The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 196

Chapter 196


When Fangzheng heard Lin Dongshi’s words, he shook his head even more vehemently. “This Penniless Monk probably can’t do something this important. What happens if This Penniless Monk messes up?”

“Hey, Venerable Fangzheng, I’m begging you. If that doesn’t work, I’ll kneel before you, alright? Just do your best. The main thing is to go through the motions to see the effect. The level of acting required isn’t that demanding either.” Lin Dongshi lied again. In order to hoax Fangzheng into acting, he used nearly every trick in the book.

Fangzheng hurriedly stretched out his hands to stop Lin Dongshi when he noticed that he was about to kneel. Lin Dongshi noticed Fangzheng become a little flustered. He knew he had a chance as he grabbed the opportunity. He tried his best to kneel but sadly realized that the frail-looking monk’s hand held him up like it was a monolith. No matter how much strength he exerted, he was surprised when he realized that he could not kneel! Lin Dongshi was alarmed. “Even Luo Li isn’t capable of this! This monk really is something special!”

Hence, Lin Dongshi was even more determined in inviting Fangzheng. He pleaded in various fashions. He felt depressed.City-Toppling Beautywas a blockbuster, so much so that a long line of people would turn up for a role as a dead corpse, much less an extra with lines. But now, he was literally begging Fangzheng to act… If this was made known, perhaps others would rather die than believe it. At the same time, Lin Dongshi swore that he would never mention it to anyone else but moments later…

Wang Yougui could not stand the sight of how Lin Dongshi was acting. “Abbot Fangzheng, why don’t you give it a try? If you can, treat it as lending them a hand. If you can’t, then forget it. They can give up on the thought.”

When Fangzheng heard that, he nodded. “Very well. This Penniless Monk will give it a try. This Penniless Monk has to make things clear. This Penniless Monk really doesn’t know how to act.”

“That’s fine! Just act as you normally would. Let’s go. I’ll bring you to the director. The director will explain the scene.” Lin Dongshi felt relieved as he quickly led Fangzheng to Director Yu.

Yu Guanze was overjoyed the moment he heard of Fangzheng’s agreement. He completely ignored Fangzheng’s mentioning of not being able to act.

Yu Guanze said, “Venerable Fangzheng, the movie we will be filming is titledCity-Toppling Beauty. It is an adaptation of the story of Mulan, where she takes her aged father’s place in the army. What sort of woman is the prettiest? A female heroine is the prettiest! That’s the reason for its name. And the scene we will be filming today is that of a huge battle scene. After the battle, there are only dead corpses that litter the land. As a monk in the area, you will do the funeral rites for the fallen heroes. But you will then discover Hua Mulan who is still alive. You will then save her by bringing her away. There is only one line in the middle. You will be reciting scriptures. You are better than anyone else when it comes to this. You will recite the scriptures along the way, save Mulan and leave. It is that simple!”

Fangzheng found it quite simple himself, he had to admit that. Furthermore, everyone knew the legend of Hua Mulan. He had heard of it himself. He had even memorized it back in school. At the same time, he further understood from Yu Guanze’s explanation that the movie was a true historical movie. It’s central theme was patriotism and how women could stand their own. It would also showcase the cruelties of war. The core idea was to be anti-war. Be it ancient times or modern times, war is cruel. The ones hurt are always the civilians… With this line of thought Fangzheng no longer had any qualms.

Fangzheng thought, “This is a way of earning merit too.”

On the other side, a large group of extras were being brought around and made to practice. All of them died in different spots. Under the help of experienced extras, the villagers quickly found their spots.

Everything was happening smoothly.

At that moment, a luxurious car drove into the village.

Tan Juguo and his accountant, Yang Ping, remained in the village to receive them. They led the car to the primary school’s sports ground before bringing a few men in suits up the mountain. The men appeared sullen as though there was something on their minds.

After Tan Juguo attempted to converse with them but was ignored, he stopped bothering. The group of people climbed up the mountain in silence.

Old Tao was waiting on the mountaintop and he smiled the moment he met them, “CEO Hu, CEO Zhao. Welcome, please over here.”

“Tao Chen, I heard that there was a problem with the filming crew?” A rather plump man with golden-rimmed spectacles asked.

“No, what happened?” Old Tao was a little taken aback.

“Enough. Tao Chen, cut the act. We have all heard that the veteran, Teacher Song Fenggu has been hospitalized.” Another man dressed casually but the vibes he exuded was no way lesser than CEO Hu.

When Old Tao heard that, he was stunned. He cursed the past eighteen generations of ancestors of the person who leaked the news. He kept his face straight. “CEO Zhao, that did indeed happen.”

“Since Old Song isn’t here, tell me. How are you going to film the scene today? We came all the way here and what will be watching? Are we here to sightsee?” Hu Xiao frowned.

“Nevermind. It’s useless speaking with you. Bring me to Director Yu and Xueying,” said Zhao Hongxiang.

Old Tao let out a wry cry. He knew that he lacked the standing to speak to them. In the entire film crew, the only people that could make the two lower themselves to speak cordially was Director Yu and Li Xueying. In China’s filming industry, directors were core. Investors could only play second fiddle. Furthermore, Yu Guanze had the reputation of being the best among the younger directors! Any investor had to treat him with respect. Furthermore, Li Xueying was an international superstar. No one dared slight her.

Indeed, the two men with frigid expressions the entire time beamed the moment they saw Yu Guanze. They laughed loudly, “Director Yu, long time no see! Haha…”

“Director Yu, how’s your health recently? I recently received two bottles of fine wine. Let’s find some time to enjoy it!”

Old Tao rolled his eyes when he heard that. Indeed, people were different around those they considered their equal. All he could do was wallow in sorrow to the side.

“Don’t try that on me. Aren’t you here to be critical?” Yu Guanze smiled.

The duo was slightly taken aback by Director Yu’s response. Following that, Zhao Hongxiang handed out cigarettes, “Director Yu, you know that we’re only representatives. There are still a bunch of old men waiting for our report. But, if something happens along the way… it will be difficult to settle them.”

Yu Guanze smiled. “What’s so difficult to settle? Don’t worry. Although Grandpa Song can’t come, I have already found someone to replace him. I can guarantee that you will watch a stunning scene.” Yet deep in his heart, Yu Guanze lacked confidence. He only said those words to cope with the situation.

“Oh? Director Yu has contingency plans and has long since prepared a replacement? Haha… Didn’t I say so? It’s just a trivial matter. It won’t daunt Director Yu at all.” Hu Xiao laughed out loudly.

Zhao Hongxiang added, “Director Yu is truly thorough in his planning. Which veteran is replacing Elder Song? Tell me.”

Yu Guanze became embarrassed as he cursed inwardly, “Who told you that I have a trick up my sleeve? Who told you that I have gotten a veteran as a replacement? Who would do such a thing? Why would I arrange for a backup when the main actor was still fine? Pui!” Instead he told them, “I’m afraid I’ll be disappointing you. I will be using a rookie to make a cameo.”

“Pfft!” Hu Xiao, who had just drank a mouthful of water, nearly spat it all out. He exclaimed, “Rookie? And a cameo?”