The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Sigh Of Relief


When Li Xueying heard him, she exerted some force downwards as a probe. The thing underneath her foot did not feel anything like a hand. It felt like solid, firm ground. It was extremely stable! Only then was Li Xueying assured enough to lower her other foot.

Fangzheng recited the sutras, trying his best not to look at the perfectly-contoured body that was accentuated by the tightening of her leather pants. He focused his eyes on Li Xueying’s feet as he stably held his hands up. Li Xueying slowly lowered herself while placing her hands on the tree trunk. Finally, she landed safely.

Fangzheng barely touched her during the entire process. This made Li Xueying feel wistful once again. If it were anyone else, they could have ‘trembled’ their hands and get the opportunity to hug her. This monk was a true gentleman…

Upon thinking of gentleman, Li Xueying suddenly thought of her bra. She asked, “Venerable Fangzheng, aren’t you curious why I climbed up the tree?”

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. “Amitabha. This Penniless Monk obviously knows why you climbed up the tree.” With the situation developing this far, Fangzheng also knew that he could no longer bury the matter. Since it was not actually done by him, he might as well be honest since it had been discovered.

“Uh… Venerable One, you know about it?” Li Xueying was taken aback. She never believed that Fangzheng was the undergarment-stealing thief and only thought that it was the tiny, thieving squirrel that had stolen the undergarments. Perhaps it had picked up her bra and secretly stuffed it into its nest, something that Fangzheng was completely unaware of. But from the looks of it, the situation was different.

Fangzheng sighed. “Patron, please come with This Penniless Monk.”

Li Xueying looked at Fangzheng’s back and followed out of curiosity. Once she entered the backyard, she saw Lone Wolf and Monkey squatting there. She had no idea what they were up to. Upon seeing Fangzheng, they immediately dodged to the side.

“Both of you follow me too. Are you still trying to hide from what you did?” rebuked Fangzheng.

The two followed with heads lowered.

Li Xueying was even more curious when she saw the two animals’ reactions. They were obviously intelligent!

Fangzheng opened the door to his room and brought Li Xueying to the wardrobe. “Patron, open it and take a look.”

Li Xueying nodded and opened the wardrobe before she was left dumbfounded!

Fangzheng showed her a bitter smile. “They should all be here.”

“This… Venerable Fangzheng, what exactly happened?” Li Xueying looked at Fangzheng in disbelief. She could not fathom Fangzheng as a sex pervert in any way. Could it be she had wrongly judged him this entire time? The person in front of her was a wolf draped in sheep’s clothing?

Fangzheng pointed to Monkey on the ground. “This fellow is a kleptomaniac. This Penniless Monk never expected that he would do it to all of you.”

Li Xueying looked at Monkey who had covered his face, turning so embarrassed that it raised its ass. Her expression turned odd, “A monkey, stealing undergarments? This…” Li Xueying found it hard to get it around her head. A monkey knew how to steal undergarments?

Fangzheng shook his head. “It’s not only him. It’s the three of them.”

Lone Wolf sprawled on the ground, paws covering his face. He was embarrassed…

Squirrel instantly stuffed his head into Lone Wolf’s long fur.

Li Xueying looked at the three anthropomorphic animals in fascination, “Venerable Fangzheng, to be honest, I… find it unbelievable. Also, why do they seem like… they understand you?”

Fangzheng smiled. “These three are very intelligent. They can understand me as well as you can. If you don’t believe me, spend some time with them.”

With that said, Fangzheng walked out.

When Li Xueying saw this, she smiled. She knew Fangzheng did so to prevent any suspicion of his meddling. If he was around, how could it be proven that the three animals were intelligent? Perhaps he could hint to them in secret.

Li Xueying took a deep breath and looked at the three animals in front of her. She said a few words and all the three animals gave her was a dumbfounded look. Li Xueying decided on simply gesturing. As such, Monkey got into the swing of things. He began gesturing together with her and Li Xueying discovered in astonishment that Monkey was communicating with her.

The wolf and squirrel were the same. As long as she could gesture clearly, they would understand her. Furthermore, they would respond… Thus, Li Xueying’s asked why they stole the undergarments in excitement.

In the end, Monkey held a undergarment and wore it on his head. He gestured that it was comfortable and fragrant…

Squirrel wrapped himself in a bra. It was warm.

The wolf indicated that he had been dragged along to do the dirty work…

Li Xueying was amused. She had a great time communicating with them and even sat on the ground to communicate with the three animals, refusing to leave.

Fangzheng waited all day outside as he heard constant laughter. He saw no sign of Li Xueying coming out. Yet he felt relieved. Through this communication, it was unlikely the situation would implicate him. It was enough to make things clear. Fangzheng wondered how he was to compensate them. There were so many undergarments and they were unlikely cheap. Did he have the money to compensate for all that underwear?

Fangzheng felt like crying the moment he thought of money. He was probably the poorest monk in history.

At that moment, he heard footsteps from outside the door. Following that, two policemen with Wang Yougui and Yu Guanze entered.

“Venerable Fangzheng, it’s great that you’re around.” Wang Yougui shouted out the moment they met.

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Patrons, is there something wrong?”

“Venerable Fangzheng, it’s this…” Yu Guanze simply explained the theft of the undergarments in the morning. Fangzheng long knew of it but he patiently listened to the entire recount.

“Venerable Fangzheng, we have searched everywhere else. So, if it’s convenient, we would like to sightsee your esteemed monastery,” Constable Lu Liang said with a smile. He had been here for the previous case and had learned a trick. He had to call it sightsee instead of searching.

Fangzheng smiled bitterly. “There’s no need to search. This Penniless Monk already knew of the matter. In fact…”

Fangzheng was prepared to confess. Since he had thought it through, he wouldn’t keep silent.

Someone finished his words before he could.

“Director Yu, Village Chief and constables, I have already sightseen the monastery. I have seen every spot inside and outside. Venerable Fangzheng is a true Venerable One. I believe his character and am willing to make a guarantee.” As Li Xueying spoke, she came out with Lone Wolf. Squirrel sat on her shoulder and behind her was a monk-robed Monkey who imitated Fangzheng’s style of walking.

Upon seeing this situation, Yu Guanze, Wang Yougui, and the policemen were taken aback. What was happening? An international celebrity was speaking up for Fangzheng?

Lu Liang smiled. “Madam Li, are you sure you have seen every spot?”

“Of course. Don’t forget I’m also a victim. I’ve been here all day and have seen every spot of the monastery. The crime was not committed by Venerable Fangzheng.” With that said, Li Xueying diverted the topic. “Director Yu, I feel that there’s no need to continue making a big hooha on this matter. Why don’t we first begin filming.”

Since the victim was not pursuing the matter, what could the others say? As for the other women that had their undergarments stolen, probably none of them would oppose Li Xueying.

“Since Xueying doesn’t want to waste time on this matter, let’s leave it at that. Constable Lu, sorry for troubling you. If it’s possible, can…”

“Director Yu, you are our guests. Don’t worry. My colleague and I will stay behind today. If that thief dares come again, we will catch him red-handed,” said Constable Lu.