The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Two Lines! Two lines!

Du Mei said, "Doctor, it really is different this time."

"Did you drink some potion this time? Or did some barefooted doctor treat you?" asked the doctor helplessly.

The doctor's voice was quite loud, and with the county not being very large, as well as the very unique illnesses Du Mei and Yang Hua had, many people in the hospital knew of them. When they saw them come again, they began murmuring in hushed tones.

A young nurse tugged at the head nurse and asked perplexedly "Sis, what's the matter? If they want a checkup, why don't we just do as they ask?"

"Heh heh, Jiang Ting, these two are famous. They have gotten three checkups in three months. The last time was at the beginning of the month. But here they are again. The checkup isn't a problem. The problem is...look at their clothes. It's obvious they lead a hard life but they keep throwing money down the drain. It's meaningless. Dr. Sun only has their interests at heart..." The head nurse answered.

"Why are they so stubborn? Since they can't have children, why don't they think of something else?" The young nurse, Jiang Ting, asked curiously.

When the head nurse heard that, she was amused. "Something else? They have thought of a lot more than you. They have tried all sorts of superstitious tricks. They probably tried all sorts of ancestral recipes too. But every time they tried something, they would have their hopes raised and come here to do a checkup."

When she said that, the head nurse continued with a sigh, "Our countrymen are still traditional. Out of the three unfilial actions, not having children is the worst. The two of them are actually quite sad..."

Jiang Ting nodded slightly and said, "Then what can they do?"

"What else can we do? If they insist on doing it, let them do it. But if I had any say in the matter, no matter what crazy thing they try, there will be nothing!" said the head nurse.

Jiang Ting asked, "But what if..."

"There's no what if. If there's a what if, I'll eat the ultrasound machine," Dr. Sun chimed in before the head nurse could say a word.

Jiang Ting looked at the nurse as the head nursed tsked. "We'll eat it together!"

Jiang Ting could not help but laugh as she said, "I really find it hard to imagine you and Dr. Sun eating the machine..."

"Enough, darn girl. Get back to work. Stop looking around." The head nurse chased Jiang Ting away.

On the other side, Yang Hua had turned anxious as he exclaimed, "Doctor, it's really different this time! Look, we bought a pregnancy test kit. And we hit the jackpot!"

"What?" Dr. Sun was surprised. He took the stick and looked at it carefully. Then, he took the package and gave it a careful look. He asked, "You bought this at some tiny pharmacy, didn't you?"

"That's right. How did you know?" Yang Hua asked.

Dr. Sun said with a scoff, "Based on my many years of experience, it's fake!"


"If it's real, there's no way you could've hit the jackpot! To put it bluntly, this thing costs only two or three bucks. Our machine is worth nearly a million! Just from the price, you should know which one is more advanced, right? That's why, if the machine says that it's impossible for the two of you, it means it's impossible. Furthermore, you have had more than two checkups. Even if the first was a mistake, what about the second one? The third one? If such an impossible thing happens and proves this machine to be inaccurate, I'll really smash it up and eat it! That's why this pregnancy kit is likely fake," said Dr. Sun.

"Dr. Sun, what are you talking about? What is this about smashing?" At that moment, an elderly man dressed in a white coat asked as he walked over.

Dr. Sun hurriedly said, "Hey, Director Zhao, you've come? It's this..." Dr. Sun explained the situation.

When Director Zhao finished hearing the situation, he was amused as he said, "After three failures, a pregnancy test kit actually reads positive?"

"That's right. Isn't this clearly fake?" Dr. Sun said.

Director Zhao nodded and said to the couple, "Sir and Madam, I also suggest that the both of you not have the checkup. Of course, if you insist on the checkup, I will not stop you. Just as Dr. Sun said, if you are truly with child, proving that the machine isn't working, I'll take the lead in smashing it for us to have it for dinner."

Yang Hua felt a little embarrassed as he said, "That thing can be eaten? Stop joking..."

Du Mei kicked Yang Hua and said to Director Zhao, "Director Zhao, to be honest, we lost all hope when we returned home. But then we went to a Buddhist temple to pray for a child. After that, I had a feeling. Furthermore, my period didn't come this month and, after testing, it seems we have hit the jackpot."

Dr. Sun immediately said, "A period can come late. This month isn't over so what's the rush? Furthermore, you don't believe in science and actually believe in gods? If praying at a temple works, then what need is there for us doctors?"

Du Mei immediately answered, "To help with the delivery!"

Dr. Sun was immediately rendered speechless...

Director Zhao hurriedly said, "Alright, alright. Since you are so insistent, go ahead and do the checkup. If you truly are with child, I'll pay the checkup fees. If there's nothing, I would hope that you listen to our advice and have a look at the orphanage."

"Sure!" Yang Hua and Du Mei smiled.

The duo followed Dr. Sun and did the checkup. In fact, the so-called checkup wasn't that complicated. Although Yang Hua had gotten Du Mei to do an ultrasound every time, Dr. Sun expressed that it was a waste of money. He had failed to advise against it the first two times, so he was insistent to not let the couple do it a third time.

"Even if you are with child, it hasn't been a month. What's the point of doing an ultrasound? You need at least forty days before the fetus can be seen through ultrasound. Doing it now is just a complete waste of money. Listen to me, go buy a pregnancy kit. Bring your urine over and I'll do the test." Dr. Sun said.

The duo hurriedly went to buy one and after a stop at the bathroom, Du Mei brought the urine sample over.

Dr. Sun dripped the urine on the pregnancy kit in front of the couple...

"Two lines! Two lines! Two lines!" Yang Hua and Du Mei stared at the pregnancy kit and shouted.

Dr. Sun said in a completely speechless manner, "Do you think you guys are playing mahjong? What two lines? Why not call the devil?"

"Yeah! It's really two lines! Doctor, look. Two lines! We hit the jackpot!" Yang Hua suddenly exclaimed in delight.

Dr. Sun looked down and was given a fright. Indeed, the pregnancy kit clearly indicated two purplish-red lines. It was extremely clear.

Dr. Sun immediately broke into a profuse sweat. He had spoken so much earlier, and now he received a rather painful smack to the face!

When Director Zhao saw this, he said, "Little Sun, contact the manufacturer and quickly send the machine back for repair! Are they trying to scam us?"

"Director, but the first two times, they were..." Dr. Sun wanted to speak further but he swallowed his words when he received a glare from Director Zhao. As such, he left obediently.

Yang Hua and Du Mei were extremely loud. Their voices were heard by many people along the corridors. As the nurses gossiped, the news quickly proliferated.

When Jiang Ting heard, she found it incredulous. However, when she looked at the head nurse whose face was flashing black and red, she immediately smiled and said, "Head Nurse, there's going to be a sumptuous meal tonight."

The head nurse rolled her eyes and feigned hard-of-hearing. "What? I didn't hear that. Oh, I have something on. I'll be leaving first."

With that, the head nurse ran away.

Jiang Ting was giggling and curiously leaned toward the door in order to hear the commotion within.