not know what you have done? You have never come here before, right? You didn’t enter the monastery and take a look, right? Hearsay will definitely have mistakes. Just like when you said that there’s only a wolf on the mountain. What about that monkey? If I had to say, there must be an accomplished monk in there! If not, it’s impossible for him to produce such calligraphy. Let’s go in and take a look. I wish to meet this accomplished monk and ask him for a few calligraphy pieces.” Director Yu smiled with delight.

After entering, there was the sound of wooden fish being struck inside the temple hall. They heard the sound of scripture recitals too. It quaked their minds and they felt refreshed. It was as though their worries slowly dissipated!

Director Yu could not help but show them a satisfied smile, “To recite scripture in such a fresh and free manner, I’d rather die than believe that there’s no master here. Old Tao, it’s time for you to see the capabilities of a knowledgeable person! Let’s go in and see the accomplished monk!”

Director Yu stepped into the hall in high spirits. When he surveyed the surroundings, he was completely dumbfounded! Where’s the accomplished monk? Where’s the master? Why is there only a young monk tapping on a wooden fish? It appeared as though the scriptures were recited by him too…

At that instant, Director Yu’s face flushed red. He had gone overboard in his bragging. It was fine if he choked on his words but more importantly he had humiliated himself! There was no way for him to retract his braggery.