The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Abbot's Reputation Destroyed


“Xiaoliu, weren’t there people standing guard outside? What… exactly happened?” Li Xiaoliu nearly blew her top. She had been acting for years, traveling across the world. She had met plenty of perverts doing so. But this was the first time she had her intimate apparel stolen, leaving her with no spares.

Xiaoliu said, “You also know that people would sometimes skive.”

Li Xueying rolled her eyes, “Of all times, they chose to skive this time? Heavens… Xiaoliu, go down the mountain and buy me some undergarments. I can’t leave without any undergarments.”

“Sis Xueying, this mountain isn’t that big. The culprit must be someone nearby. Director Yu is already incensed. He’s searching everywhere. He has even gone to the village to search. If it can’t be found, they are preparing to call the cops. Don’t worry. We will definitely find them,” said Xiaoliu.

Li Xueying said at a loss whether to laugh or cry, “Even if you find it, will you wear it? Who knows what that sick pervert did to the things he took. In short, I don’t care. I wouldn’t wear it even if you found it! Also, tell the rest that I didn’t lose any. Do you understand?”

Xiaoliu smiled cheekily. “Sis Xueying, don’t worry. I know what to say.”

“Good. Remember, keep it quiet. If others ask why you are leaving, tell them that you are buying some food for me. Got it?” asked Li Xueying.

“Got it. I’ll go right now.”. The moment she walked out the door, she saw a large group of men squatting outside. All of them had eyes that almost shimmered.

“What are you looking at? Dream on about seeing something untoward. Sis Xueying didn’t have her stuff stolen!” Xiaoliu raised her head and walked straight out.

Luo Li scratched his head, “Lin Dongshi, your news isn’t reliable at all. We came here early in the morning before dawn, having to hide from others but we did all this for nothing.”

“You fool. You believe whatever Xiaoliu says? Everyone lost their undergarments except Li Xueying? And you believe that? You guys can leave if you want to. I’ll stay here a little longer.”

When Old Tao heard that, he gave Lin Dongshi a disparaging look. “Stay my ass. She wears such thick clothes. What can you see even if she’s not wearing a bra? If you end up displeasing her, be careful you don’t get sent back to do farming. I won’t wait. I’m recently suffering from bad luck. Stealing a glan-”

“What stealing? Old Tao, did you do it?” They heard a voice from behind.

Old Tao nearly cried when he heard the accusation. What did he do? He did nothing! He turned his head and saw Yu Guanze staring angrily at him! Clearly, Yu Guanze was here too. He did not hear the first half of the conversation but he heard something about stealing.

Lin Dongshi and Luo Li stood up when they saw him. They ran off after greeting Yu Guanze.

Old Tao was close to tears. “Director, it has nothing to do with me. I did nothing!”

“With that bit of guts, I doubt you are the culprit. Alright, the work over there will be left to you.” Yu Guanze pointed to a distant pile of objects.

Old Tao turned around dumbfounded and exclaimed, “Director, aren’t those normally done by the women?”

Yu Guanze glared at him. “All the women have gone down the mountain to buy undergarments. If you aren’t going to do it, do you want me to?”

“But why pick me? There are so many people,” said Old Tao aggrieved as he looked at Lin Dongshi, Luo Li, and company engaging in idle chatter a distance away.

“They ran fast. Are you blaming me for running slowly?” Yu Guanze stated matter-of-factly.

Old Tao i felt the rage in him rise. Bitterly, he went to do the work. He wondered if he really had to offer some incense at the monastery. He really was down on his luck the past two days. He could even get his teeth stuck from drinking plain water!

At that moment, Li Xueying came out. She was wearing a thin down jacket. Old Tao subconsciously shot a glance at her and indeed, saw nothing.

“What are you looking at?” Li Xueying’s face blushed slightly as she glared at him.

Old Tao was pushed to tears. He was unlucky in everything he did! He might as well get to work…

Li Xueying clasped her collar and walked around the filming crew uneasily. She had a nagging feeling that everyone looked at her weird. Feeling like she could not stay there any longer, she turned her sights on One Finger Monastery.

Meanwhile, Fangzheng was looking dumbfounded at the grand scene in front of him!

He was covered in lingerie! There were all sorts of bras of different colors hanging on the roof frames. They were black ones, white ones, pink ones, underwire bras, adolescent ones, and even kinky ones!

Fangzheng grabbed out randomly and felt something smooth. When he picked it up, he realized that it was red laced panties that someone had worn before!

Fangzheng had never even touched a woman’s hand before despite his age. He had not even thought of undergarments before. His innocent heart received a huge visual impact as he felt his face and ears turn red. His bald head turned as red as a soy egg.

At that moment, he heard a series of footsteps as Lone Wolf entered. A bra was hanging off his mouth. Monkey entered as well. He held two panties in his hands and even had one worn over his head. He looked like an underwear pervert!

Squirrel entered as well. A bra was slung around his neck as though he was using it to keep warm.

Fangzheng’s eyes turned red. “Which one of you did it!? Where did you get all these from!?”

Squirrel and Monkey subconsciously pointed towards the film crew. Lone Wolf spat out all the incriminating evidence from his mouth like a clever imp. He kept his face straight.

When Fangzheng saw this, his eyes rolled back as he nearly fainted. They had indeed stolen from the film crew. These bastards… have completely… completely gotten him into trouble!

Just as Fangzheng was about to berate them, he suddenly heard knocking coming from outside. Were the victims here to confront him?

Although Monkey, Lone Wolf, and Squirrel did not know the seriousness of the matter, stealing things was ultimately bad. Especially Monkey. He used to pilfer items from Baiyun Monastery. The monks often threw their shoes at him. With this experience, he grabbed his ear and scratched his neck as he attempted to flee.

Fangzheng instantly grabbed his tail and pointed to the items on the ground. “Darn Monkey, you still want to run? Tell me, if you don’t settle these items for me, I plan on eating monkey brains tonight! And the two of you. Don’t think this has nothing to do with you. Hide all the items for This Penniless Monk! Or else, hmph… I plan on stewing all of you tonight.”

Seeing Fangzheng ground his teeth fiercely, the three animals clearly knew that it was a serious matter. They nodded their heads vigorously, indicating that they would complete the mission!

At that moment, Li Xueying’s voice was heard from outside. “Venerable Fangzheng, are you in?”

Fangzheng sighed. He wished to act as though he was not. Mt. One Finger was small. Where could he hide? Was he out visiting relatives? Wouldn’t that only invite more suspicion onto him?

Hence, Fangzheng shouted loudly, “Patron, please wait!” Then, he turned his head to glare at the three animals. “Quickly tidy these away! When I’m back, if I see a single item placed outside, the three of you are dead.”

With that said, Fangzheng pushed the door and went out. He headed for the front yard and opened the door.

The three animals exchanged looks before they rapidly took action. Work time!