The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Control


“Isn’t it just fifty thousand? My classmate tips a lot more. He even tipped a hundred thousand!” cried the boy.

Fangzheng pricked up his brows. “Young Patron, what does your classmate’s family do?”

“His classmate’s family is in the property business.” The woman sighed. There was pain and a sense of inferiority deep in her eyes. Other parents were capable but she wasn’t. She too felt extremely upset that her child acted in this manner.

Fangzheng nodded slightly before squatting down. “Why did you tip that streamer?”

“I find her really pretty. Besides, I like how she reads my nickname in front of so many people to express her gratitude. I feel a sense of accomplishment.” When the boy said that, his eyes looked entranced.

Fangzheng understood the mindset well. Back when he was still schooling, he was penniless. Whenever he saw his classmates eating something nice or playing with something fun, he would yearn for the day he would be rich. He could posture and make up for his regrets. He too felt a sense of inferiority back then. However, it was not as serious as this child. He was completely engrossed in glory obtained from a virtual world. The child in front of him was not possessed. He simply had a mental disorder.

Fangzheng became pissed at the streamer.Where’s your conscience in earning a child’s money?

Fangzheng frowned. “Did she just take your money?”

“No, she asked me what I do and how old I am. I said I’m already a working adult and that bit of money is nothing,” the kid told him with a blank face. It was as though the tiny bit of money was indeed nothing to him.

When Fangzheng heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief. At least the streamer had inquired. Since her business was to earn such money, she had done it in a completely reasonable fashion. There was no reason for her to decline his tips. From the looks of it, the streamer was not at fault.

Fangzheng followed up with a question. “What’s your nickname? This Penniless Monk also likes watching live streams. I even know a streamer. I might have heard your name before.”

The child looked at Fangzheng as though he was a retard. Yet under the woman’s stern gaze, he obediently answered, “Supreme Prince.”

Fangzheng nodded slightly and memorized the name. Although he might not be able to help, he would still try his best.

Fangzheng stood up, “Female Patron, did you bring him here to the monastery to exorcise the evil spirits?”

When the woman heard that, her face turned blank as she said with a shake of her head, “I… I do not know either…”

Fangzheng smiled. “Female Patron, since you do not know how to exorcise evil spirits, why don’t you leave it to This Penniless Monk?”

“About that…” The woman hesitated, she felt unsafe trusting her child to the hands of such a young man.

When Fangzheng saw this, he smiled gently. “Female Patron, don’t worry. This Penniless Monk does not charge for exorcism.”

The woman heaved a sigh of relief and nodded. “Abbot, sorry for troubling you then.”

Fangzheng nodded as he looked down at the boy. “Follow This Penniless Monk.”

“No! I’m not going with you! I’m fine!” The boy shouted as he turned to run.

The woman failed to hold him tightly and this allowed the boy to slip out of her control. She shouted in anger and was about to chase after him.

Fangzheng stopped her with a firm hand on the shoulder. “There’s no need to chase after him. If you don’t mind, you can leave it to This Penniless Monk to handle.”

The woman obviously was not going to heed his advice. She also noticed that Fangzheng had no intention to chase after the boy.

Fangzheng smiled as he looked at the boy’s back. He made a complicated hand gesture and silently chanted an incantation, “Warriors!”

The boy suddenly felt that he had lost control of his body. Despite wanting to run, his body came to an involuntary stop. He turned back and ran to the monastery.

The boy looked as though he had seen a ghost. He saw himself approaching Fangzheng.

The woman was taken aback, completely unsure what was happening.

The boy wanted to shout for her to save him but the moment he spoke, his words turned to: “Mom, I’ve thought things through. I’ll give it a try.”

When the woman heard that, she heaved a sigh of relief. She rubbed the boy’s head. “Good, good, good… It’s good that you have thought things through.” The way she looked at Fangzheng now was one of astonishment. The child returned the moment he commanded him to. Wasn’t that too divine? Could he read the future?

Because of his actions the woman’s trust in Fangzheng increased greatly.

However, the boy looked at the white-robed monk in horror. He had thought nothing of Fangzheng previously but now, he was truly afraid! Was he still human to be able to control his body without a word? Could he be a demon? Would the demon eat him?

Fangzheng turned and walked towards the monastery as the boy followed behind. The woman followed them.

Fangzheng asked the woman, “Patron, how should I address you?”

“My name is Liu Daifen. This is my son, Li Haopeng,” said Liu Daifen.

“Where’s the child’s father?” asked Fangzheng subconsciously.

Liu Daifen frowned, clutching her hands. “He passed away three years ago.”

Fangzheng pressed his palms together. “Amitabha. Patron, This Penniless Monk is sorry for your loss.”

Liu Daifen shook her head. “It’s been so many years. I’m used to it. Abbot, can you really treat this child?”

Fangzheng shook his head. “This Penniless Monk can only do his best. Whether he will change or not will depend on the child… and you.”

“Me?” Liu Daifen was stunned.

Fangzheng nodded but did not say a word. He came in front of the temple hall and said to Li Haopeng. “Go in and kneel down. Pay respects to Buddha with a calm heart.”

When Liu Daifen heard that, she wanted to interject. She knew her child best. It would be great if he was that obedient. She was shocked when Li Haopeng walked in and obediently knelt down. She looked agape with widened eyes. There was a look of disbelief and respect in the way she looked at Fangzheng.

Fangzheng made Liu Daifen wait by the door as he entered the temple hall. He began striking the wooden fish and reciting the scriptures.

In fact, Fangzheng was deliberately making things look mysterious. A child was not at all like an adult. A Golden Millet Dream burdened a person’s mental strength greatly. If the target was weak or mentally frail it would be dangerous if Fangzheng forcibly sent them into a dream. So Fangzheng did not plan on making Li Haopeng enter a dream by force by using A Golden Millet Dream.

After Liu Daifen eased her mind, he made another Inner Lion Seal as he said ‘Warriors.’ A command entered Li Haopeng’s mind at the subconscious level as Fangzheng continued reciting the scriptures.

Li Haopeng did not find anything abnormal. He only felt discomfort because of his inability to control his body! That horror was more terrifying than if someone wanted to murder him.

An hour later, Fangzheng looked at the time, time for lunch. He got up and brought Li Haopeng out.

Liu Daifen looked at Fangzheng anxiously. “Venerable One, how was it?”

Fangzheng smiled. “Amitabha. This Penniless Monk was only able to recite the scriptures to him. Whether he changes will depend on him. Patron, it’s noon. Don’t starve the child. Leave the mountain early.”

Liu Daifen thanked him profusely when she heard that. She dug into her pockets and had a somewhat reluctant look. Fangzheng smiled. “Incense money is not about the amount of money. It’s the thought that counts. This monastery typically only takes a yuan or so.” Fangzheng lied but knew that white lies were not punishable. Therefore, he lied without qualms.