The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Encountering A Benefactor After A Change Of Luck


The feeling of being a good person enthralled them. They even secretly swore to do more good deeds in the future! The brothers had still learned a lesson from their mistakes. In the future, they would not jump mindlessly into the river. Although rescuing people was important, they had to first ensure their safety. If not, they would only accompany the victim in death instead o being able to save the victim.

Because of these experiences, the brothers were not surprised that Fangzheng had recognized them.

Hong Qianxi asked, “Venerable One, please don’t mention the matter. It was just an impetuous action on our part. It’s really nothing. Besides, the facts showed that even if we didn’t, there were people who wanted to help but were held back by others.”

Fangzheng nodded inwardly. The brothers really were virtuous. Despite doing a good deed, they remained humble. Fangzheng continued, “This Penniless Monk had a dream yesterday. A white-robed monk told This Penniless Monk that the both of you will encounter good luck today.”

“A white-robed monk? Brother Water Ghost?!” exclaimed Hong Qianjie subconsciously.

A dark cloud instantly appeared over Fangzheng’s head. Water Ghost? Screw you and your Water Ghost! You are the Water Ghost!

Fangzheng did not reveal his thoughts and instead smiled gently. “Both of you, if you have the time, it might not do you harm to head west. Perhaps good fortune will befall you.”

Hong Qianxi and Hong Qianjie exchanged looks. They were baffled. Head west? They would encounter good luck just by going west? They would still be in the monastery if they headed west. How much more different would it be?

Fangzheng pressed his palms together and gave a Buddhist proclamation before bidding them farewell.

“Bro, do we go?” asked Hong Qianjie.

“Other than the few people in the ambulance, no one else knows about Brother Water Ghost since we didn’t mention it. No one in this monastery should know. But since that monk described Brother Water Ghost’s looks, it does sound possible. This is a monastery. As long as we don’t leave, nothing should happen since there’s so many people.”

Hong Qianjie said, “Shall we take a look?”

Hong Qianxi nodded. “Let’s do it.”

Hence, the brothers left the line. They exchanged looks as they headed west. Fangzheng heaved a sigh of relief. If the man left due to the duo’s hesitation, it would be difficult giving them further advice. “From the looks of it, the both of them are fated to have this good luck. If not, they would not so easily believe me.”

Hong Qianxi and Hong Qianjie walked west but failed to notice the middle-aged man. He was sitting behind a huge tree and there was a tiny tree in front of him that blocked the area between him and the hall. The people lining up could see him but it was impossible to discern his looks.

Hong Qianxi and Hong Qianjie walked to the side of the wall but did not discover anything special, nor did they notice the man.

Hong Qianjie smiled wryly. “Bro, I think we got pranked.”

Hong Qianxi shrugged. “Probably. But so what? Just treat it as a taking a little stroll.”

“But it pisses me off. This matter is just like our unmanned aerial vehicle. Despite it being perfect, no one is willing to invest. The feeling that it’s a treasure but gaining nothing in return. It sucks…” grumbled Hong Qianjie.

Hong Qianxi patted Hong Qianjie on the shoulder. “There’s nothing we can do. Our unmanned aerial vehicle is completely different from the unmanned aerial vehicle technology that is out there. Unmanned aerial vehicles with a single propeller that can be sent flying with a throw of the hand is still an unrealized concept in people’s eyes. No one would believe that two college students like us are capable of producing one. Unfortunately, our finished product was damaged by you. That sucked. We don’t have the money to make another one… But don’t worry. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I believe we will have a way to solve this problem. I brought you out on this cycling trip not only to drive away your worries. I also wanted us to think of a solution. With our brains relaxed, who knows, we might be able to think of a solution.”

The brothers’ conversation was overheard by the middle-aged man. He seemed to have his interest piqued but warily glanced at the brothers. He did not know them. Besides, they did not even look at him from the moment they arrived. From their conversation, they didn’t even seem to know he was there.

If this was any other time, the middle-aged man would have definitely ignored them. But this time, for some reason, he was curious. The two college students who had yet to graduate were not in school but out here in the rural regions on a cycling trip? It sounded fishy. Also, could the unmanned aerial vehicle they talked about really work?

In the end the middle-aged man stood up and asked with a chuckle, “Gentlemen, sorry for Interrupting. Can you truly create the unmanned aerial vehicle you were talking of? I’m talking about the kind that can maintain its stability despite having only a single propeller and fly once thrown.”

Hong Qianxi and Hong Qianjie were planning on returning to the line to offer their incense. But when they heard the man’s question, they subconsciously turned to take a look. He looked familiar but they were sure they didn’t know him. It was as though they had met him before but they could not recall where.

Noticing the lost looks in their eyes, the middle-aged man was certain that the two young men did not know him. He immediately felt assured.

Before Hong Qianxi could speak, Hong Qianjie had already answered. “Of course, we have been working on it for years. We wouldn’t have the cheek to talk about it if we we were completely unsuccessfully. Unfortunately… Sigh…”

Hong Qianxi added, “My brother and I loved tinkering with machinery ever since we were young. Our father is an aerospace engineer. We seldom see him, he is away from home a lot. The year we graduated from high school, our father… passed away. The both of us decided to inherit our father’s last wish, so we studied relevant majors. Three years ago, we came into contact with unmanned aerial vehicles and we were fascinated. Up till now, we also produced a finished product that we’re satisfied with. But, sigh… the finished product is damaged.”

With that said, Hong Qianxi’s eyes turned melancholic.

Hong Qianjie remained silent as well.

The middle-aged man nodded. “Buddhists often say that it is fate to meet others when the need arises. How about this. How much money and how long would it take for you to create another prototype? Give me a proposal and I’ll provide you with the capital. If you can truly make a product that lights up my eyes, I’ll provide the investment. How about it?”

Hong Qianxi and Hong Qianjie were stunned. Following that, they burst out in joy. Hong Qianxi even exclaimed excitedly, “Uncle, is what you said for real?”

“Of course. This is my personal name card. I’m free this Sunday at ten in the morning. Don’t disappoint me boys.” The middle-aged man handed over a name card. “How might I address you?”

“Hong Qianxi!”

“Hong Qianjie!”

“Aren’t you two the heroes that saved that drowning woman?” The middle-aged man was taken aback. He smiled, more at ease. Technology would automatically appear over time but people of sound character were always a good find.

“What heroes. All we did was rashly react without even thinking it through,” said the brothers in embarrassment.

The trio spoke a little more when a woman ran over. She whispered to him, causing him to nod. He then bade them farewell.

After the middle-aged man left, the Hong brothers exchanged looks and jumped up together. “Yeah! What Brother Water Ghost said was real! Haha… Good luck has befallen us. Haha…”