The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Baldy Water Ghost


With that said, Hong Qianxi plunged deep into the water as he held up Hong Qianjie and the woman’s feet. This resulted in him completely sinking into the reeds. The river was not deep. It was about two meters deep. As Hong Qianxi sank into the gravel beneath, he used his strength to hold up Hong Qianjie. However, the turbulent waters made him stand unstably. The pressure was immense and the oxygen in his lungs could hardly hold out. Thankfully, the whirlpool dissipated moments after it formed. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous. However, the two of them had been already been caught by the reeds. If they did not receive any help, it was likely they were doomed.

Hong Qianjie, who felt his feet being pushed upwards, yelled as tears streamed down his cheeks, “Brother, come up here! Come up!”

Everyone on the bridge saw this scene and could do nothing but fidget in worry.

The ones who knew how to swim wished to jump into the water but were stopped by others. The number of people jumping into the water under the present circumstances only meant they would be adding to the problem. There was basically no prospect for return.

Someone far away found a rope and ran over as fast as he could.

When Wang Yougui saw this, he turned around to ride his motorbike but he realized that Fangzheng was gone! There was only Monkey who had climbed onto the bridge to watch the commotion.

Wang Yougui ignored it. Fangzheng was already a grown man and it was unlikely something bad would happen. Hence, he rode his motorbike and drove towards the person with the rope. Every second mattered. They could only do all they could the rest would be left to fate.

The first whirlpool dissipated but then a second whirlpool appeared. This one stronger and larger than its predecessor.

Hong Qianxi could no longer hold on. He lacked the oxygen he so desperately needed, causing his legs to turn weak. He failed to gain his footing and nearly toppled over once the whirlpool formed. The only thing that eased his mind was that the whirlpool dissipated after a slight swirl.

Just as Hong Qianxi’s eyes turned into a blur and was about to lose consciousness, he saw a person walking towards him. The person was dressed in white and had green hair. He seemed to hold something in his hands. He was alarmed. “A water ghost? Is that a real ghost?”

Hong Qianxi jolted awake from fright. He looked carefully and realized that a monk was walking towards him in the water! It was not green hair but reeds that wound round his head. It was unknown where the monk found his strength. As he walked over, he tore apart all the reeds. He proceeded rather fast.

Soon, the monk came in front of him and smiled. In no time, he tore apart the reeds that entangled Hong Qianxi, Hong Qianjie and the woman. Then, he grabbed his shoulder and sent him rising upwards!

The people on the bridge heard a splash as Hong Qianxi, who had previously plunged into the water, suddenly jumped out of the water. He opened his mouth wide as he gasped for breath! At that instant, Hong Qianxi felt as though he had survived a calamity. The most prominent thought in his mind was the sweet taste of fresh air.

Hong Qianjie was delighted seeing his elder brother appear. At the same time, he felt the force restraining the woman in his arms had lightened. With a light tug, she floated upwards like air. The woman had awoken as she realized in her daze that Hong Qianjie was saving her. She yelled, “Don’t save me. Let me die! Let me die!”

As she yelled, the woman suddenly felt a hand grab her by the ankle. The hand was ice-cold… She was certain that it was a person’s hand and not the reeds! Her hair immediately stood on end as she screamed, “A ghost!” Then, her eyes rolled over and she fainted!

Hong Qianjie heaved a sigh of relief with the unconscious woman no longer struggling. If she were to struggle, it would be dangerous. But why did she scream about a ghost? Did he look like a ghost?

Hong Qianjie was just about to send her up the bank when his expression changed drastically! He discovered that someone was touching his foot! He was certain that it was a person’s hand! Hong Qianxi was in front of him. What was the thing in the water? Recalling the woman’s screams of a ghost, Hong Qianjie felt his tears welling up. This was way too f**king harrowing. He had goosebumps as he suddenly struggled. He felt like he had kicked a smooth rock that was rather hard.

The underwater Fangzheng was truly miserable. What the hell were the two people above him doing? A simple swipe and she froze up. The other struggled the moment he grabbed. He even got kicked in the face several times. Couldn’t they just behave properly?

Fangzheng decided on opening his hands wide to grab them with force. He forcibly grabbed the two feet and with his immense strength, the man was unable to struggle. He was then dragged forward by Fangzheng.

Hong Qianjie felt an immense force as his body began to float up. At the same time, he yelled, “Brother, beneath the water!”

“I know! He saved me! Don’t struggle it’s not a bad ghost!” Hong Qianxi did not treat Fangzheng as a human either. How could a living person not need to breathe underwater and still proceed undaunted?

Hong Qianjie immediately stopped moving. Indeed, the person was only dragging him along and had no intention of pulling him down.

Seeing the trio stop moving, he directly hugged their feet and sent them towards the shore.

River Top was not deep, so Fangzheng initially did not plan on sending them all the way to the bank or he might expose himself. It was too troublesome to explain himself. However, the water was just too cold. Fangzheng was afraid that something untoward would happen to them due to the freezing waters. Therefore, he bit the bullet and sent them towards the bank.

Wang Yougui had returned as well. Standing by the bank, he threw the rope out and shouted, “Grab the rope. We’ll pull you up!”

Hong Qianxi grabbed it and the three hugged to form a collective bundle and were pulled out by the villagers on the bank.

When Fangzheng saw that there was a force pulling at the trio, he released his hands. Indeed, the trio was quickly pulled towards the shore. After Fangzheng confirmed that the trio was alright and safe, he immediately ran towards the deep waters, turned a corner, and climbed out.

The moment he reached the bank, he saw Monkey squatting there waiting for him.

Fangzheng was shocked. “What are you doing here?”

“I saw your bald head.”

Fangzheng jumped in fright. If Monkey had seen him, did it mean that others could have seen him too? As it turned out none had. With a shake, all the water on him fell to the ground. The White Lunar Monk Robe remained as dry and clean as before. Fangzheng’s bald head made things easier. All he did was a casual wipe. By the time he walked to the bridge, the water had evaporated from the blowing wind and scorching sun.

He took out his Savior shoes and wore them. Only then did Fangzheng walk onto the bridge. He leaned against a railing to look down and was just in time to see Wang Yougui and company collectively rescue Hong Qianxi and company. The three of them were shivering from the cold. The villagers took off their clothes and bundled them up.

Medics arrived on the scene. People made way and the people were loaded up onto ambulances that whirred away.

Only then did Wang Yougui return onto the bridge. He sighed in relief, “Venerable Fangzheng, where did you go?”

Fangzheng smiled. “I was thinking of a way to save them. But from the looks of it, This Penniless Monk was a little foolish. Are the three patrons alright? Will the Female Patron still wish to commit suicide?”

Wang Yougui did not think too deeply about the matter. With Fangzheng diverting the topic, his smile became strange. “You will find it hard to imagine. The three of them actually said… that they were rescued by a water ghost! Hehe. Having lived so long, I’ve heard of dolphins saving people but I have never heard of water ghosts saving people.”

Wang Yougui shook his head as he revved his motorbike. “Alright, get on. With what had happened, I’m definitely going to be late. Looks like I’m going to get a earful…”