The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Something Big Has Happened


Yu Guanze sighed. “Venerable Fangzheng, if this were in the past, I would definitely have the confidence finding someone to finish the scene. But now, after seeing you act, finding someone of similar quality will be nigh impossible. Are you sure I cannot convince you to finish the scene? There isn’t much content left.”

Fangzheng decisively shook his head, “This Penniless Monk has things on his mind, so he wouldn’t be able to act with peace of mind. Please do not mention this again. Besides, This Penniless Monk still needs to farm. Reciting the scriptures everyday takes a great deal of time. This Penniless Monk doesn’t have the energy to continue acting.” Fangzheng did not lie. The growth of the Crystal Rice required the scripture recitals. At the very least, he needed to recite the scriptures at least once a week. No one knew how long one recital would take. If he was in the right state, it was even possible to recite an entire day.

Realizing that Fangzheng was adamant about not acting, Yu Guanze could only leave with a wry smile. He felt a sense of regret but also secretly felt a flutter of inspiration. Thankfully, he still had the cut for his collection. He even had a bold idea!

After Fangzheng sent Yu Guanze off, he closed the monastery’s door and returned under the bodhi tree. He took out his cell phone and tried to find discussions of the right and wrongs about killing. Killing was unanimously condemned! Fangzheng wavered.

“System, is killing a person a sin? Regardless of the situation, is killing a person a sin?”

“I am unable to answer your question. You have to understand it yourself. If you come to a conclusion, it will be yours. Don’t bother searching for an answer on the Internet. This world’s monks all believe that killing someone is a sin.”

Fangzheng smiled wryly. “Seriously dude, when I need your help, you always fumble the ball.” He knew that the System had given him an uncommitted answer. Yet the system had failed to disagree, meaning he might be on to something! Therefore, Fangzheng felt a lot better.

Hence, Fangzheng chose one of the most popular Buddhist forums and created an account. He posted a thread: “Is killing someone a sin?”

Soon, he received his first reply.

“Killing someone is obviously a sin.”

“The circulation of karma only results in punitive justice. Killing someone causes huge karmic implications. If it’s not a sin, wouldn’t it result in worldwide chaos?”

“Regardless of the situation, no one has the right to take away a person’s life.”

“You only live once. Killing someone is a grave sin!”

Fangzheng shook his head when he read the comments. He closed the page for he did not find the answers he sought.

After Yu Guanze returned, he was surrounded by a group of people. The news that Fangzheng might not continue acting had spread. A large group of people began discussing the matter and after waiting helplessly for a long time, Yu Guanze finally returned. The curious ones ran over looking for answers.

Before anyone could say anything, Yu Guanze smiled bitterly, “Alright, stop your yapping. It’s true that Venerable Fangzheng will not be participating in the rest of the film. Although it is a loss, I have already contacted a veteran. We can continue filming in three days. Everyone will be given two days off…”

What surprised Yu Guanze was that these people who usually acted like they had regained their freedom after hearing they got some time off, now looked sullen.

Especially Hu Xiao and Zhao Hongxiang. They looked as if their parents had died.

“Director Yu, is there no way about it? Can’t giving him more money work?” asked Hu Xiao.

Yu Guanze shook his head. “You crass man. All you know is money. Don’t talk about money. He is an accomplished monk. Money is useless,”

Hu Xiao’s face instantly turned bitter. “What a pity. If he is willing to continue acting, he will definitely become famous. If we sign a contract with him, we would make a killing…”

Yu Guanze rolled his eyes at him. A businessman was indeed a businessman. How crass!

After lunch, Hu Xiao and Hu Xiao left with the sample cut. The film crew returned to normal. Without the veteran, they first began filming other scenes.

And all of this had nothing to do with Fangzheng. He cooked a pot of Crystal Rice and fried a large bowl of Wormwood sprouts that he enjoyed with the wolf, monkey, and squirrel.

After the meal, the three animals went to join in the bustle. Fangzheng had a nagging feeling that they were acting suspiciously, especially that darn monkey. His ass was redder than before, he was sure of it.

At night, Fangzheng asked curiously, “You guys have been joining the bustle the past few days. Did you understand anything?”

Monkey scratched his ass and chuckled, “What’s there not to understand? Isn’t it just a bunch of idiots standing and lying down? They lie down then stand up. Then they just draw on their bodies. Isn’t that all? It’s so boring.”

Squirrel said, “The things they eat are so colorful and beautiful. A few beautiful ladies gave me all sorts of things to eat. I had a great time eating. They are so much more generous than a miser like you.”

Fangzheng rolled his eyes at him. “You ingrate! You can’t even crawl up after every meal. How dare you call me a miser! Fine, I’ll reduce your share tomorrow.”

Squirrel ran over with puppy dog eyes. “I actually meant that they were too miserly. You are much more generous than they are.”

Fangzheng could not be bothered with the little fellow that acknowledged anyone who gave him food. He then looked at Lone Wolf.

On account of his seniority, Lone Wolf said, “It was boring. A bunch of idiots got some crappy stick and tried to get me to fetch. They did not even give me any rewards. They can forget about me fetching it for them.”

Fangzheng: “@#$… ”

Fangzheng slept soundly through a night without events. When he opened his eyes, Fangzheng’s vision was filled with a swath of redness!

“Who did this?!” exclaimed Fangzheng.

At the same time, there were screams from the film crew on the mountain.

“Who did this?!” With the filming beginning, all the members of the film crew pitched tents on the mountain.

But they discovered something shocking early in the morning!

Li Xueying’s tent was large. It was equipped with a shower, a bedroom and a makeup room. When she slept at night, there were people who stood watch outside. The bed was covered by a special veil that prevented people from the outside to see who lay on the bed.

Li Xueying had a habit of placing a new bra by the side of her bed, making it easy for her to wear it in the morning. But why wasn’t it there when she reached out? Li Xueying suddenly opened her eyes as she sat up with the blanket wrapped around her. She surveyed her surroundings and indeed, her bra was gone!

At the same time, she heard screams from other women outside.

Following that, Xiaoliu’s voice was heard. “Sis Xueying, did… I… Aiyah, Sis Xueying, did you lose anything?”

“Xiaoliu, come on in. What exactly happened? Tell me,” said a puzzled Li Xueying.

Xiaoliu walked in with her face blushing as she growled softly, “I don’t know which sexual pervert it was. He stole all the underwear from the females in the crew. Many people are currently wearing nothing underneath…”

“Underwear has been stolen?” Li Xueying jumped in fright as she hurriedly flipped open the luggage bag beside her. When she opened it, she realized that her underwear was gone! Not a single spare was left behind! Thankfully, she was still wearing a set of underwear or she would really have to go commando.