The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Lone Wolf Knows How To Scam Too


A day later, Jiang Song returned home. The moment he entered the house, he saw Huang Lanlan sitting on a bed with a policeman sitting beside her. Jiang Song was stunned before he sat beside Huang Lanlan. He tugged at her, “I will wait for you no matter how long. I will not remarry again if you are gone. I will remain steadfast to the end.”

Huang Lanlan looked at Jiang Song and leaned towards him, experiencing his warm embrace. She asked, “Did you know all along? Why didn’t you divorce me when I led a life no longer a human’s for all these years? You could have led a better life.”

Jiang Song hugged her. “Silly girl, you talk in your sleep during your nightmares. I long knew of it. But you are my wife! I could not bring myself to send you to the police but I also feel ashamed towards the deceased Wei Shuqiao. I always hoped that you would one day realize your mistakes by yourself and transform back to the original you. And not live a ghost-like existence. I have waited for this day for so very long…”

Huang Lanlan cried. Jiang Song had always loved her after all. She felt satisfied at that moment.

That night, Huang Lanlan engaged in matrimonial bliss with Jiang Song for the first time.

After Huang Lanlan was remanded, Jiang Song quit his job and returned home. Everyday, he would tidy the place, ensuring that it looked identical to when Huang Lanlan lived in it.

Huang Lanlan finally found herself. Although she was imprisoned, she was sentenced to eighteen years jail since she had confessed voluntarily, cooperated nicely the entire time, and showed signs of repentance. But two months later, Huang Lanlan realized she was pregnant…

But all this was a matter of the future. Currently, Fangzheng was holding a hoe, digging up wild vegetables with the wolf, monkey, and squirrel. As the weather turned warm, it was no longer limited to Wormwood sprouts. There were also dandelion greens, leaves of the common dandelion. The dandelion greens had just grown out of the soil and were still immature. The flowers had yet to bloom and the leaves were tender.

They grew in huge swaths but few people were willing to eat them.

Having had experience with the Wormwood sprouts, Squirrel, Lone Wolf, and Monkey believed that it definitely tasted good despite not knowing if it was edible or delicious. Therefore, the three animals joined hands. Lone Wolf continued holding the basket while Squirrel and Monkey joined the picking of the wild vegetables. Squirrel attacked the Wormwood sprouts while Monkey dug the dandelion greens.

As for Fangzheng, he was sitting under a tree, having fun with his cell phone. Occasionally, he would take a glance at the three animals that did work amidst play. He would record a video of them to share on his WeChat Moments.

As a result, the casual recording received a large number of Likes.

Only then did Fangzheng realize that his friends list was getting bigger.

The first person to comment was Ma Juan. “Wow! There’s now an additional monkey. Master, you might as well rename your One Finger Monastery to Zoo.”

Fangzheng rubbed his nose. “If This Penniless Monk cannot carry on being a monk, perhaps that can be considered.”

Yu Guanze popped up and commented: “There’s no need for it to be a zoo. My door is always open for the three animals. The fees they command will be the same as celebrities.” Yu Guanze had always paid attention to Fangzheng’s three animals. He had realized that if he had not seen the three animals in person, he would seriously suspect they were computer animations. They were too intelligent! In this era, what was the most expensive aspect of a film? Although special effects would not necessarily be the most expensive, it was definitely a sizable sum. It was something that should not be skimped on. As such, China had few movies that revolved around animals.

But the three animals had given Yu Guanze hope. If he could get them to join his film crew… he believed that the doors to Hollywood might open up to him. Therefore, he would constantly think of ways to get the three animals to act in a movie. Unfortunately, he could not do a thing without Fangzheng’s approval.

Fangzheng thought before replying with a smile: “If you have the ability to get the three of them to follow you, This Penniless Monk wouldn’t object.”

Fangzheng commented with utmost confidence. Although the outside world had many things to offer, to get the three animals to leave the mountain? Difficult! Did the outside world have Crystal Rice? Did the outside world have Unrooted Clean Aqua? Which person in the outside world could chat with them? Those were not the only reasons why they stayed by Fangzheng’s side. More importantly, Fangzheng had always treated them as human and not animals. This level of respect came innately from the heart. The three animals were intelligent and naturally understood who to follow for their own best will.

When Yu Guanze read the message, he felt tempted. “If that’s what you say. I’ll definitely give it a try if there’s a chance.”

Fangzheng chuckled and thought nothing of it. He did not understand the situation of the filming industry and thought that Yu Guanze was only making a casual joke.

After making one reply, the comments began appearing like a tide. All the women fromCity-Toppling Beautyappeared. They pounded their phones, sending all sorts of messages. Fangzheng decisively put away his cell phone and went to dig for wild vegetables.

After an hour of busy work, two baskets of wild vegetables were obtained. Fangzheng finally returned fully loaded with Monkey, Lone Wolf, and Squirrel.

After returning to the mountaintop, the Wormwood sprouts and dandelion greens were thrown into the water before taking them out. After removing the moisture, they were placed to a side. Coupled with a bit of sauce, the simple green vegetable meal was done.

Fangzheng took a bite of the Wormwood sprouts. It was refreshing and filled with the flavors of spring. He took another mouthful of the dandelion greens but his expression turned odd. He still managed to swallow it. He quickly drank a large mouthful of Unrooted Clean Aqua since the three animals were not around. He acted completely fine and went out with two bowls of green vegetables.

The three animals had gone out to play while they waited for Fangzheng to finish cooking.

Fangzheng placed the rice on the table. Lone Wolf ran back when he caught a whiff of it. Noticing that Fangzheng was already beginning to eat, he ran over with his flowerpot held tightly in his mouth. Fangzheng filled his bowl to the brim and asked with a smile, “Do you want to try today’s new dish? This is something good. It cools you down.”

With that said, Fangzheng picked up a tiny bunch of dandelion greens and dabbed it in sauce before placing it in Lone Wolf’s bowl. “Quick, have a taste. Once they go bad, you will not have the chance of enjoying them any longer.”

Lone Wolf took a sniff and it did smell refreshing. The remaining smell came from the sauce. He looked warily at the entrance. Monkey and Squirrel were not here yet. He looked at Fangzheng gratefully before chewing down.

“Aoo… oo…” Lone Wolf’s eyes instantly turned red after he chewed twice.

Dandelion greens, which were the leaves of the dandelion, were a kind of Traditional Chinese medicine. It was extremely bitter! It remained bitter despite being blanched! Lone Wolf only felt like he had eaten a huge pile of bitter vegetables. If not for the white fur that shielded his face, he would probably turn red.

Fangzheng laughed nefariously when he saw Lone Wolf’s predicament. He had succeeded in scamming one!

Just as Lone Wolf was about to spit it out, he heard the screaming monkey approaching. He suddenly put up with the bitterness and squinted his eyes, as though he was enjoying his meal. There were even blissful tears in his eyes. They even flowed out.

The moment Monkey entered, he saw Fangzheng and Lone Wolf eating. Lone Wolf even had the leaves of the vegetable they had plucked. He instantly turned anxious and ran over. He scooped rice for himself and stared straight at the dandelion greens.

Fangzheng shot a glance at Monkey. “Eat. There won’t be any left if you don’t.”