The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Crazy?


The page opened and a short-haired beauty appeared right in the middle of the page. Beneath her were the large captions: ”City-Toppling Beauty. Queen Xueying’s first movie ever since her return will soon begin filming!”

Fangzheng swept his gaze over and thought nothing of it. He hated entertainment gossip, everyone had their own lives. It was no good habit to read about the privacy of others.

After closing the page, he continued reading his scriptures.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye. Fangzheng continued living his days in peace…

Until one day, the peace on the mountain was disturbed.

“This is too heavy. Switch it to someone.”

“Who scouted this place? It’s such a tall mountain and it doesn’t even have a ropeway. My poor back…”

Fangzheng heard a din and came out to investigate. He saw a huge group of people carrying boxes of items up the mountain. Fangzheng knew one of them. He had a long face and had come to the monastery before. He claimed to be staff of the film company.

Although these people lamented, they worked hard. There was a lot of manpower. After a short rest, they moved the items a distance away.

Fangzheng cupped his eyes and took a look. It was indeed far. As long as they did not release explosives, it was unlikely to disturb his peace and quiet. After watching for a while, Fangzheng chuckled and returned to recite his scriptures and strike the wooden fish.

On the other hand, it was squirrel that was curious. He followed the group of men to watch the excitement. It was unknown where Lone Wolf and monkey were. Fangzheng could not be bothered with them.

At noon, Fangzheng came out again. He saw a huge banner raised. On it were the words: “Large-scale Historical Fantasy,City-Toppling Beauty‘s filming location…”

City-Toppling Beauty. The film is about a woman?” Fangzheng shook his head and thought nothing of it. He returned to continue reciting the scriptures.

Late into the night, an unfamiliar guest suddenly came to the monastery.

Director Yu put down his wine glass. “Where’s Xueying?”

“That’s right, where’s Sister Xueying?” asked Lin Dongshi.

“Xiaoliu, you are Xueying’s manager. Where is she?” asked Director Yu.

Xiaoliu wore a look of shock. “I just saw her. She was here just a while ago. She said she was going to the restroom.”

“How long has she been gone?”

“An hour or two…” Xiaoliu realized bitterly that something bad might happen! Xueying was up to her old habits once again. She escaped!

Director Yu raised his eyebrows. “Did she… run off?”

Xiaoliu shrugged helplessly, giving him a knowing expression.

Director Yu smiled wryly, “It’s fine if she leaves but she should at least inform us. This mountain is remote. What are we to do if something happens? Quickly contact her. Xiaoliu, start looking. Once we find Xueying, you can accompany her.”

Xiaoliu quickly made a phone call but the result: “The number you have just called is not available.”

The entire film crew turned hysteric when they heard the message! An A-list star of China’s film industry, a world-class star, Li Xueying was gone! Her cell phone was switched off! If something were to happen, it would be like the sky was collapsing down on them!

Everyone lost the mood to drink. Director Yu yelled, “What are you standing around for? Even if we have to dig three feet deep, we have to find Li Xueying. Anyone can run into trouble except her! The repercussions will have all our heads!”

The lively filming commencement party instantly turned into chaos. Everyone dispersed to search for Xueying.

And at that moment in One Finger Monastery, a white-robed Fangzheng was standing under the bodhi tree. He looked up into the sky and looked at the moon through the gaps in the leaves.

At that moment, an elegant figure appeared by the door. The person wore a black shawl and huge aviator sunglasses. All that was exposed was a pair of thin lips and a snow-white chin. From the figure and attire, the person was female.

The woman stood by the door and turned fixated suddenly. She quietly looked at the white-robed monk under the bodhi tree as though she had been captivated by the beautiful imagery.

There was no special lighting effects or anything embellishing it. The quiet and peaceful scene turned her vexed mind calm. In fact, her chaotic thoughts calmed down greatly the moment she stepped into the monastery. Her mind completely relaxed when she saw that picturesque scene.

The white-robed and sacred-looking young monk spoke. The woman’s breathing sped up as she waited in anticipation. She anticipated the young monk to recite a piece of scripture? A gatha?

The young monk suddenly smiled. “Squirrel, I heard you gathered some new snacks today. Why don’t you share some with This Penniless Monk?”

The moment he said that, the woman stood silent, rooted to the spot. It was as though the pretty imagery she had had shattered with a bang! What happened to the scriptures? What happened to the gatha? Where’s the holy monk? Why did he become a glutton?

The woman could not help but sigh as she mumbled, “He is mortal after all. How can there really be Buddha in this world?”

Fangzheng jumped in fright. Typically, he would close the monastery’s door once it turned dark. He was usually alone in the monastery at this time apart from the animals. It was also the period when he was most relaxed. Today, he had forgotten to close the door. He never expected to hear the soft voice of a woman. He thought he had seen a ghost!

Fangzheng turned his head and saw the woman standing by the door. He shot a glance at the ground. There was a shadow! She was not a ghost! Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief and pressed his palms together. He took a step forward. “Amitabha. Female Patron, it’s late. The monastery will be closing for the day.”

“Okay.” The woman nodded but she ignored Fangzheng. She took a step into the monastery and did not enter to pay respects to Buddha. Instead, she sat underneath the bodhi tree and fell silent.

Fangzheng was filled with curiosity when he saw this. Did he encounter a mad woman? She climbed up the mountain late in the night and even wore sunglasses? How did she safely ascend the mountain without falling to her death? Amitabha. She was really blessed by Buddha.

Fangzheng did not seek a rebuff considering how she was not speaking. He ignored her since she did not say a word.

Hence, he came to the tree and continued looking up at the tree. “Squirrel, you are already fat. You should eat less? Spare me some for a midnight snack. Tomorrow, This Penniless Monk will share some of my precious Wormwood sprouts tomorrow. How about that?”

The woman thought that the young monk would act like most monks after encountering an outsider. The monks typically acted like a master and approached the outsider. Some might even predict the future. Even the worst would exchange a few gathas to express their profound Buddhist Dharma.

She never expected the young monk to be different. When she ignored him, he treated her no different to air! He continued acting as he pleased, requesting for pine nuts. Wasn’t he weird murmuring to a bodhi tree late at night for pine nuts? Wasn’t it strange? Was there a squirrel on the bodhi tree? Even if there was one, does it understand what you are saying?

“Is he crazy?” When the woman came to this realization, she sidestepped and maintained distance from him!