The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Getting A Huge Gift Package.


Upon seeing this, Zhu Lin could not help but marvel. “Li Xueying is just that awesome. She can stir the hearts of people despite it being such a short scene. But what has this got to do with Master? Also, why the hell is the video thumbnail using Master instead of Li Xueying?”

Just as her voice faded, Fangzheng appeared. He was dressed in tattered monk robes with colors that matched the dark clouds. The appearance of such a clean-looking monk should have been rather jarring but when the camera did a close-up shot on his eyes, she held back the invectives that she was about to deliver. The eyes that seemed to bemoan the state of the universe while feeling compassion for all mankind had a baffling sense of melancholy. The hate towards the war and all sorts of other complex emotions were fully expressed.

The background music changed as a woman’s voice sounded. There were no lyrics, just soft murmuring. There was something Buddha-like in the voice as well as the exasperated helplessness towards the terrors of war.

Zhu Lin only felt goosebumps all over as her eyes stung. She felt bouts of pain through her heart but she had no idea why she was this moved by the scene. All she felt was sadness.

Fangzheng did not have a lot of screen time. But after Fangzheng arranged all the corpses, arranged their clothes, and stood up, his tattered robes fell to the ground. The instant it revealed the white monk robes, it appeared even more astounding with the special effects! Under the sunlight, he appeared more sacred and divine. His palms were pressed together as he looked up into the sky. The silent cry he gave could be understood by everyone. They could almost hear it.

The scene changed at that moment.

“F**k! It’s really to hype the release! This is the leaked edition? This is the advertisement, isn’t it?” Zhu Lin suddenly came to her senses as she wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes as she cursed.

At the same time, there were many comments left in the comments section. It was nearly unanimously filled with curses.

“This joke, Yu Guanze. He’s indeed being deceitful. Isn’t this supposed to be a leak? This is clearly a promotional clip with a purpose! But, it’s really good…”

“I want to curse someone but I’ll forget it on account of my goddess, Li Xueying.”

“Who is this monk? He’s really handsome. That melancholic gaze attracts me. Please give me a name.”

“That’s right. The monk is really handsome. The instant the white monk robes appears, he was so, so, so handsome!”

“You superficial woman. Didn’t you see the monk’s acting? Those eyes, heh heh… I f**king cried. I don’t even know why I cried. It’s quite baffling.”

“What a weeper. I didn’t cry but I have to admit that this monk will shoot to fame. I’m already beginning to look forward toCity-Toppling Beauty.”

“I’m waiting for the theater release.”

“Seeking the monk’s name and address… He will be the god I’ll be idolizing from this day forth!”

Indeed, the denouncements only continued for a while before they were replaced with women and gay guys seeking Fangzheng’s name. There were even more that praised Li Xueying. No matter how impressive Fangzheng was, Li Xueying’s fans were the main drivers of the comments. However, Fangzheng managed to make an appearance. Everyone remembered him, with more and more people trying to identify him.

At the same time, in the university grounds, Zhao Datong and company were gathered together watching the short clip in front of their very eyes.

Zhao Datong grinned. “I never expected Master to be so photogenic.”

“I used to think Master was rather handsome, especially with that sunshine look he gives off. I feel especially calm alongside him. He’s warm and endearing. I never expected that he has this bemoaning side of him… Heh heh,” Ma Juan said wistfully.

Fang Yunjing smiled when she saw Fangzheng. She had seen such a look from Fangzheng before. She was now even more certain that the person she saw in her dream was Fangzheng! Fang Yunjing had no intention to ask him how he did it. She also had no plans on telling anyone else but she would definitely remember how indebted she was towards him. She did not recover on her own. It was Fangzheng who saved her!

“So many people are asking what Master’s name is. Should I reply?” asked Hu Han.

“Reply my ass. Do you think Master is the kind of person that wants to be famous? If he does, he would have long been famous with his capabilities,” said Zhao Datong decisively.

If Fangzheng was here and heard what Zhao Datong had to say, he would probably smack him to death. As for those who nodded, they would probably accompany him down a cliff.

Many people in Songwu County saw the video clip and marveled about it. Why did the monk look so familiar?

As for the members of the Calligraphy Association, they smacked their foreheads and laughed out loud. “It’s really Venerable Fangzheng! I never expected that not only is his calligraphy good, even his acting is good. Haha… Thankfully he has reclused himself. If not, I wonder how many people would envy him.”

The people who knew Fangzheng personally were all discussing the video but none replied to the questions of the commenters. From their point of view, Fangzheng was a godly person. Thus, it was unlikely he wanted to be famous or disturbed. If not, he would have long ago been famous.

Fangzheng had made the news quite a few times. Some busybodies eventually found news regarding Fangzheng and later found his Dharma name before posting it.

It instantly stirred the pot. People were were discussing fervently on news forums became even more frenzied

“Holy shit, he’s a real monk!”

“I thought he was an actor. I never expected him to be a real monk.”

“This is considered as acting as himself, right? Regardless, it was great acting.”

There were more than a few who praised him but there were no lack of those who cursed him.

“After seeing the video of him crossing the river on a reed in the past, this guy is definitely no real monk. He would hype himself up every now and then. He really is willing to do anything just to become famous.”

“That’s right. What kind of monk would be so atypical?”

Following that, the parties that supported and denounced Fangzheng embroiled in a huge battle…

Meanwhile Fangzheng was in his monastery, enjoying the news regarding him. He saw people constantly debating about him, as well as the ones denouncing him. Fangzheng only found those people interesting. He did not take it to heart. A clear conscience laughs in the face of a false accusation. People could curse at him but as long as he ignored it, it would not affect him. What was there to be afraid of? Instead, he thought it was quite fun. He never expected he would one day be a hot topic of discussion.

At that moment, the System’s notification voice sounded.

“Ding! Congratulations. One Finger Monastery has attained a little fame. Do you wish to combine the prize and receive them together or separate them?” asked the System.

Fangzheng was taken aback before he smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that or I would have long redeemed it. Of course, it should be combined! Saving three people and completing a mission. If you don’t give me a good one from such great merit… hmph!” Fangzheng thought about it but he could not think of anything that could threaten the System.

The System ignored Fangzheng, “Ding! Congratulations. You have obtained the ‘warriors’ syllable of the Nine Syllables, ‘May all who preside over warriors be my vanguard!’ In addition, you have obtained the Buddhist Hand Seal, the Inner Lion Seal. Bonus: Inner Lion Seal Incantation, Vajrasattva Demon-felling Incantation. Do you wish to accept?”

“A big gift package!” Fangzheng beamed like a blooming flower when he heard that. He jumped up as he exclaimed amid a dance. He also understood that the more merit he accumulated, the chance of drawing something good would increase. He had lucked out!

Perhaps some people might think that such a huge gift package was nothing but Fangzheng knew that it was a gift set! This was like gaining a pistol from a single lottery draw. But if one didn’t have the bullets needed for the pistol, what use were they? And the huge gift package meant the pistol and the bullets, with a bonus pistol handling manual. The effects would be evident immediately.